William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
April 1897

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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APRIL 1897

Drill. Shooting record 7-1-10. Weather very chilly, east wind. Rev. Sprowls came to board with us yesterday.

Dead dog, 1024-21st. Reported per tel. 10:45 AM. Rain last night and this morning. Cloudy in forenoon. Bo't money order for $3.00 and sent it tonight. Dead dog, 1111-29th St.

E. wind. Fair this morning. Went up Teutonia, paid bills at Singbusch Bros. and at Stellers. Dead cat, 974-24 1/2 St.

Sunday. Rain last night. Cloudy and foggy all forenoon. Runpus at the Welter, 6:40 PM.

Dead chicken, 1162-22nd. 2 dead squirrels, 1524 Wright. Quiet all day.

Election for judges of Supreme, Superior and County courts. Tried hard to snow all day. Stationed at 29th and Galena. Got though counting votes at 8 PM. Inspectors, A.H. Klug, Leonard Baker and Arnold Hensler. Clerks, obt. Hasselkus, Geo. Brunner. Ballot Clerks, Ed. Becker and Reinhold Schwalbe. I got dinner at States and supper at Norcross's. Got home at 9 PM.

Partly cloudy this morning. Candidates elected: Geo. Sutherland for Superior Court, Judge reelected judge of County Court.

Minnies birthday, 36 yrs. old. Drill. Shooting record 7-0-8. Wind Ne., quite chilly. Quiet all day.

Neighbor Winter had 6 or 8 chickens stolen last night. Theif left his rubbers in the mud in alley. Sent Stolzenfeld up there to investigate. Dead cat, 961-24th St. Arrested Louis Walters at 29th and Locust sts. for driving on the sidewalk. Walters works for A.G, Ebhardt Bakery, 1246 Chambers.

Went to court this morning with Louis Walters, Found guilty and fined $5.00 and costs by F.J. Ries, Justice of the Peace. Wm. C. Equitz made application for saloon license at 1101-22nd St. OK.

Dead dog, 2303 Clark. New building,1123-23rd, rear. Sunday our wedding day. Married 14 years. Sent in my resignation as member of music committee and choir leader of Kingsley M.E. Church, Quiet all day. Wind, E. Very chilly.

New building, rear, 2419 Center. Quiet all day. Wind, SE. Very chilly.

Clara Just, 4 yrs. old, light hair, blue eyes, bareheaded, light colored calico dress, missing from 2324- Fond du Lac Ave. since 7 o'clock. Herman W. Teich, 927-22nd St. Personal Tax $5.65. Rain last night. April showers today.

Fair this morning. Wind changing from West to SE. Fair all day. Dellman put in pump this noon.

Cloudy and warmer to-day. Thursday. Drill. Shooting record 7-0-8. Turned in tax of Herm. W. Teich, 927-22nd St., $5.65, to Jake Laubenheimer in Secretary's office. Wm. Haase present. Commenced raining at 2 PM. Wind SW.

Snow this morn. Snowed nearly all dat, clearing up toward evening. Quiet all day. Good Friday. Got Walters watch Stellen brought to 21st and Center at 4:45 PM. Helen came to our house to stay tonight.

Sunshine and warm this morning. Froze hard last night. Jacob Katz committed suicide ate his office last night, 4:50 PM. Dead chicken, 2807 Fon du Lac. Hole in street, Bismark and Center.

Easter Sunday. Drew vacationnnns this morning. Wins SW, blowing hard, fair and warmer. Wear black helmets from today on.. Hofer and Shedler arrested Adolph Scholz and John Schwarz last night for taking a horse and wagon away from Welters Saloon at 10:30 PM.
Got orders per tel. to go to Baseball Park and stay there till games was over. Got back to beat at 4:50. Rained, game called in 5th inning.

Cold this morn. Froze very hard. Wind, NW.

2 dead dogs, 916-26th St. J. L's. birthday, 37 yrs. old. Wind SE., very raw and chilly. Ev. Conf. at 5th and Walnut begins tonight. Garrett Dunck died last night.

Rain all forenoon. Wind, SE. Chilly. Mrs. A. Tice, 2724 Fond du Lac Ave. Buried at Granville this PM. Clearing up this PM. Dead dog, 1213-22nd St. Warmer this evening

Chas. Felsch, 1086-26th paid tax, 98cts. Warmer this morning. High south wind. Partly cloudy. Thursday. Drill day. Shooting record 7-1-7. Wm. Wolf 2644-Fond du Lac paid personal tax, $3.90. Turned in tax money of Wolf and Flesch. Very warm this PM.

Add. to bldg., 1170-22nd. Minnie and I went to Zions Church, 5th and Walnut, last night to attend Ev. Conf. Rain this morn., thunder showers, Cooler to-day.

Chas. Runke, 1195-21st. complains of his son Emil, 20 yrs. old, stealing money from him. Gets drunk and will not behave himself. Rain with hail again last night. Warm and cloudy this morning. Dog to be shot, 1079-25th. Rain at 1 PM. Shower. Geo. and Pauline with two children came this Eve.

Sunday. Fair and warm. Wind, W. Quiet all day.

Cooler this morn. Wind, N changing to NE. Arrested Emil Runke, 1195-20th St. at 10:45 AM on charge of stealing $10.00 from his father, Chas. Runke.
Emil Runke, 1195-20th, son of Chas. Runke, stole $10.00 from his father April 22nd. Came home this morning and tried to break into the house in the absence of his parents. His father who was watching caught him and sent for me. I told his father if he would go to the Clerk's office and swear out a warrant, I would arrest arrest Emil. Said he would and I made the arrest. Met Runke at 12:45, went to Cerk's office and swore out a warrant. I took warrant to West Side Station and made out "Return" on it. Emil Runke is 20 yrs. old, is a bad boy. Has taken money before. Dead dog, 1079-25th St.

Went to court with Emil Runke this morn. Plead guilty. Sent to H of C for 60 days. Got back to beat at 10 o'clock. Took Runke up to Inspectors office, afterwards took him down stairs and Paulus booked him in Cell 6 till Inspector got time to attend to him.
Fair all day. Quiet. Met Sergt. Scneider at 3:45 PM.

Showery this morn. Wind, SW. Wind changed to SE. Commenced raining toward evening. Rained all night.

Drill Day. Shooting record 7-0-8. Rain all day. Wind NE. Quiet. Started furnace this morning.

Rain again last night & colder. Stopped raining at 8:00AM. Wind N. Cold. Feels like snow. Ordered 1/4 ton of coal this noon.

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