William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
March 1898

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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MARCH 1898

Cloudy; snow flurries. Southerly wind turning to easterly. Snow all day, thawing as it fell.
At 9:45 AM I got orders to meet Mr. Frellson at 27th and Fond, du Lac Ave. which I did. Went with him to Gregersens, 33rd and Fond du Lac. He talked to Mrs. G. and also went to see Miss Nicolia Jenssen, Fred Gregersens wife No. 2 who had a baby born last friday Feb. 25th. Met G. alias Johnson, alias Jensen at 27th and Fond du Lac at 11:30 AM. Mr. F. talked to him & he admitted that he was the father of the Jenssen womans children Said he knew it was wrong to stay with her. I asked him if he was married to the J. woman. He said no. I then said: You admit that you are the father of her (the Jenssen woman) children. He said yes.

Snow flurries all night and this morn. Clearing at 8:30 AM. Colder Northerly wind. Thanwing toward noon. Cloudy towards Eve.

Fair and fine this morn. Drill day. At 11:45 as I was going to dinner I was called on Chapmans, 759-33rd St. John Henke had taken Gansels team out for exercise. One of the horses commenced kicking when in front of Chapmans. Henke was kicked out of the Sleigh, nose broken and head cut. Rob't. Salter & others carried him into Chapmans. I called the patrol sleigh and after Dr. Boemer had sewed and bandaged his head we took him home. Got dinner & got back to Beat at 2PM. Went to Drill and to Reilley's. Had my dress coat inspected by J.L. Capt. Got back to beat at 5:15.

Fair and warmer, very fine and pleasant. Rep. caucuses today. Notyh westerly wind. New bldgs at: 22nd bet. Clark and Center, 27th bet. Center and Hadley, 29th bet. Hadley and Locust. Orders to go to the Roller Rink at Expo tonight. Got home 11 PM. Rep. Caucus, 22nd and Locust. 12 to 8 PM. F.A. Miller got warr. for Willie Bentine. Disorderly.

Partly cloudy, southerly wind- PM. fair, warm, thawing quite fast.

Mrs. Bergitte Gregersen. (Fred Gregersen- Niclolia Jensen). Miss Jensen says in answer to question that Fred Greeeegeresen is the father of her two children, also that the the oldest, a girl, was born in this country and that it is nearly five years,old.

Fair & warm. Southerly wind. Orders to go to Rep. convention at W. side Turn hall at 1:45 PM. Staid at 4th and Prarie until 7 o'c. PM. Gender Nom. for Mayor.

Partly cloudt, warm, S.Westerly wind. First registration day.

Partly cloudy, warm. S. Wind. Snow going off fast. Thawed all night. Martin Smith 891-27th St. Rain (light showers) toward eve.

Fair, colder this morn. Frosty. Arrested Freg Gregersen- this on complaint of Gustav Frellson on charge of Adultery. Nicolina Jenssen, witness. Case comes up tomottow. G. has wife and 6 living children living at 33rd & Fond du Lac Ave. Also has 2 children by Nicolina Jenssen. Admits his guilt. Miss J. will be an unwilling witness for Pros. Subpeonaed Mrs. J. this morn. At 11 20 AM I was called to 27th and Locust where James Karn, a teamster, was stuck with a load: of cordwood. He was drunk and was whipping his horses, one of which had fallen down and could not get up. I got three carpenters to help me. (Frank Schwan, Chas. Piehl, and Fritz Ramtow, who were working on 27th St. nearby). We got the horse up on his feet. A boy who was with Karn took the team home and I took Karn to the Box and sent him to the sta. on charge of D&Dis. I went to dinner at 12:35. Inspection to day in connection with Drill.

Rain all morn. NE SW & changing to NW wind. Warm all morn. Stopped raining toward noon. Colder PM Cloudy.
Went to court this morn. Karns pleaded guilty. Rec'd sentence Sus. Fred Gregersen was bound over to criminal court on charge of Adultery. G. Frellson, Comp. Nicolina Jenssen his "lovey dovey" testified against him. Got orders to pay Mrs. Gregersen all money due her..

Cloudy & chilly, Westerly windchanging to NE. Tax bill for J.J. Coppicus, 1444-21st St tuned in marked Moved to Northern Michigan or in the Vicinity of Ellis Junction, P.O. address not known. Tax bills paid: And. Hoffherr, 620 4th St., 6th ward. Now 1007=24 1/2 st. 76 cts.; Geo Schumacher, 731-26th, 19th ward. Now 1060-22nd. $2.15. Commenced snowing at 6:30 PM.

Sunday:- Fair, fresh westerly wimd. Flutty of snow at 9 AM 4 inches of snow fell last night.

Fair, moderate Temp. Partly Cloudy toward noon. EAst wind. John Folger, 2608 Galena works for Seitzer. Ada's birthday, 10 yrs. old. Minnie and Ada went to Wauwatosa to spend the PM.

Cloudy, commenced raining at 5:30 AM with lightning and thunder. Stopped heavy at 8 AM. Tax bill - Hugo Hein, 1144-21st St, 20 wd., $1.35.
At 1:45 PM. went to the Sta. Got warrant for Carl Bast, 1022--25th St. for selling impure milk. Took him on car to Sta. Went to Schiltz Hotel to sub. N.J. Field for Pros. Dr. H.P. Chute, Marinette, Wis. also on subpeona. Field said he would telegraph him and in case ehe could not get here in time, would have the case continued. Field was not at the hotel. Found him at 436 Milwaukee St. Missed 2:45 and 3:45 reports.

Fai, moderate westerly wind. Court yhis morn. with Carl Bast. Case continued till Mar. 22nd.

Fair early, cloudy towards noon. Colder, NW wind changing to E. St. Patrick's Day "in the morning". Broke spring in my revolver last night. Went to C. Wuerdernman, 2101 North Ave. and got a new one put in. Cost 50 Cts. Drill Day:- Went to Pleyte's, 578-14th for supper.

Commenced raining at 6:30 AM. Wind NE, colder. Rained nearly all day. I go to expo tonight. Stolzenfeld goes tomorrow. We changed so I could go to choir meeting tomorrow night.

Rained nearly all night and this morn. N.Easterly wind changing to westerly. Clearing toward noon.

Sunday:- Spring begins. Fair. White frost last night. Warmer, very pleassant this morn. New bldgs.: 21st bet Center and Hadley. and 22nd bet. Center and Hadley.

Rain last night. Foggy this morn. Partly cleaaring up at ( AM. Warmer PM. SE Wind. Theo. Fritsche, 1085- 5th., 13th wd. $1.02.

Rain last night. Damp, warm this morn. Rain towards noon., variable wind. Henke brought me a warr. for Gansel last night. Arrested Adolph Gansel on warr. sworen out by Supt. Whitehead. Charge- cruelty to animals. Has been beating his black horse every day for the last two weks. Reported the matter to Whitehead yesterday. Hence complaint & warrarnt. Witnesses: Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Sizer, Mrs.Saeman,Mrs. Bachmeyer and Mr. Sprowles. Entered plea of guilty and was roundly scored by Judge and fined $10.00 and costs. Total 18.48. I loaned him $1.48 to help pay his fine on his promise to return it in the evening.
Case against - Carl Bast cow from the 14th (Milk case) N.J. Field, Comp. Bast was fined $50.00 and costs. Total $57.35.

Rain yesterday PM & colder. Freezing toward Eve. Cold and fair this morn. Warming up toward noon. Miller's beat divided up on Hadley. Ressel gets the South Half. J.P. Wolter, 2513 Center, 20th Wd. Westerly wind. Cold, freezing again tonight. New bldg, 27th near Keefe St.

Fair and cold. Westerly wind. Went to court this morn. as witness vs. Herman Schwane, 1083-20th St. Charged with A&B on his wife, Wilhelmina Schwane. Hammer had charge of case. Found guilty. Sentenced to 30 days H of C Got back to beat at 9:45 AM. Jacob Scheck, 587-1st Ave. Drill day: 15 min. late at 4:45 on acct of going to Station after drill. Warmer, fair. Howard Tice, 891-27th, 19th wd. $2.74.

Fair, warming, southerly wind. Didn"t go to the Sta. this morn. Called up from 28th & North and found that Henry Studenert, 1273-22 St. was arrested there. Went to 1277-22nd and supeonaed Thomas Bayer & Rose Winter. Then to the Station. Officer Shedler arrested Studenert at 6 AM on charge of stealing 10 chickens from Mrs. Bayer. Dalton and Bennett for Pros. Found Guilty. Fined $5.00 and costs. $10.24.
Otto Levin, 950-24th St. found a suit of clothes and an overcoat 1/2 mile north of city limits on Hopkins and RR tracks. I told him to report the matter to the W. Side Sta., which he did.

Cloudy, southwesterly wind, warm. Sprinkled this Morn. Signed payroll this morn.
Albert Lachow, 844-19th St and another man were intoxciated this PM as Stolzenfeld and I stood near Herman Shedler's Place, Wright and Fond du Lac. They came out of the saloon we were looking over. Some Papers Socker interfered. I told him to mind his own business as ours was a private affair. He kept on and I gave hime a push and he fell over, then got up and skedadeld.

Sunday:- Rain last night. Cloudy, foggy and damp this morn. Easterly wind and warmer. continued raining at 1 PM. Rained all PM & eve. Clearing at 10 PM & turning colder. SW wind becoming westerly. Lecture on Andersonville Prison by Ralph A. Bates who was a prisoner there. & who was known as "Billy"

Cloudy, cold westerly wind, freezing. Cold all day. Clearing PM.

Fair & cold. Froze hard last night. Second registration today and tomorrow. Wm. Wolf, 2644 Fond du Lac, 20th Ward. Tax $3.83.

Fair & cold this morn. NW wind. Went to Central & settled up Taxes this morn. A total of $12.46.
Shedler Rept'd attempt to wreck train at Burleigh St. last night- causing quite a commotion,at the Stations. Casey and McKevitt are on the lookout. Lt. Kranich & Chief Casey of the St. Paul RR went out to the place this PM. The attempt to derail the train was made by laying fish plates on the rail. Shedler discovered it and notified the Dept. I think the whole affair is Bosh. Shedler working for notoriety on getting up an excuse for some purpose or other.

Partly cloudy, Heavy frost. N to NE wind. Drill day. Last lesson in the book. Finished 3:15. "Fish Plates" Shedler was not at drill to-day. Wind changed to the east. Very chilly and fair towards Eve.

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