William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
June 1898

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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JUNE 1898

Showers, warmer, SW wind. Stationed at Circus, Cold Spring Park. Orders to look up the route and time for Parade. Which I did. Route:- Vliet, Winnebago, Chestnut, 3rd, cross State St. Bridge to E. Water to Wis., cross to Grand Ave. to 9th, to State, west to 27th. Time 10:30 AM. At circus all day. Got home at 10:45 PM.

Fair, warm Westerly changing to Easterly wind. John Winle;man kicked by horse at the W. side Sta. yesterday morn. Got my check this morn. Cashed mine at W.G. Bucks's, 2203 Fond du Lac. Missed 2:45 report on acct of going to Pautkes to pay bill. Pd. Theo Zillmer $10.65 in full of all accts. Pd. relief Assn dues and $1,00 to Soldiers and Sailors Relief.

Fair, warm southerly wind. Concert at Kingsley M.E. Church last night. Received 34th and Brown complaint of Walter abusing his boy. Investigated the affair and find that the boys play rather rough. I warned Walter not to play with those boys. PM Warm SE wind.

Fair, warm SE wind. Warm all night. New bldg. 24th near Hadley. Hot all day.

Sunday:- Fair and warm. S westerly wind. Looks like rain, sultry.

Fair, warm. Westerly wind. Stolzenfeld returned from vacation this morn. Wilde & Bermel go out. Miller got Warr. for Pete Mueller & Frank Bauerrr. Moritz-Grosscky comp. Chge. A&B. Election of Relief Assn Officers.

Flag Day:- Fair and cool. NE wind. Dry, need rain. Miller had to go and notify witnesses that there is no court today. Came to late, witnesses had already gone to court. Cold NE wind. PM air damp. Letter for Ald. Winkel.

Partly cloudy & warmer this morn. Southerly wind, light. Shower last night. Carl Seitzer commenced excavating for Add. to school, 22nd & Center. Warm PM. SE wind.

Cloudy, warm, sultry, SW wind. Fire at Volkman's, 2029 Center St. at 4 AM. $500.00 damage to store and shed. $200 on stock and personal property. Mrs. Inden house, $300. At 11:30 AM wind changed to NE. Cold and cloudy.

Cloudy and cold, NE wind, damp. Light rain bet. 7&8 AM. Wind changed to E. warmer. Thunder shower at 4 PM. Rain again in the Eve.

Partly cloudy and warm this morn. Westerly wind. Orders to take in Dopke's beat this today. D. home sick.

Sunday:- Cloudy and warm. SE wind. Showers all morning. Showers again PM. Showers again PM. Chilrens Day at Kingsley Church, Blouses to-day.

Cloudy and warmer this morn. SE wind. Asked to go to Reilleys to get coat and vest made. Got orders to go on the wagon till noon. Lieut. came to wagon house and ordered me to 16th and Cherry to stay until Jahnke came back from court. Jahnke has to watch Pabst Bldg. Non-union workmen working there. Dopke returned this morn. Jannke returned at 11:30. I went to dinner. Then went to the station for orders. Orders to go to the beat. Went to Reilleys, got my measurements taken fore blouse and vest. Got back to beat at 1:35 PM.

Fair and warmer. NW wind. Cooler towards noon. Dead cat, 1142-21st.

Fair, cool, NE wind. Got saloon books this morn. Dead dog, 3036 Locust.

Cloudy, south wind. Looks like rain. Turned in my saloon book this morn. Krueger, 836- 24th. Ott lives opp. Scheibe.

Partly cloudy and warmer. Southerly wind. 8th anniversary of my connection with the Police Dept. Wille Betine arrested by Officer Hofer on charge of Arson.

Fair, warm, westerly wind. Milwaukee Soldiers Relief Assn. order for Mrs. Chas. E. Jeske, 1242-21st St, daughter of J.J. Pape. Order for $5.00 per week for 2 weeks. Carl Bast 2324 Fond du Lac had umbrella stolen at Union Cemetary. Snake head handle metal.

Sunday:- Camp Meeting at Menomonee Falls. Fair & pleasant. Cool NE wind. Quiet all day..

Fair, warmer. NW wind. Called to station at 9:45. Arriving there I met Mrs. Peter Gehl (Bruening) 388-Barclay St. Orders from Lt. Kranich to go with her and get her dog. Went to 1712 North Ave, up stairs & saw Erich Weck, 925 Bismark St. He had the dog and gave it up willingly. Mrs. Gehl promised him a pup from the next litter & $1.00 for doctor cost. Showers at noon and at 1 PM. Dear dog, 2644 Fond du Lac.

Fair & Pleasant. Coll NE wind. Rain last Eve. Makes air fresh. Got 10 tickets to sell for the War Concert at the Expo during carnival Week. Went to Reilleys & tried on my blouse this noon. Got warr, for Carl Schroeder, 35th & Burleigh. Couldn"t find him. Ret. warr. to Station.

Fair, cool SE wind. Went to West Park last Eve. New bldgs; 34th & Concordia: bet Hadley & Locust on 22.; bet. Clark & Center on 22nd. Dead dog in a bag, SW cor. 22nd & Clark

Fair, warmer. westerly wind. Thunder showers at noon. Hot SW wind.

Fair. Hot SW wind. Riot call last nightat 10 o'c. Gov. Scofiled ordered the Militai to Oshkosh Strike. These in the lumber mills. Hot. hotter, hotest. 88 in the shade at 1:30. High SW wind.

Fair, pleasant. Cool W wind. Orders at 8:45 to go to 20th wd. school picnic with Miller at Shooting Park. Staid there till 8 PM. Went to 1914 Vliet St. ordered a bicycle to be done by July 4th. $35.00. Got home at 10 PM.

Sunday:- Partly cloudy. Cool west wind. Sprinkel at 10:40 AM.

Fair & pleasant. Westerly wind. Special on patrol wagon this morn.

Fair & cool. Westerly wind. Went to breakfast at 6 AM. Had a hard night. 7 cals. One trip to the county jail, insane woman. Called to 7th and Chambers. Found man dead on side walk. 6 prisoners for court. PM warmer.
Fair. Warm westerly wind. Three Runs last night. August Asmanski, 6 yrs. old, son of Jos. Asmanski drowned while in a boat with two other boys, Barney Konjwsky, 20 Lee St., Frank Kapinsky, Bremen St. Notified Wm. Lutzke, 887 Fratney. At 9:45 I was sent out with the grappling hooks to drag the river the vicinity of Lee St. J.P. Buttke, a swimmer,, got the body by diving for it. Off tonight.

Fair, Very warm, Hot toward noon. Two prisoners for court. Got our checks today. Run to Holton and Harmon, 2:45 PM. Burglar 697 Holton.

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