William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
April 1898

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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APRIL 1898

April Fools Day:-Cloudy and snow this morn. SE wind. Parlty clearing at 8:30. Checks this morn. F. Hallisch applies for Saloon License at 2429 Center St. New bldg, 25th & Keefe Ave.

Fair, frosty warming up toward 9 0'c. Northerly wind. Letters for Guenther and Dettman. Chilly NE wind this PM.

Sunday:- Fair. Easterly wind. Cilly. Gregersen sentenced to 60 days H of C on charge of Adultry.

Fair and cold northerly wind. Very chilly. Orders to report to the station at 6:30 PM to get orders for the Elections. Snow flurries PM and cold NE wind.

Election Day:- Cloudy and cool NE wind all morning. PM fair, warmer. Easterly wind. Stationed at 29th St & Galena at the 5th precinct. 520 votes. Got through counting at 10:30 PM. Schmidt & Steigerwald, Rep. & Dem. elected aldermen. Rose- Mayor by 8000 majority..

Fair slightly warmer. NW wind. New bldg, Fond du Lac and 29th. New bldg, 24th and Clark. 1149-21st St. Dead child reported to Health Officer Kiehl. Walter and Ada went to country.

Drill day:- Fair, slightly warmer. N. Easterly wind.

Fair, warmer, southwesterly wind. Letter from Mil. E. RR & Lt. Co., claim dept. in regard to accident that ocurred on Walnut St. on Election night. John Mansion was drunk and fell off a car bet. 23 & 24th on Walnut St. Stolzenfeld and I was on the car Minnies birthday, 37 yrs. old.

Cloudy with light rain. Rained last night. Westerly wind this morn. Cool, warmer
Wind changed to N & NE, decreasing. New bldg., 25th & Keefe Ave.

Easter Sunday:- Cloudy, northerly wind, cool. Dettman went to the Expo in my place last night.

Fair & pleasant. Easterly wiind. Our wedding anniversary. Married 15 yrs. Orders to go to St. Michael's School Hall to concert this Eve. Got home 10 min. before 12 o'c.

Fair, warmer, southerly wind. Commenced taking up the side walks today. Clouding up toward Eve.

Cloudy and Cool. NE wind. Light shower last night. Got up at 5o'c, transplanted some rose bushes. Growing colder toward noon. Wind increasing. Blew a gale all PM.

Fair and cold. North East wind. Chas. Abresch Carriage and Wagon Works burned last night. Drill day:- Walter and Ada came home from the country last night.t.

Fair & warmer. N. wind changing SE. Quite warm PM.

Rather cloudy, April showers. Warm. SW wind. Minnie staid with a sick girl at Greilers last night.- Got home at 2 AM. Very warm all PM.

Sunday:- Partly cloudy, NE wind. Thunder showers went south at 7:30 AM. F.F. Hallisch, 2029 Center has paid saloon license.

Cloudy. Cold rain last night & this forenoon. Drew vacations this morning.. I got July 15th to 25th. NE wind & Rain this PM.

Cloudy & rain all night & this morn. NE wind. PM stopped raining at 11 AM. wind changed to NW and then turned cold. Passenger trains form the North were covered with snow in AM. War resolution passed in Congress. .

Bro. J.L.'s Birthday, 38 yrs. old. Partly cloudy, NW wind. Cold. Inclined to be showery. Mayor Rose and the Dem-oh-oh-cratic Council & city officers were given possession of the City Hall yesterday at 4 PM.

Fair & warmer today, westerly wind. Drill day. Shower at 4:30 PM. Southerly wind. Dark & cloudy. News comes that Spain refuses to recognize the Ultimatum of Pres. McKinley and gave Miniter his Passport. Capt. Sampsons fleet on way to Havana. Newspaper report.

Rain all night. Cloudy, rain this morn. Southerly wind. Rain all forenoon. Cloudy & cooler. PM. Ward Supt. address 1207-27th.

Partly cloudy. Cooler. Northerly wind. Emil Brandt, 1083-24th arrested at the Central. Notified his parents. 17 yrs. old. Not very bright.

Sunday:- Cloudy, quite cool. NE wind. Clearing PM. Cont. cool. At 5:45 PM I found Chas. Reibe lying on the side walk at 23rd & Burleigh. I called Mike Mueller, 1268-23rd and we carried him on the grass out of the wind. He soon commenced to rave and I got the Patrol Wagon as soon as I could and took him home to 878-26th St. His wife was not home. We sent for her and got a key from the neighbors and unlocked the house. I staid with him until his wife came. She tied his hands & feet and then I went home.

Fair & warmer. SE wind. Herm. Marquardt sent to W. Side Sta. for duty this morn. Got beat east of mine. S 1/2 Miller's beat. PM Wind NE, cool.

Fair, continued cool. NE wind. Light shower last night. Signed payroll this morn.
3:15 PM. Met Officer Wussow who was investigating complaint of one Ruehs who complains to have been injured on a crossing at 22nd & Hadley on Apr. 10th '98 by being thrown from his bicycle on acct of a loose plank in crossing. Gust Syring, 1102-22nd says he saw the man and he was drunk. Hugo Brueckner was also a witness but was not at home. Supt. Winkelmann says the west crossing of 22nd and Hadley was relaid Mar. 22nd & the east crossing on Mar. 23rd.

Fair & warmer. SW wind. Wm Kreuger came this morn at 6:15 to lay drain bet. our house and sewer main. New bldg, 27th near Keefe Ave., New bldg., 956-23rd, rear.

Cloudy and showers, South East wind changing to West.. Drill day:- Crowds at the Armory. Every train brings soldiers to Camp Harvey, State Fair Park. Wisconsin is to furnish 3 regiments of 1200 men each. Letter for Wd. Supt. after drill.

Fair, warmer. Westerly wind changing to SE toward noon. Hofer arrested Geo. Rink, Jr. and Wm. Lambrecht last night for fighting on the street. Met Sergt. Schneider at 20th & Wright. at 10:30. Orders at 1:45PM to be at Base Ball Park at 3:00 PM. First game of season. Milw. vs. Columbus. 8 to 7 in favor of Columbus. Got back to beat- 5:45.

Partly cloudy, looks like rain. SE wind. Growing colder. City of Paris, safe in Port. Went to Sta. 1:45 PM. Got letter for Wd. Supt. and my check. Commenced raining about noon and rained all PM. Got orders to go to Base Ball but there was no game.

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