William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
October 1896

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Returned from vacation this morning. Went to drill in the PM. Paid my water tax-
41.50. My no. in shooting spread is 7. Record 0.9.

Quiet all day. Met Sgt. Schneider at 9:40 AM.

New building, 25th and Concordia. Fire broke out in a barn, rear of 1168-21st St. at 10:30 AM. Premises owned by Seb. Mahringer, 1702 Center St. Occupied by Jul. Moldehauer. Cause unknown. Loss $50.00. Stolzenfeld, Dopke and myself present. Horse harness and buggy insured for $150.00. Capt. Schmidt, Engine Co. 13 forgot to take the key out of the alarm box at 23rd and Locust. I telephoned Central and told them to notify the Fire Dept.
New building on 19th between Wright and Clark. Went to Milwaukee baseball park at 2:45 PM to attend football game. East side High School vs. Pewaukee High School. Staid there till 4:15 PM. Score 2 to 0 in favor of E.S.H.S..

Went to Central Station at 2 PM for general inspection and drill. Preparing for general inspection and parade Monday 2:30 PM. Rev. Sprowls preached at Kingsley this evening for the first time. Albert Rahn, 1130-16th. Frank Kaufmann, 968-18th St.

Went to Central at 2;30 pm. Parade at City Hall at 3:15 PM. Went to West Side Station and got a warrant for Wm. Brose.

Kortes, 1104-17th gave me Dr. Certificate to return to the Station. He is home sick with diptheria. His son Howard died from the disease.

Hydrant at 24th and Hadley leaks very badly. At 6:45 PM the operator told me that Wm. Brose had given himself up and I should subpoena witnesses tomorrow morning. I did give one subpeona to Muderberg for Louis Boelke. Went to station, returned warrant and got home at 8:50. Saw Miss Allen Minnie at 3rd and Reservoir Ave.

10-15-1895 Went to court with Brose. Fined $5.00 and costs on A&B on Herman Koeppel.

Asked permission of Sgt. Schneider to go to Meckelburgs Lumber this morning. Met Gregg. Went to 12th and Chambers for 1st report. Went to 1201-18th St. I saw old Fritz, persuaded him to let John Etzins have his goods.
Arrested Robert Bucholz and Rosie his daughter, on charge of A&B. Martha Polzin, complaintent. Rosie Bucholz, 948 16th St., 16 yrs. old, U.S., Tin ware packer. Rosie notified Robert, was bailed by his mother. Went to Kieckhefers Tin Ware Factory and had witnesses come into the office and subpeonade them all at once.

Went to court on Bucholz case. Found not guilty. Complaintent to pay costs. First snow of the season this morning.

Dr's certificate for Kortes. Evening-Went to Stolzenfeld's house to a surprise party on account of his birthday.

Went to Reilley's and tried out my overcoat. Had to have the collar fixed. New building on Fond du Lac and Locust St.

Some person dumped a load of night soil on Wright between 21st and 22nd Sts. Reported per tel. 1:15 PM. New building on Teutonia between Wright and Clark. New building on 25th between Center and Hadley.

Geo. Kneibes, 944 17th St. Wroked for American Express Co. disappeared with $12.00 of the company's money. Returned Kortes certificate to Lt. Kranich this morning.

Fire broke out in a single house, rear of 2006 Fond du Lac Ave. Property owned by Theo. Zillmer, 1340 Fond du Lac. Smoke house used by by R. Klabunde, 2005 Fon du Lac to smoke fish. Cause unknown. Sergt. Schneider and myself attending.
At 10:45 I received orders to go Teutonia and North Ave. Fire there. Fire was in old Knoelke homestead. Damage small. Lutfring, Becker, Doekpke and myself attending. Drill record-7.0.5. Emil Dummer missing from 1717 Wright St. Was taken up by Ramiens family, 1228 21st St. I took him home at 5:30 PM. 3 yrs old. Absent from home since 8 AM.
Reception for Rev. Sprouls at the church this evening.

New building on 27th between Locust and Chambers. Went home at 4:30. Got supper and went to the Station at 6:30. From there to the N. side Turn Hall to hear jt. debate on money question between Fink and Schilling.

Went home at 5:40 PM. Got supper and went to the Station. Sent to 12th and Walnut to wait for the parade ob Republican Clubs. While marching out of the Station to at 6:45 at the cor. of 11th and Galena Officer Schroeder's revolver went off wounding him in the calf of the right leg. Stolzenfeld and I went to see him after the parade .

Sunday. "Niehts Los".

Boy, 3 1/2 yrs. old, light hair, dark pants, long gray overcoat, Ray Warden, 1518 Center. Missing 4 o'clock PM.

Registration day. Quiet all day.

Last day to register. New building on 16th between Center and Hadley Sts. New building on 21st between Wright and Clark Sts.

Drill record 7.0.3. Very dark. Rained during drill.

Alb. Sponholz, 1039 Teutonia paid license for 2 bowling lanes. Seb. Mahringer paid license for 1 pool table.

. Called down at 1;30 pm. Got out our checks. Attachment for my boiler came this PM. Beck came up and we started the fire. I worked till 12:30 AM. Beck went home at 11:50 PM. Great Republican parade this evening. Did not go.

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