William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
October 1897

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Fair and Hot. SW wind. Checks this morn. Got check cashed at Ald. Winkel's. Wind changing to SE towards noon. Cooler PM. Wind changing to NE. Quite cool. Met Lt. J. K. at 1:30 PM on 21st bet. Locust and Chambers.

Fair and cool, wind east by NE. Brought money orders of R. C. Hinz for JFM, Pt. Wash. to the amount of !00.00 and mailed them at once. 3 new bldgs on 26th bet. Cen ter and Hadley. Orders at 5:45 PM to tell Pagenkopf to Rept. at W. side Sta. at 10: o"c in citizens dress. Dress coats tomorrow.

Sunday. Fair, Pleasant-cool, wind SE.

Fair, warm. SW wind. PM High SW wind. Looks like rain.

Got a warr. for Albert Bauman 961-9th St and 3 others- Frank Rose, John Doe, Rich Roe Alias. Arrested Alb. Bauman and Frank Rode at Richard and Keefe Ave. this morn. D.W. Pratt complainer. Herm Giciehn, witness. Charge A&B. Offense committed Oct. 1st '97. Fair warm, high SW wind changing to NW towards eve. Cooler.

Warm this morn. Cool last night and early this morn. Fair westerly wind, quite warm rowards noon. High wind. Suibpeonaed Peter Kraetsch, 114 Geo. St. this morning for Pros. in the Pratt-Bauman etal case. Went to court via Holton car line. Bauman and Rode fines $5.00 and costs, each. Total $8.66 each. Got a new subpeona and took the old warrant and am going to try and get the others, Paid Sophia Runkel $4.55 for music lessons for Walter and Ada. Showers and high W. wind this PM. Cool in the eve.

Fair, cool and pleasant, E. wind. Organized chorus at Kingsley last night. New bldgs, 27th bet. Center and Hadley and 24th bet.,Center and Hadley. Met Sergt. Scneider at 21st and Center at 2:45. Fair and cool this eve.

Cool and cloudy this morn. Commenced raining at 8:30 AM. Southerly wind changing to NW. Colder toward evening. Clear & cold at night.

Clear and cold this morn. N. wind.

Sunday. Fair, cool, heavy frost last night. Easterly wind. PM cloudy, SE wind. Someone dumped a load of night soil near Auer Ave bet. 23rd & 24th within the last two days. Rain this evening.

Rain nearly all day. Southerly wind changing to westerly. Stopped raining at 2:30 PM.

Fair & cold, westerly wind. Small black and white dehorned cow with long rope attached strayed from 893-27th St. this morn. at 8 o'c.

Partly cloudy, cool, SE Wind. Heavy frost last night.

Fair and warm this morn. SW wind. Orders this morn to wear caps on Sunday Oct. 17th. Hot all day.

Fair warm, SW wind. High wind. Red cow hornless can be claimed at 3036 Locust St. Rept'd per tel. at 8:10 AM. Last wo days hottest on record for Oct.

Rain this morning early. Cloudy & cool, wind NW in forenoon. Clear and cold toward eve. Orders per tel. to wear hats instead of caps tomorrow.

Sunday. Partly cloudy and cool. Wind NE. Heavy frost this morn. Clearing and cool. PM. Started furnace last night.

Rainbow this morn. SE wind, partly cloudy. Tried to rain at noon. Emil Muehleisen, 1115-21st. Emil, fathers name, 3 children. Emil Jr. 8 yrs. old. While passing out og the barn door at 12:30 PM the door (a sliding one) fell on him. Aug. Wohlner, a laborer, lifted the door. The both crawled out. Was carried in the house by Wm. Hoffman. Lived about 15 minutes. Dr. Boermer was called. Nic. Weiant, undertaker. Coronor was called. Night soil was dumped opn 21st St, north of Burleigh St. Met Sergt Schmeider at 10:30 AM, 24th and Clark.

Shower at 7:45 AM. Partly cloudy, warm, southerly wind changing to west. Clearing and clolder toward evening. New bldg, 24th & Clarrk.

Cloudy and cold, wind west.

Cloudy, cold, Damp wind, West. 6 PM. Cloudy and damp all day.

Partly cloudy and cool, northerly wind. All the day AM present at roll call- the first time this summer.

Fair and warmer, wind SE. Concert at Kingsley Church last night.

Sunday. Fair. Frost last night. Warmer today. Southerly wind.

Fair, warm, southerly wind. Drill commences today at the Exposition, 3 PM. I belong to Thurs. squad. Letter to M.J. Grueschow, 1016-21. Del. atr 2:30 PM.

10-26-1895 Fair, warm, light fog in morning. SE wind toward evening.

Foggy this morn. No wind. Quite warm during day.

Partly cloudy this morn. Cool, northerly wind. Drill day, first of the season for me.

Harry Hayden, 4 yrs. old, strayed from 2227 Brown St. I took him home at 1:45 PM.

Cold, fair, NW Wind. Put on woolen jacket this morn. and bought a pair of undressed kid gloves from Zillmers. Dead goat- 961-21st.

Sunday. Partly cloudy, easterly wind. warmer. Got checks this morn. Got mine cashed at Winkels. 2 new bldgs. on Hadley bet. 26 and 27.

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