William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
April 1896

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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APRIL 1896

Dangerous walk on Fond du Lac between 30th and 31st. Reported to Board of Public Works. Addition to building at 1600 Center. New building, 18th between Wright and Clark. Dead cat, 1086-23rd St. Notified Mike Fuchs 1213-22nd St. to close his saloon and not sell any liquor, because he has no license, Notified him at 2:30 PM.

New building on Janke Place between Hadley and Locust.
Defective walks-- NE cor. Hopkins and Chambers; 1500 Wright; lot East of 1808 Wright; Broken planks on 14th St. at 945-931-963. Dead dog, 1800 Clark St. Boys coat, steel gray color, half worn for a boy about 8 yrs. can be claimed at 1009-21st St.

Broken side walk planks on 15th St at 961-979-1030. On 16th St.- lot south of 943; East 30' south of Center, missing planks; Lot on cor. of North;- 1059-1063-1064-1065-10711070-1084-1096-1106-1120- lot between 1117 & 1123- 1126-; lot N. of 1126;1136-west side 50' of Locust;1150-W. side 75' of Locust-SW cor. 18th and Locust- Lot So. of 1169 and E side 100 ft. of Hopkins, missing plank.

Broken planks on sidewalk on 17th St.--W side of 17th 50' N. of Center;1135-1158-1155-SW. cor.17th and Locust;1176-3 lots S of 1183-1184-N of 1184-N.of 1185-1211-W. side of 17th 2 lots S of Chambers. Mrs. Steinmetz, 1089 Teutonia complains of boys troubling her evenings. Wm. Kisch. Reichow drives Deukerts team.

Dead dog, 1026-21st. New building on 17th between Hadley and Center.
Broken planks on sidewalk on 21st St-- Lot So. of 936-961-Alley No. of 961-E. side, 100', So. of Clark-990-1003-1004-1006-1008-1009-10231059-1072-1083-1105-1119-11211-1123-1137-1143-1144-1173-1177-1185-1191-1195-E. side of 21st between 1190 and 1200-W. side 100' 20th at Chambers. All of the above mentioned walks have been reported previous to April 15th

Emil Scholl. Witness, Mrs. Tobin. Oscar and Edwin Klatka, 5 and 4 yrs. of age, attempted to burglarize the Frank Alfrey house at 1831 Center St about 9;30 AM.. Were seen entering the front door by Mrs. Tobin, 1728 Center. Mrs. Alfrey was away at the time. She came home in time to find the boys in the hall. They ran away, were caught by Emil Scholl, a carpenter and taken back to Alfreys house and held until I got there. At the station they confessed to having broken into several other houses. Detectives Spengler and Kelley took the case, charging them with burglary.

Arrested Aug. Heinke, 1213-22nd St., selling liquor without a license, Warrant sworn out by Officer Melster. Heinke found guilty, senrence suapended on payment of costs.

New building on Chambers between Teutonia and Hopkins.

Dead dog at Frank Harmon place, 34th and Fond du Lac.

Defective walks on 22nd St.--927-935-938-938-946-947-949=959-lot N of 959-East side 40' No. of Clark St.-1006-lot So. of 1027, also E. side 150' so. of Center.

New building on 22nd So. of Clark and at 1039 Teutonia.
Defective side walks on 22nd St.-- 1103-1104-1108-1118-1119-1120-lot N. of 1123-1148-1151-1160-1173-1174-1175-1178-1181-1184-1185-1186-1190-1195-1197-1181-1186-1190-12-16-NW cor. Chambers. Defective walks on 23rd St.921-922-925-931-lot N of 939-938-944-950--955-958-959-960-964-W. side 80' south of Clark St.-East side between Clark and Center--1021-1064-1066-lots so. of 1074-1075-1076-1077-1078-1079-1083-1084-1087-1092-1093-lot No. of 1092-1099-1113-1119-1122-1123-1125-1128-1141-1148-1155-1159-1163. Defective walks on 24th St.--
West side of 1st lot north of Wright-922-924-933-NW cor. 24th and Bismark-lot So. of 961-965-966-Lot N. of 966-979-981-East side 100' N. of Clark-991 and lot N. of 991-Lot N of 997-998-1008-1013-1015-1016-Lot N of 1016-1-17-1022-1023-East side 80'So. of Center-1134.

4-23-1895 Chas Eimer, 1527 Teutonia Ave. applies for a saloon license from May 10th, 1896

New building, Bismark cor. Pine St.

Arrested Carl Doege yesterday. A&B warrant sworn out by his wife, Wilhelmina Droege. Fine $5.00 and costs. $9.16 this morning. Def. lives at 1053-16th. Addition to building,999-19th. New Basement, 1023-14th.

New building on 18th and Hadley. Schroth, 1814 Center wants to see the night officer.

New building on 25th between Center and Hadley.

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