William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
September 1897

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Thunder storm last night and this morning. Raining at about 8 AM. Wins SE. Thos. Salter, 753-33rd arrested last night by Haase for riding bicycle on sidewalk. PM fair and warm. wind southerly.

Cloudy and warm this morn. Westerly wind. Cool in the PM.

My birthday, 39 yrs. old. Warm southerly wind. Partly cloudy. Turned in my Baseball tickets this morn. Sold $17.50 worth. 21@50cts, 7@$1.00. Mary Kreuser, 1204-22st., 43 yrs. old, Married, born US. House wife. Charge A&B. Comp. Mathilda Duchnow, 1206-22nd St. Notified to be in court.

Mrs. Kreuser's daughter came to the sta. at 7 0'c. AM and said her mother was very sick and could not appear in court. So I did not book case. Went from the station and notified witnesses not to come to court till further notice. Fair, warm, South west wind this morn. Got orders to be at the Expo at 7 PM. Opening night. Stolzenfeld took our gas bill along with his this morn. $3.26
Henry Wiese has license no. 79 for Whirligig at 23rd and Clark from Sept. 2nd to and including Sept. 8th '97. Baseball game bet. Policemen and 'firemen this PM. Score 43 to 2 in favor of Firemen. Went to Supper at 5:45 PM. Went to Expo at 7:00. Got home at 11 PM.

Sunday. Fair and warmer. Southerly wind. Quiet all day.

Labor Day Parade at 10 o'clock. Partly cloudy, warm southerly wind. Stationed at 14th and Vleit till 12:15 PM. Adolph Winter, 939-28th, 5 yrs. old, Red and white striped waist, brown cap, with button on top, gray pants,lost at Central Park at 4:00 PM. Reported at 27th and Fond du Lac at 1:30 PM. Got orders to go to Central Park. Staid at East gate until 7 PM with Officer Flieth.

Went put at 7 AM. Got Mary Kreuser in court. Charge- A&B. Mrs. Duchow, Comp. Case called at 10:45. Def. discharged, no cost. Witneesses got orders for their fees. Got back to beat at 1124 AM. Partly cloudy and very warm. Southwesterly wind. Add. to bldg., 1166-23rd.

Fair, warm southerly wind. Hot towards noon. Hot all day. Very dry.

Bought a bicycle last night for Walter- $6.50. Columbia '90. Bought of Peltor, 1006-22nd St. Hot all day. 96 in shade.

Fair. Hot westerly wind. Officer Peterson arrested F.C. Weidner last night. W. seems to be insane. I took him home from the Sta. and then sent Mr. Sprowls down there to see about him. His wife is in Janesville, Wis.
Cooler at noon. Wind NE. 2:45 PM fire broke out, 2724 Fond du Lac in basement of two story house owned by F.P. Adler, 248 W. Water St., occupied by A. Tice & J. Simmerlein. Caused by children playing with matches. Geo. Kastner lives up stairs.
Joseph Stiegler, 958-19th St. tried to committ suicide at his home this PM. by cutting his left wrist with a razor. I was called there at 4:15 PM, found Miller & Guequine there. Miller tel. for ambulance. I went with ambulance to Emergency Hospital. Got home at 7:30.

Rain last night. Partly cloudy and cool. N. Easterly wind this morn. Partly cloudy and cool all day.

Fair and Hot this Morn. Sunday. Easterly wind. Got orders to go to Cold Spring Pasrk after dinner. Buffalo Bills show is there. PM. staid at show until 7:30 with Bock and Kein.

Sent to B.B. show this morn. Staid there all day and evening. Got home at 10;45 PM. Walter and Ada were there in the Eve. Public School commences. Hot all day.

Fair and warm. Easterly wind this morn. Hot all day. Nothing going on. Quiet.

Warm. Partly cloudy. Southerly wind. Sprinkled about noon. Met Sergt Schneider at 3:15 - Wright and Fond du Lac. Cooler toward eve. High SW wind.

Showers last nightand this morn. Staid in the sts. till 8 AM on acct of rain.. D&Dis. Notified Kringel, 905-23rd that (Hans) John Kringel was arrested. NW wind. Clearing toward noon. Cool. PM High NW wind.

Geo. Trotzke arrested by s Sergt. Schneider at 8 PM yesterday in favor of
Firemen. Went to Supper at 5:45 PM. Went to Expo at 7:00. Got home at 11 PM.

On the way up Fond du Lac this morn. Stolzenfeld and I met Chas. Zastrow going from house to house begging. Sent him down on the wagon. Went to court in the Zastrow-Weis case. Had the case con. until Sert-24th. Chas. Zastrow fined $5.00 and costs. Stolzenfeld comp. Cold this morn. Fair all day. Warmer in the PM. NW changing to NE & E wind. Dead dog,1127-24th. New bldg. on 24th bet. Chambers and Burleigh. Lt. J.K. out on wheel this PM.

Fari & cool this morn. SW wind. Warmer toward noon. Orders at 9:45 AM to
go to the Chutes at 7 o'clock. 2:45 went to the sta. Got warrant for J. J. Coppicus, 1494-21st and went to his place- found he had sold out his milk route to Louis Dettman and moved to Ellis Junc. Went to supper at 5:40 and to the Chutes at 7. Was stationed on N. Ave. Bridge. Left for home at 10:45.

Sunday. Fair and cold. Northerly wind. Ella Welter married last night to Albert Toennes, 1130-17th St. Tax from Mich Franendorfer, 652-31st st. 19th wd. now 1326-34th St. Amt. 20 cts.

Fair. Cold. Heavy frost last night. NW wind. Gave Lt. Kranich 20 cts. tax money collected from Mich Fraendorfer, 652-31st St., 19th ward. Warmer toward noon.
State Fair opens today. Walter and Ada got tickets to go today. Mr. Sprowls starts for Marinette to attend conference to-day. Fair and cold this morn. Partly cloudy and warmer toward noon. southerly wind. Add. to bldg, 1003-21st St. Mrs. Bergman, 1174-22nd complains of someone rapping on her windows bet. 9 and 10 o'clock evenings.

Fair and warmer today. NE wind. Have half day off to go to State fair this PM. Stolzenfeld takes my beat. Got home at 6:30 PM.

Fair and warm this morn. Got appointments for Election Inspectors and clerks to serve this morn. Took in Stolzenfeld's beat this PM while he is gone to the fair.

Fair and warm, southerly wind. Weiss-Zastrow case case this morn. Weiss found guilty. Fined $5.00 and costs. Total $18.98. Dr. Thiemann, Weis's Atty. gave notice of appeal after the Clerk had begun to pay witnesses and Dr, Boemer had gone. I took the deposit and went to the west side sta. When I got there Mc. told me that T had withdrawn his appeal and I went back and paid the fine. Frank Grutza, clerk, having all the witnesses sign his book told me I could take the witness fees to the witnesses that had not Recvd their fees. which I did. Total $8.06 for Zastrow, wife and son, Mrs. Beckman and Anna Gaffner. Got dinner and repoted at 1:00 PM. Partly cloudy PM.

Fair and warm. SW wind changing to W.

Sunday. Fair, cool, high NE wind.

Fair, cool, E. wind. Turned in my returns on Election Inspectors and clerks. Dead dog, 1006-25th.
At 3 PM met Stolzenfeld who had a warr, for me for Geo. Furstenhaefer and Otto Lewin. Got Lewin at 5 PM from his home, 950-22nd St. Furstenhaefer's father got Geo. from Zoerlands Tannery and brought him to the station at 6 PM. Complainant-Ortto Storm, 1066-24 1/2 St. Charge- A&B. Offense committed Sunday eve about 6 o'clock. Witnesses-And. Berliner & Hans Storm.

Fair and cool. SE wind. Went to court with Furstenhaefer & Lewin. Lewin pleaded guilty and was fined $5.00 and costs. Total $11.24. F. pleaded not guilty and Recieved suspended sentence. Left the W. Side sta. at 11:30 and got dinner. Reported from 27th and Fond du Lac at 12:30 PM.

Fair & warm. SW wind this morn changing to SE. Got letter for Ald. Winkle this PM. Del. at 2:35 o'c.

Fair and warm, southerly wind. Orders to wear dress coats on and after Sunday Oct. 3rd. Served Notice of Election appointment on John F. Pape,1242-21st at 6:10 PM.

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