William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
June 1896

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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JUNE 1895

6-3-1895. Mamie Berwenger, 1316 Chambers St. Went to the store at 9:30 AM Has not returned. 3 years old, gray dress, bare headed, small green ribbon in hair. Hair braided into three brades,dark hair Found at the west side station. I took her home at 2:30 PM. Dead dog, 1273 Hopkins. New Building, on 19th between Locust and Chambers. Dead dog, 1806 Fond du LacChas. Wassow 778-29th 10th wd Stray horse at 27th and Fond du Lac. Want him taken away.. Dead dog at 993-19th

6-4-1895 Alb. Sponholz has two bowling alleys, no license, will keep them closed till July 1, 1896
. Seb. Mahringer, 1712 Center hass pool table, no license. Frank Volkman 1113-23rd has pool table, no license.

Thompson & Vetter 1201 Teutonia have a pool table, no license. Gustav Lambrecht, 2628 Fond du Lac, pool table, no license. Two letters to Ald. Ekert at 1:40
PM. Call.

Rud. Kutsche, lives on Vliet St. between 22nd and 23rd, has given up express
business and sold his horse and wagon.

Dead dog,

Dead dog, 1922-23rd St.

2 dead cats, 1620 Wright. 1 dead rabbit 901-22nd. New building on 18th between Hadley and Locust.

Dead dog, 984 Teutonia. Notified parties living at 956-15th St. to take care of their dog and keep hime off the street at 9:45 AM. Ernst Mai, 39 yrs old, born in Germany, carpenter, married, 20th ward. Charge Disorderly, Complaint by Adam Lenges Ernst Mai, 1120 Janke Place.

Car 409, Cemetary Line, E. M. Maxwell, motorman, Chas. H. Pagel, conductor, ran into H. Tosers delivery wagon on West Water St. between Wells and Cedar Sts. at 2:40 PM. Wagon driven by Mike Eigner. One two gallon jug of whiskey was broken and the hold back strap on the harness was broken. Driver of the wagon was passing some other wagon and coudn't turn out of the way of the car. The motorman rang his gong but did not stop the car till it hit the wagon.

Went to court this morning in the case of A. Lenges vs. Ernst Mai disorderly warrant. Mai was ordered to appear in court at 12 o'clock. The case was adjourned till 2 PM. Got dinner and went back to court. Mai was fined $1.00 and costs, $8.49. Got back to my beat at 3 PM.

M. Grossky, 1161-20th St., reports that his dark brown mare, 1000 lbs.,both hind feet white, star on forehead, old and stiff, got out of his barn last night.

Went to court with Mai case-continued till Thursday June 25th. Notified Jul. Blank to pay Express license on June 16, 1896

Carl Kperner, 817-28th complains of his boy, Max, 8 yrs. old, being shot by Herb. Meyer living on 29th St.

Met Jul. Blank on Wells between 2nd and 3rd. Told him to pay his express license at once. 7:40 AM. Subpeonaed witness in Mai case for defense.

Went to court in the case of the city vs. Mai and A Lenges complaint. Case fought by Attys Hansen for prosecution and Elsner for defense. Dismissed without costs. Left court at 10:30 AM. Saw Albert Behling at his Aunt's place, 2315 Fon du Lac. Asked his fsther about him- Said he was doing well and was very quiet and orderly. Thought he was much better and didn"t want him taken back to the Asylum.

Dead dogs, 2001 Center and So. side Hopkins between Burleigh and 20th.
Someone dumped a load of night soil on the street at 21st and Hopkins, Night soil has been dumped on the lots n orth of Burleigh St. on the east side of 22nd St. Dead dog on Cawker Place between 30th and the R.R. track.

Missed 8:45 report on account of being ststioned st the school, 15th and Hopkins, waitning to march down to 12th and Center with the school. 20th ward picnic in the Shooting Park today. Miller is stationed there. Last of the procession left 12th and Center at 10 o'clock.

Aug. Zillmer complains of Parties living at 1213-30th St. shutting up two of his cows. Went out there and found that the cows had done some damage and Zillmer was not willing to pay. Fed. Beier, rports that Lambert's teamster dumped a load of night soil near Keefe Ave. and R.R. track last night. Went up there with H. Kiehl, couldn't find any place where night soil had been dumped.

New building, 1172-21st, rear. M. Grosskey reports that he found his horse 5 miles north of Cedarburg. 3:30 PM Committee of Aldermen viewed sites for Engine House on Center and 27th St. Alds. Starke, Thiele, Kuntz, Winkel and one whom I did not know.

Letter for Aid. Winkel at 1:45 PM. Arrested Otto Boldt(Butch) on an A&B warrant sworn out by Mrs. Margaret Zinger. Made the arrest at Teutonia and Center St. at 6:15 PM.

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