William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
July 1897

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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JULY 1897

Returned from vacation. Hot this morn. Southerly breeze at 11 AM.Stolzenfeld on vacation today. Saarous Church, 29th and Hadley at Zingers Park. 2 new bldgs., 34th and Auer Ave. Geo. Rostock, 1133-23rd St. Sophia Neubert,1093-27th, 4 yrs. old, light hair, blue etes, missing since 5 PM.

Mrs, Boettcher, 1203-8th had pocket picked in Shooting Park. Says a girl 16 or 18 yrs. old. Anna Graf, Louis Ave north of Burleigh 1st one of Grangers Row, works for Henn's bet. Grand Ave. and Well on 11th St. Mrs. Bauer, 932-10th. Long black ladies pocket book picked in park.

Edw. Pautsch, 1103-30th st. was shooting a pistol at 5 AM. The bullet went through Canitz window, 3002 Foud du Lac Ave. striking Mrs. Canitz in the Neck. Dr. Fleischer was called and dressed the wound. Mrs. Canitz does not want to prosecute. Pautsch admits that he shot and says he will make everything right with Canitz. Arrested Edw. Pautsch at his home 1103-30th St. Shooting in city limits. Shooting occured at 5AM. Arrest at 11 AM.

Hot. Wind changing to SE. PM. Arrested Otto Harbicht on charge of shooting gun in the city limit. Shooting rifle BB cartridges in his back yard at 1122-23rd St. Martin Kerz was hit in shoulder, Kerg lives at 1117-22nd St. Harbicht is 14 years old.

Edw. Pautsch case con. till one week from to-day to await the result of Mrs. Canitz's injuries. Got out a subpeona for Mrs. Canitz. Otto Harbicht pleaded guilty to charge of shooting in city limits. Was fined $10.00 and costs, $11.28. He was out on $35.00 bond. Cooler today. Wind SE. Got home to dinner at 12:30. N.E.A. commences today.

Cooler this morn. Wind SE. Dr, Fleischer called me in his office and tried to walk all over me on acct. of some things Mrs. Canitz told him that I said about him. He threatens to report me to the Chief.

Hot this morn. Wind SE. Ben Hughes sick all night. Mrs. Bloomer called to see him.

Hedwig Broitzman, Insane. Henry Broitzman, her father, 778-23rd St. Hot. Wind SW changingr to SE. Dead cat, 1123-23rd.. Dead rabbit, 1123-23rd.

Stationed at Schlitz Park last night. Concert. Got home at 12 mid-night. Hot this morn. Wind Westerly. Cool breeze, sun shines hot. Wind changed to NE and clouded up at 2 PM. Commenced to rain. Quite a shower at 4 PM. Cool. Cloudy.

Sunday. Cool and fair today. Wind E. Shower in the Eve.

Stolzenfeld returned this morn. Shower this morn. about daylight. Cool. Wind NW. FAir. Shower from NE at 10:45 AM lasting over dinner hour. Showery PM. Cool. Thunder. Stolzenfeld brought me a subpeona for Geo. Laubenstein for def. in the Pautsch case. 12 min. later at 4:45 PM on acct of O.P.N. on complaint of his house being broken into and lumber being stolen.

Went to court with Edw. Pautsch. City Atty May prosecuted. Atty Runkel def'd. Found guilty. Find $5.00 and costs. Total $9.49. Weather cool and fair. Northerly wind. Got back to my beat at 10:30 AM. Frank Rahn 1167-21st. New bldg NW cor. 21st and Locust.

Warmer this morn. Wind W. Ferd Leinbach saloon no. changed from 1435 to 1551 Hopkins Chas Matthias, 2232 Center complains of someone broke 3 of his trees last night. Investigated but can not find a clue.

Sergt Schneider returned from vacation. Paid Mrts. Wussow $4.00 for team I had driven dutring vacation. Warmer this morn. Cloudy. Looks like rain. Southerly wind.
Arrested Alex Wunkowski (Red Sherry) at 9 AM. Drunk and disorderly. Came to Volmans store and took a package of tobacco. Mrs. V, took it away from him and he took a cabbage and walked away. Telephone out of order. Missed 9:45, 10:45 and 11:30 reports on that acct. PM. First report at 3:45. Called up at Hafermann's and gor order to go to sation at 3:00.

Notified Ernst John, 2402 Center to make app for saloon license at once. Went to court. Alex Wunkowski found guilty. Fined $5.00 and costs. Got back to beat at 9:45 AM. Dog license no. 800 Golig M. 948-21st. Weather warm. Wind NNW.

Warmer this morn. Northerly wind changing to NE. Went to W. Park last night with Sprowls. Then to car to Wauwatosa and back at home at 9:00 PM. PM hot wind changing to SE.

Sunday. Hot this morning. Wind NE. Growing cooler towards noon. Orders from Sergt to go to Union Park after dinner and stay till evening. 6:45 PM. Went to Union Park at 1 PM. Staid until 7:35 PM.

Hot. Wind sprang up from NE at 9 AM. Cooler. Frank Volkmann. City
License No. 160, July 15th '97. Chas. Guenther, 1159-21st, City License No. 181-July 16th '97.

Orders to take Lutrings beat after 9 AM. and get mail for to-day. Hot this morn. Wind from E. Sprang up towards 9 o'c. Cooler. Got mail at 1 PM and 6 PM.

7-21-18897 Rain last night. Cooler this morn. Westerly wind. Complaint from 1251-23rd. Mrs. Sutter quarling with her neifhbor Mrs. Hoefest. PM high SW wind. Warm.

Haase returned from vacation this morn. Wind westerly. Blowing a gale. Cooler. Partly cloudy.

Cool this morn. NW wind. Mrs. Wolf, 1182-22nd St. reports that her son Albert, 15 yrs. old, left home July 16th. Works in Walsh's Tin Factory, 35th and Vliet St. Said he was laid off but the other boys that work in factory say it is not so. Arrest and notify his mother. Brown jacket, black pants, black soft hat, light hair, blue eyes, rather slender build, Peter Hermann. New bldg., 26th and Center. Wind changed SE. Family trouble at 1202-22nd. H. Luedolph abusing his wife. Tel. for night man to look around. there.

Hot this morn. Wind sprang up from E. Cooler toward noon. Dead cat, 2443 Center. At 1:40 PM got warrant for Henry Luedolph, 1202-22nd. Complainant, Minnie Luedolph, his wife. Charge A&B. Parties were quarreling yesterday. I told the woman to get a warrant. He struck her with a tin box on the side of the head at 5:30 PM. Miller and I called there at 5:45 PM.

Sunday. Hot this morn. Cooler at 8:30. Wind E. Ed. Maechtle came last night at 12:00 o'clock. Haestler, 1113-23rd. Little girl, 2 yrs. old, pink dress, light hair, missing at 12 M. Found by her parents on 17th and Hadley. Did not go to dinner today. Was not hungry. Geo. Miller 1065-30th, witness for Mrs. Horn.

Rain last night and this morn. early. Cloudy cool, wind NW. Went to court this morn. with Henry Luedolph. Case continued till tomorrow to give Luedolph time to get a witness. I got a subpoena for Geo. Mueller, Mrs. Horn, Mrs. Kesch. Subpeonaed witnesses in Luedolph case.
Chas. Hafermann, 2101 Center, Livery Man, let out on Sunday morning at 5 AM to go to Cedarburg to return at 10 PM, a brown horse, 9 yrs. old, weight about 1000 lbs., end spring buggy painted black, nickle hub bands on wheels. Letter H on bridle of harness. Back pad trimmed with brass Horse had boil on right hand leg. To a stranger about 22 yrs. old, 5'8" tall, weighs 140 lbs, dark hair, dark small mustache, black suit, cut away frock coat, black fedora hat. Horse returned at 3:30 PM.
W.E. Equitz, 1101-22nd, license 879-July 21st. Wm. Ihlenfeld,1163-23rd, license 463-July 17th. P.F.Meier, 2201 Center St, Pharmacists license No. 3-July 7, 1987. H. Schaefer, 2430 Fonf du Lac, license 949-July 22nd. Peter Pinter 2700 Fond du Lac, license 646-July 19th.

Went to court this morn. with Luedoph. Found guilty. Find $5 and costs, total $16.55. Fine paid by Henry Vose 1080-30th St. Partly cloudy, cool wind NW. Got back to beat at 10:30 AM. Showers and warmer PM.

Hot this morn. Wind North. Copied my dog book last night. Orders to go to Schlitz Park this evening. 5 years today that I have been on day duty Minnie, Ada and Helen came home today.

Carl Broust, 1168-23rd,works in Hilty's Planning Mill was taken sick and started for home. Got as far as 23rd and Fond du Lac, sat on steps at 864-23rd at 7:50 AM. Married, wife and 4 children, oldest 8 yrs., youngest 2 yrs. Fireman at Hilty's Plaining Mill. Had been drinlking. Taken home by Butcher Gerhardts boy.
Warm this morn. Wind NW. Annular eclipse of the sun this morn. 7-9:48 AM. Dead dog,1492-26th. F. Leinbach, 1551 Hopkins, license no. 393, July 16th '97. Mrs. Dedman 2930 Fond du Lac, boarding at Schooff's. Husband left town, Went to Perth Amboy N.J. Out of work, cant send for her. Gave he a note for Supervisor Radtke. Wants to get ticket home.

Hot this morn. Wind SW. Partly cloudy. PM. wind S. Ed. Armond Exhibition, 22nd betw. Center and Hadley. July 29th to Aug. 4th. License no.48. Paid $15.00. WEdding at 1121-22nd St. Tony Burger to Bertha Volkman at 4 PM. Justice Zuerner, officiating, F.H. Volman and Emil Bescher witnesses.

Checks this morn. Hot. Partly cloudy, wind changing to East at 9 AM. Orders at 9:45 AM to be at 23rd and Grand Ave. at 3 PM. Bicycle race from Pewaukee. 5:45 PM Just got back from bike race. Was stationed at 32nd and Grand Ave. Left there with Christ Ennis at 5 PM. Commenced raining at 5:30. No wind. showers, all evening.

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