William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
November 1897

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Cloudy, cold, wind NE. Went to Central this morn. to pay int. Sec'y was busy. Capt. told me to call again.

Cloudy and cold this morn. Northerly wind. Clearing towards noon. Stolzenfeld and I went to Central and paid interest this morn from 8:35 to 9:35. Harry Rubel, Herman Wendorf, 825-11th; Otto Heller, 878-16th; Emil Schroeder, 1123-23rd. Emil and Otto Cushman, 1148-23rd. Dead dog, 1075-19th St. 2 new bldgs on 22nd near Center.

Heavy frost this morn. Fair, warmer, Westerly wind.

Warmer, fair, southerly wind. No drill until further orders.

Rain this morn. Southerly wind. Stopped raining at 9:30. Cooler. Got up late and went without breakfast.

Fair, cool, heavy frost. Arrested Peter Koesky and Jos. Mason, ages 15 and 14 yrs. at 27th and Fond du Lac at am. Riding bicycle on sidewalk. Went to court. Sentence Susp. Left court at 9:15. Orders to go to Base Ball park at 2 PM to attend football game. Got back at 5:30 PM.

Sunday. Warmer, partly cloudy. Looks like rain. Wind SE in PM. Commenced raining at 6:30 PM.

Rain this morn. Cloudy, cool, Northerly wind. New buildgs on Center bet. 21st & 22nd; Hadley & 25th;24th near Burleigh. Elsie Raasch's mother lives at 873-14th.

Partly cloudy and cool. NW Wind.

Cloudy, Raw SW wind. Rain towards 6 PM with high wind. Add. to bldg. 1123-23rd.

First snow this morn. NW wind, cloudy-clearing toward noon. Put on winter underwear this morn.

Cloudy and cold. Froze quite hard last night.

Cold and clear this morn. Partly cloudy PM. N. wind.

Sunday. Rain nearly all day. Kingsley church re-opened Nov. 14th '97. Herman Gaffrei applied for saloon license 3002 Fond du Lac Ave.

Rain and thunder last night. Cloudy and damp this morn. Regular drill commenced today at the Armory Hall. Westerly winds. Rain PM, colder.

Snow f;urries last night. Colder this morn. Fair, NW wind. Ground froze quite hard. Boiler sprung a leak last night leaving us in the cold. Went to Beck's. Sent him right up to fix it Had it going by 9:30 AM

Cloudy and cold. Commenced snowing at 9 AM. Wind West. Clearing at 2 PM. Wind changing to SE.

Cloudy and damp, southerly wind. Drill this PM at 3 o'c.

Cloudy, S westerly wind. Dead dog, 1203-19th. Dead chicken 1159-21st.

Fair, warm, westerly wind.

Sunday. Cloudy, cool, NE wind growing colder towards eve,

Cloudy, cold, NE wind, flurries of snow in forenoon. Wind changed to NW.

Fair, cold, wind NW. 8 degrees above zero early this morn. Herman Gaffrei moved into 3002 Fond du Lac yesterday. Overcoats this morn.

Cloudy, raw south wind. 2 new bldgs, 24th near Chambers.

Thanksgiving Day. Signed payroll this morn. Notbohm's came over to dinner. Went to Foot Ball game at 8:45 AM. Left there for dinner at 12:45 PM. Got back to beat at 2:20 PM. Cloudy, rain PM. Foggy in eve.

Colder. Commenced snowing at 7 AM. Stopped snowing at 10 AM. NE wind. 1/2 in. snow fell. Colder, NW wind.

Cold NW wind, flurry of snow this morn. Drill for Thurs. squad this PM.

Sunday. Cloudy, NE wind, flurry of snow this morn. Chilly all day. Snow again in the evening. About 1 in. fell.

Clear and cold. Zero weather this morn. NW wind. Notified Herman Gaffrie, 3002 Fond du Lac to pay saloon license at once.

Cloudy & Cold Southerly wind. Snow in Eve.

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