William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
March 1897

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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MARCH 1897

Went to Becks, 925 Teutonia and paid my note of $60.00.

Quiet all day. Snow afternoon and evening.

Cold and Fair. Baker Netz complains of boy running away with 85 cts in cash. Don't know his name.

Antonia Lavine, 1488-12th complains of August Mintzlaff, 2427 Bismark calling her names. (City clerk's office complaint) Mintzlaff says that the trouble came because Lavine borrowed a piece of burlap and failed to return it. M. went after it and Mrs. Lavine chased him out of the house with a broom.
Pres. McKinley inaugarated. Looks like rain. Drill. Shooting record 7-0-6. Hofer and Shedler arrested Arnold Mantai with a bag of chickens.

Went to court-witness vs. Mantai on charge of Vagarancy. Sentence 90 days, House of Correction Cloudy and rain, growing colder toward evening. Shedler got out warrant for Chas. and Geo. Knoch this morning.

Quiet all day. Got tax bills this morning. I had only 6 in all.

Sunday. SE wind, chilly. Quiet all day.

Rain. Had to walk half way to the Station in the rain. 8 inches of water in our cellar this noon. Got Bilz to pump it out.

Miller and Kaupf 1099-12th St. paid taxes, $3.87. 20th ward. Colder today, partly clearing toward evening.

Quiet all day.

Drill day. Shooting Rec. 7-0-7. Letter for Ald. Winkel. Rain this evening. Paid Miller and K's tax at Central.

Colder and snow flurries. Wm Ihlenfeld, 2602 Cherry St., 19th ward, paid tax, $2.92.

Quiet all day. Shot dog at 1923 Elm.

Sunday. Snow this noon and colder. Told Notbaum to see Radtke and have Knoch taken off the poor list.

Snow flurries and warmer today, clearing toward noon.

New building, 22nd and Locust. Went to John Weimers to see if his horse had returned. His wife said the horse came home alone.

"St. Patrick's day in the morning" Cornin and Fitzsimmons fight at Carson City Nevada. Fitzsimmons wins in 14th round. Cloudy and some rain. Quiet all day.

Drill. Shooting score 7-0-3. Finished the manual today. Turned in Ihlenfelds Tax, $2.92. New building, 26th and Concordia.

Rain all day. Quiet on the beat. Floods of water.

Got my new shoes from Zillmer last night. Burglary at Fleischmans las night. Got in through the cellar window. Took canned fruit and jar of butter. They were frightened away by Mrs. Marek. New building, 26th and Chambers.

Sunday. Cloudy morning and evening. Sun shown through at noon. Anna Mueller, 1179-20th, 52 yrs. old, Married, has grown up family was taken suddenly ill on the street near home at 5:30 PM. Was carried into the house and Dr. Berger called. Pronounced it heart disease. 8 children all grown.

New building, 23rd near Keefe Ave.

Subpeonaed by Deputy sherriff Drahos in the divorce case of Lauterbach vs. Lauterbach before Judge Johnson this morning. Case continued till tomorrow. Got back to beat at 11 AM. Went to Reilleys and ordered a pair of summer pants. Commence snowing at noon, wind NE.

Snowed nearly all night. Had to walk to 24th and Walnut this morning. Went to Circuit Court this morn at 10 AM. Case continued till tomorrow.

Went to Circuit Court again this moen. Gave evidence for the prosectution. in the divorce case oj Laughterbach vs. Lauterbach. Got back to beat at 11:10. Drill. Shooting Record, 7-0-5. Ada very sick all PM. Mrs. Chapman attended her.

Dead dog, 2524 Fond du Lac. Reported it per telephone at 8 AM.

New building, Chambers and 20th St. Got my photos from Steinborns this evening.

Sunday. Dead dog, 2101 Clark. wind South, warmer. New building 1076-21st, rear. Hole in street cor. 27th and Center. New building, 23rd near Keefe. New building, Hopkins near Keefe.

A list of defective walks follows listing broken planks etc.
On 20th St. 3 properties, On 21st St- 47 properties. On 22nd St. 39 properties. On 23rd St. 30 properties. On 24th St. 22 properties. Quiet all day, quite warm wind SE. 25th St. 8 properties. 26th St. 5 properties. 28th St. 2 properties.

Fond du Lac Ave. 3 properties. Wright St.6 properties. Quiet all day. Wind E. Roads drying up some. May Spencer married at Kingsley Church at 3 PM, Rev. Sprowls officiating.

Wind NE. Partly cloudy. Side walks on Clark St. defective 10 properties listed.

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Key to names and places in this diary