William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
February 1898

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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10 degrees below zero this morn. Fair. Wind West. Small fire at Mathews factory this morn. at 8 o'c.

Fair & cold. Zero weather. NW wind. Blowing hard all night. Ground Hog day. Flurry of scnow last night. Drifted this morn. Checks this morn. Colder toward evening.

Cloudy and cold this morn. South wind. Raw and disagreeable. Reinhold Siewert, 1005-21 st complains of Carl Rahn, 2615 Bismark. Clerks office complaint. Drill Day.

Partly cloudy, warmer, SE wind. Snow this Eve. Gansel on a tear,. I arrested him at 8:30 PM.

Fair and colder. Warmer PM. Arrested Adolph Gansel at 8:30 PM last night at his home, 743-34th St. on charge of Com Drunkard. Robert Salter helped me take him to the Box. Rob't. Salter and Lewe Bow, witnesses. Found guilty. 30 days H of C. Arnold Mantai arr. by Officer Dopke. Got 90 days.

Sunday:- Fair and warmer. SE wind. Partly cloudy at 2 PM, wind SW. Shot Sloans dog at 9 o'c. tonight.

Fair and warmer, southerly wind. Geo. Knoch and Edw. Schug were arrested last night by Shedler and Hammer on charge of burglary. Stealing chickens from Wm. Landers. Shedler shot Schug in the leg.

Fair. Warmer, Southerly wind. Went to Knoch's 1377-34th St. with Peter Weiner to look for some chickens. Didn't find his although they have about 100 hens.

Foggy and damp this morn. SE wind. Minnie and I went to Kingsley ME Church for sleigh ride last night. C. G. Sercombe took 28 of us to Wauwatosa via Grand Ave. and Ret. via. State St. Got back at 11 PM. 4 horse team. Dead dog, 1197-22nd.

Foggy. Rain during night. Wind SE. Drill day.

Rained all night & this morn. until 8:30 o'c. Partly cloudy and colder toward noon. Wind SW. Freezing towards eve.

Colder & cloudy. Northerly wind. Went to Reilley's 8:45. Missed 9:45 Report on that acct. Warm. PM Sunshine.

Sunday:- Partly cloudy SE. wind. Raw.

Cloudy, cold, NW wind changing to SE. Commenced snowing at noon. Snowed all PM and Eve.

Cold and drifting snow. Wind NW. Cars were on time. Orders to go to Expo tonight (Roller Rink). Got home at 11 PM.

Cold. Partly cloudy this morn. Chas. Adrian arrested by Officer Louis Schultz last night. Dis. conduct. Wind NW. Wind changed to east about noon. Commenced snowing. Stopped snowing about 4 PM.

Partly cloudy, SE wind, raw and unpleasant. Commenced rainingf at noon. Showers all PM. Drill day. At drill Lt. O'Connor sent Risseouw & myself to Ansons, 535 Marshall to shot a mad dog. Found a Black Spaniel sick and gave him powder and lead. Returned to Central and from there back to Beat.

Cold. Partly cloudy. NW wind. <rs. Phillip Spindler. 1117-20th Reports that on Feb. 8th a man assaulted he & attempted to rob her on Hadley St. bet, 18th & 19th at 6:30 PM. and on Feb 16th her sister living with her was followed by a young man from Center to the home who spoke to her and chased her. Last night to men were around the house. She can give no description of the parties only that they had long coats. New bldg. Wright and Fond du Lac.

2-19-1898 Cloudy & cold E. wind. Commence snowing at 8:30 AM . Driving wind. Snowed all day.

Sunday:- Still snowing and blowing from NE. Some colder. Had to wade all the way to 27th & Lisbon. The car tracks are plowed out. No church today. Stormed all day and Eve.

Cloudy & colder. Northerly wind. Still blowing. Official reports some 21 in. of snow. Dead horse, 27th bet. Hadley and Locust. Belongs to Wm. Braun, 1204-25th.

Cloudy. Moderate NE wind. Flurries of snow last night & this morn. Bot. pr. Rubber boots at Zillmers yesterday. Wore them today for the first time. Orders at 1:45 PM to go to Highland Blvd. and Meet Reese and help keep teams off the park. Staid there till 4:15. Went back to beat. Flurries of snow all PM. Sick headache all PM and Eve.

Cloudy, snow flurries this morn. SW wind. Warmer.

Fair. Cold. Westerly wind. No drill today. Dead dof, 2019 Center. New bldg. 24 1/2 bet. Center and Hadley.

Fair. Cold. Westerly wind.

Fair. Cold. Warming toward noon Variable wind at 1:45 PM. Got orders to take in Miller's beat for this PM. Went to Sts. and got letter for Wd. Supt. Mrs. Gregersen, 33rd & Fond du Lac complains of her husband staying with another woman and not supporting her and her family. I went to the Sta. and reported the case. Lieut. Kranich called up Frellsons office.
At about 3:30 PM Paul Roebke 1085-29th St. was playing with other boys in a yard at 1087-29th St. when he fell off a fence and broke the small bone in his left leg, just above the ankle. Rich. Abbott carried him to 2807 Fond du Lac Ave. I carried him home. Stolzenfeld called Dr.Roemheld.

Sunday:- Cloudy, warmer. Easterly wind.

Cloudy, warmer. Looks like rain or snow. Regular drill again this week. Variable wind. New bldg. Burleigh bet. 30 & 31st. At 6:45 PM fire broke out in vacant store, 1902-Chambers St. I reported it and waited till Roundsman Schneider and his men came. Left at 7:15. Got home at 8 o'c.

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