William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
December 1897

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Clear and cold. About 10 degrees above zero. Snowed about one inch last night. Wind changed to NW. Called down to get our checks at 1:45 PM. Herman Gaffries saloon license dated Nov. 29th '97.

Drill day. Clear and cold. West wind. Commenced snowing at 3 PM. Snowed about 1 in. Told John Felsch this morn. if he didn't stop making such a disturbance in the house, the neighbors would prosecute him for disturbing the peace.

Cloudy. Some warmer. NE wind. Looks like more snow. Signed $5.00 for the sesquicentential next year, to be pd. Apr. 1st '98. Pd. gas bill at H. Roehmheld's this morn. $4.20. Add. to bldg., 27th and Fond du Lac.

Rain and snow last night. Easterly winds, Blizzard at 5:30 AM from the NE. Paid 25 cts. to the West Side Station Athletic Ass'n. Rain all forenoon. Commenced snowing at 2:45 PM. Flurries of snow all afternoon and Eve.

Sunday:- Colder this morn. Fair, warmer toward noon. Westerly wind.

Cloudy, raw S. wind. snow at 10:15 AM. Flurries till 2 PM. showers of rain and sleet after that.

Fair and pleasant. Not very cold this morn. Southerly wind. Cloudy PM.

Fair, Southerly wind. Very pleasant. Pa and Ma came this noon on the 12:50 train.

Partlyy cloudy. SE wind. Drill day. Met Sergt Schneider at 9:25, 20th and Chambers. Warm.

Rain last night. Cloudy and rain this morn. SE wind. Adolph Scholz arrested yesterday by Det. Kelley on charge of abandonment of family. Rain. Rain. Went to sta. at 1:45 PM. Got warrant for Christ Kaufman, 1047-29th St. Wife comp. Threatened to kill. Suib. witnesses for Scholz def.

Partly cloudy, colder. NW Wind. Court this morn. with Christ Kaufman., 1047-29th. Found guilty and sentenced to 15 days H of C. Got back to beat at 10:15.

Cloudy and damp this forenoon. No Wind.

12-13-1895 Cloudy and damp, some warmer. Easterly wind. Scholz case cont. till tomorrow. Add. to bldg. 25th & Hopkins. Herm. Gruehn. Snow tonight.

Rain all morn. About 1 in. of snow last night. Northerly wind. Went to McHenry's this eve. Colder tonight. Got home 9:45 PM. Pa, Ma, Minnie and Ada were there. I went to bring them home.

Cloudy & cool this morn. No wind at 9 AM. Pa and Ma go home this PM. southerly wind PM. Raw and disagreeable. Gave A&B warrant, D.W.Pratt comp. vs. Alb. Bauman etal to Lt. Kranich

Cool this morn. west wind. Fair growing colder toward noon. Drill day. Notified Frank Volkman, 2029 Center to take the penny in the slot machine out of his saloon. He refused to do so unless Ald. Rudolph should take one out of his saloon on the south side.

Zero weather. Snowing this morn. Wind NW. Cleared up toward noon. cold to-night.

Fair & cold. 10 degrees below zero this morn. Wind NW.

Sunday:- Cold and clear early this morn. Partly cloudy toward 9 o'c. NW wind. 2 degrees below zero at Roessehelds 6:40 AM. Got tax bills this morn. Our tax $21.36. Helens $16.02.

Snow this morn. Northerly wind. Snow flurries all day. About 6" altogether.

Fair and colder this morn. Warming up toward noon. Northwesterly wind. Fair. Sleighing this morn. SW wind tonight. Partly cloudy.

Fair. Zero weather this morn. Wind west. Cold all day. West wind.

Rept to Bd. of P.W. sidewalks not cleaned on vac. lots on Fond du Lac bet. Pine St. and 27th, 20th Wd. On 24 1/2 St. bet. Clark and Center. On Center bet. 24th and 26th. The above covered with ice and snow. Notified Wd. Foreman that Fond du Lac ave. needed attention and he neglected to do the work. Hence rept. 2 below zero this morn. Fair, westerly wind. Air very damp and frosty. Dead dog, Fond du Lac and RR track.

Cloudy and warmer. SW wind. Shot Guenther's dog this morn. Reptd per tel.

Christmas Day:- Partly cloudy. SW wind. 1/2 hr. extra for dinner today. Jake came at noon.

Sunday:- Fair & cold this morn. NW wind. warmer toward noon.

Fair, zero weather this morn. Warming up toward noon. Jake went home this morn.

Partly cloudy. Light flurries of snow. cold westerly wind.

Partly cloudy, warmer, SW wind. 3 new buildings, Chambers bet. 24 and 24 1/2 Sts. 1 new bldg. 24 1/2 & Center and on 30th & Locust. (No.4 Cawker Pl.)

Partly cloudy. NW wind. Froze last night. Thawing this AM. Colder, PM flurries od snow. Engine 22 moved into quarters this morn.

Colder this morn. Cloudy. Flurries of snow from north. N. wind. Got checks this morn. Not much snow left. Sleighing all gone. Quite cold PM. Cloudy and growing colder at 4 o'c.

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