William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
December 1896

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Went to Reilley's at 9:45 to get my overcoat. Had it inspected by Capt. J.L. and got back to my beat at 11:30 AM. Missed my 11:30 AM report.

Quiet all day.

Paul F. Meier applies for a drug license for 2201 Center St. Yesterday at 11:30 AM Fred Grube found a pocket book at 27th and Fond du Lac with $30.00 and some change. Sent :Dago" Joe. a a banana peddler down to the Street Car Office this morning to indentify it.

Wm Jeuss, 965 Teutonia Ave. reports someone entered his son's bedroom and took $7.50 in cash and 1 pr. of cuff buttons with a red stone setting valued at $5.00. Description of money--1-$5 bill, 1 new $1 bill, 1 silver dollar and 50 ct. piece. Entered by back stairway between 6 and 8 o'clock last night. Door was unlocked.

Wash. Becker complains of parties dumping ground on this property on 20th and Hoplins. Adolph Reich 1243-20th says the sewer contractor that built the sewer on Hopkins and 17th St. dumped ground there.
Fred Mahringer, 1055-17th St., 36 yrs old, Married, 4 children 11 to 5 years, was kicked in the left temple by a horse at 2PM. Died 10 minutes later. Attended by Dr. Stiele, 1806 Center St. Accident happened at 1702 Center St. Horse belongs to Seb., his brother.

Wash, Becker complaint investigated and find that Frank Makelsky, contractor that built the sewer on Hopkins bewteen 17th and 18th dumped ground north of Burleigh between 20 and 21st in the apple orchard. Also, Markey and McGovern dumped there and south of Burleigh between 19 and 20th per complaint.
Arrested Otto Lauterbach 904-26th St. D and Disorderly at 6:30 PM. Would not let his wife into house. Arrested him in alley in rear of house.

Went to court with Lauterbach, Found guilty. Fined $25.00 and costs of $1.58. Paid out of bail money left by Mary Lauterbach. Got report on Becker's complaint back. Made another report.

Investigated and fined Herm. and Chas. Boldt, 1184-17th St. and Aug. Schultz, 1010-29th drove the wheelers for M&McG when those lots were filled up between 19th and 20th on Hopkins. Dead dog, 927-21st St. Went to 87 Prospect Ave. to see Wash,. Becker. He was not at home. Missed 4:45 PM.

Went to the Mitchell Bank to see W. Becker. Found he had written a letter to F. Makielski and had settled the ground dumping affair. Also, that he had made a mistake in his complaint "bewteen 20th and 21at instead of 19th and 20th. Drill record 7.0.10.

Went to Dr. Jermain last night and got a prescrition. Got medicine at J.H.A. Schulz thins morning. I felt so bad I did not go to work. Got as far as 27th & Walnut, Met Rauser and told him to report me sick.

Home sick all day. Bronchitis.

. Sunday. Went on duty this morning. Quiet all day.

Got warrant for Adolph Henn. He went to the station and put his bail.

Went to court this morning with Henn. A&B. Max Brueckner comp. Henn tried to stab Breuckner with pocket knife. Case continued till Friday Dec. 18th. Herm. Schwane, 1803-20th St., 45 yrs. old, Garbage collector, M.R.&W. Keeping dog without a license.

. Mrs. Schwane appeared in court on charge of keeping unlicensed dog. Sentence suspended. Judge Neelen told me to tell Gausel to stop drinking or he would be arrested as a common drunkard.

Met Gausel this noon and told him what Judge Neelen said. He promised to do better. Went to Church tonoght. Met Galloway and wife. Church Fair.

Went to court in the Henn case. Adolph Henn fined
$5.00 and costs, total $13.07 for admitting to stab Max Breuckner with a knife on Dec. 13th. New building on 20th between Chambers and Burleigh. Notified P.T. Meier 2201 Center to pay drug license.
Gas lamps to be discontinued on Fon du lac Ave. at the following corners, NE cor. Wright; NE cor. Pine,; SE cor. Tamarack;; SE cor. Hickory; SE cor. 27th; on E side of Fond du Lac, Midway between Hickory and 27th Sts., 20th ward.

Examination for promotion to Lieut. and Detective at City Hall at 9 AM today.

Sunday. Met Sergt Scheinder at Center and Teutonia, 10:15 .

Quiet all day.

Ophelia and our children went to the country to stay till after New Years. Got tickets this morning at the Station to go to the academy.

Clear and cold this morning. Warmed up towards noon.

Thurs. No drill this week. Quiet all day.

Christmas day. Minnie went to Notbohm's at 10 o'clock AM. I went there at 11 AM. 1 1/2 hour for dinner. Went back there for supper and staid the evening. Mr. Chapman and wife from the S. side and Hotchkiss and daughters were there.

Quiet all day.

Sunday. Quiet on beat. Was called to Gansel's house when I got home. He was drunk again. Staid till 8 o'clock. Mrs. G was nearly crazy because he swore and cursed so.

Wrote card for tax bills. Rainy, wind SW.

Stolzenfeld telephoned me at 6:45 PM. Had warrant for Adolph Gansel.
told him to come up after supper. We found Gansel in his barn drunk and arrested him on charge of common drunkard. Geo. Duerr 857-34th St. complained. I took Gansel to the Box and I subpeonaed wittnesses; Geo. Duerr, his father-in-law and Lissie Gansel, his wife, aand Ada Gansel, his daughter. I took charge of the case. Stolzenberg did not got to court. Gansel sentenced to 20 days in H. of C. by Judge Neelen. Clerk Woller says he may make it 30 days as that is the law allows. Dead horse 1209-25th St. Reported per tel. at 2:45 PM.

2 new buildings on 18th between Hadley and Locust.. 1 new building at 19th and Clark.

Drill at 2:45 PM. Shooting record 7-0-6. Called to the Station at 1:45- Letter for Chas. F. Winkelman, Ward Supt. from Board of Public Works. anxious to know if my beat is to be divided tomorrow. Cloudy and very foggy. Let the fire in our furnace go out last nightbecause it was so warm. We spent the evening at John Pleyte's 574, 14th St.
Another year has flown. Our time is shorter grown. We're journeying through this world without a thought or knowing if God doth journey with us.

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