William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
August 1897

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Sunday. Rain all night. Cool this morn. Wind SE. Partly cloudy. Dangerous hole in street, 990-24 1/2 St. Quiet all day.

Hot this morn. Wind changing to NE. Cooler at 9 AM. Went to Fuller warmer at 8:45. Paid for my gas stove. $8.00.

Cool. Wind NE. Chas. Kersch swore out warrant for L. Wesemberg and Geo. Kirsch. H. Hofer served warrant. Charge A&B. Found guilty, $5.00 and costs. each. New blkdg., 25th between Center and Hadley. New bldg., bet Chambers and Burleigh. Clerks Office Complaint- 1082-27th vs. 1080-27th. Polish, Irish, Bohemians. Dead dog, 1134-30th St. Dead dog, 1149-22nd St.

Rain this morn. Cloudy all fornoon. Wind East, Cool. Met Sergt Schneider at 21st and Center 10:45 PM. Clearing up PM. Adolph Erdman, 1076=21st St.

8-5-1896 Cool last night. Cool wind from the North this morn. Sun shines hot. Minnie and Ada went to Port (Washington) yesterday on the 1:50 PM train, Lake Shore RR. PM Fair. Wind NE. Dead dog, 1151-21st St. Add. to bldg., 1057-21st.

Cool night last night and this morning. Hot in forenoon. Northerly wind. Ed. Armond has license 53 for exhibition on 22nd bet. Center and Hadley from Aug. 5th to Aug. 11th inclusive. Herman Arndt applies for saloon license at 927-22nd. OK. Neighborhood row bet. Mrs, Muth and Mrs. Weidinger, 30th bet. Locust and Chambers. August Lueke, 1060-22nd. House will be vacant in two weeks.

Henke came to my house last night at 10:30 o'c. and brought a warrant for Mrs. Annie Muth, Chge. A&B. Comp. Katie Weidinger, 1216-30th. Went from house, made arrest, went to West Side Sta. with Prisoner. Ret. Warrant. and went to court at 8:30 AM. Case continues till Aug. 10th. Runkel for prosection, Dalton for defense. Cool and foggy last night. Hot this morn. Clouding up at 10:00. Wind SE, cooler.
W.C. Equitz, Pool table license No. 215, - Aug. 5-'97. Sprinkled a little about 2 PM. Met Sergt. Scneider at 1:40 at 27th and Fond du Lac. Telephone boxes out of order all day till 4:15 PM. Subpeonaed witnesses for Pros. in Muth case.

Sunday. Warm this morn. Very warm all day. Southerly wind, fair.

3 years ago this 6 AM, Little Arthur died. Rin this morn. Showers all forenoon. Sultry. Notified Maggie Lauder to be in court, witness for Officer Schultz. Partly cloudy, showers, wind west, warm. 2 new bldgs. on 20th bet. Hadley and locust. Dead dog, 965-24th.

Fair and cool wind. Wind NE. Dead dog, 2628 Fond du Lac. Went to court this morn. in the Muth case. Atty. Dalton for def. Runkel for pros. Sentence suspended on pay't of Costs. $7.40. Got back to beat at 11:35 AM. Got tickets for BaseBall game. Firemen vs. Policemen, Sept. 4th. Prices $1:00 and 50 cts.

Fair, Cool & wind NW. Mrs. Bingens House No. 1169-22nd St. Mrs. F.M. Hoffman, 841-Van Buren St. will be vacant for 3 weeks. 6:15 PM- Notified Mrs. Fraundorfer, 1326-34th to tell her huisband to go to Central Sta. as soon as he gets home.

Fair and warmer today. Northerly wind, changing to SE. PM.

Fair. Cool westerly wind. PM warmer. Brisk SW wind.

Rain at 6:15 AM to 7"40 AM. Cool SW wind.. Adolph Scholz and John Drier arrested by Officer Verfurth las night. Warm towards noon. Scholz fined $5.00 and costs. Ed Armond has license No. 59 for Exhibition on 22 nd bet. Center and Hadleyfrom Aug. 12th to 18th inclusive.

Sunday. Cool. SW Wind. Showers at 10;45 wm AND AT 12:30, 2:15, 4:00, 7:00 and 9 PM.

Cloudy and cool. NW wind this morn. 5 PM very quiet all day.

Warmer this morn. Wind changeable NW to SE. Partly cloudy PM. Light shower at 4 PM and 5:30 PM.

Rain last night at 7 o'clock. Cool north wind all night. Warm and fair this morning.
Bay mare about 110 lbs., white spot on forehead, about 9 yrs. old, Bone shavin on left hind leg can be claimed at 2422 Fond du Lac. Light shower at 5:30 PM.

Cool this morning and partly cloudy, Wind NW. Went to the Station at 1:50 PM. Got mail for Ald. Elkert and Ward foreman. Dead dog, 2644 Fond du Lac.

Cool last night and this morn. Northerly wind, warmer towards noon. Wind changing to W. Lt. Kranich returned from vacation this morn. Dead dog,1114-22nd..

New bldg., 27th near Hadley. Cool this morn, warmer toward noon, westerly wind. Very warm at Noon.

Sunday. Warmer. Wind NE. Cool and partly cloudy all day.

Cloudy and cool. NE wind. Growing warmer at 9 AM. New bldgs. on;23rd bet. Center and Hadley; 27th bet. Center and Hadley; 20th bet. Hadley and Locust..

Rain last Eve and this morn. Cloudy, wind westerly changing to Northerly Leocadia Voeske, 1334-11th supposed to be staying with Mrs. Koenig, 1216-28th, 14 yrs. old, tall for her age. Blond hair and dark complection. Went to Station at 3:40 PM. Got mail for Ald. Winkel and orders to look up the above named girl.

Cool and pleasant this morn. Northerly wind. Herman Arndt, 927-22nd, saloon license 1513. Went to sta.Got letter for Ald. Winkel at 1:45 PM.

Warmer and pleasant. Southerly wind. At 8:30 AM Carl Weis threw a stone at Mrs. Amelia Zastrow, 1064-19th St. striking in the breast. I told Mrs. Z to swear out a warrant for Weis. She said she would go down in the PM. At 2 PM I met Mrs. Beckman, she said Mrs. Z. was very sick and tel. for Dr. Boemer. Dr. B. says she is likely to be confined at

any time. Took Rudolph Z. to the Sta. Reported case to Lt. Kranich. Got orders to get Wm. Zastrow, husband of the woman and swear out warrant. Went to Collath and Mylahu office on Commerce St. Got Zastrow and went to city hall. Got warr. Arrested Carl Weis at his home, 1066-19th at 4:45 PM. Took car to West Side Sta. Subpeonaed witnesses from 5:45 to 6:45. Witnesses Rudplh Zastrow, Annie Gaffrice, Dr. R.W. Boemer and Wm. Zastrow. Missed reports at 2:45,3:45 & 4:45 PM.

Went to court in the Zastrow case. A&B. On testimony of Dr. Boermer case was continued till Sept. 17th. Atty. Thiermann appeard for Weis. Bail fixed at $50.00 Got back to beat at 10:00. Fair, warm an northerly winds.

Fair and warm southerly wind. Partly cloudy in PM. At 11 AM Miller left a disorderly warrant in the Box at 27th and Center sworn out by Chas. Guenther against Frank Jaeger. Watched for him all day but couldn't find him.

Shedler arrested Jaeger at 10PM last night. Shedler takes charge of case. I am to subpeona witnesses. Sunday. Warm, partly cloudy. southwesterly wind. Light shower st 10 AM. Subpeonaed all witnesses in case of Guenther vs. Jaeger except Mrs. Mary Guenther who is out of town.

Fair and cool northerly wind this AM. Warmer and westerly wind toward noon. New bldgs:- 24 1/2 St., bet. Clark and Center; 20th bet. Locust and Chambers and 3 new bldgs on Bismark between Clark and Center. Frank Jaeger found guilty. Sentence sus. on payment of costs.

Cloudy and cool this morn. Southerly wind. Stolzefeld and Haase on special catching bicycle riders on Brown and 31st to 34th Sts. Met Sergt Schneider at 10:15 AM, 21st and Center. Light showers at 11:30 AM. Went to Sta. at 2:45. Got check, cashed it at Volkmann's, 2029 Center St.

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