William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
September 1898

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Fair & Hot. Southerly wind. Took Pagenkopfs check to him this morn.

Fair. Hot. Southerly wind. Libbie came last night on her way home. Leaves for Chicago this Eve. Check for Mrs. Jeske, 1242-21st. Sergt Scneider on vacation. PM Continued Hot. SW wind.

Fair Hot. SW wind. My birthday. 40 yrs. old. F.F. Hallisch moved out of 2429 Center, Sept. 1st.

Sunday:- Fair & some cooler. Southerly wind. PM. partly cloudy & cooler. SW wind.

Fair & warm. Westerly wind. at noon.

Fair, cool. NW wind. Shower last night about 2 AM.

Fair & very cool. NW wind Got cyclometer and put it on my wheel last night. Went to Secy's office and paid $50.00 on our mortgage. The first pay't on our principal. Aug. Equitz applies for saloon license at 1101-22nd St. Opened Sept. 5th. New bldg on 21st bet. Clark and Center. Dead dog, 2416 Wright St.

Fair & cool. Northerly wind. F.A. Miller reported for work this morn.

Cloudy & rain all forenoon. NE wind. Went to 4th & Grand Ave. this morn. Staid there until 12 o'c noon. 2nd Reg. Wis. Vol's came from Porto Rico.

Partly cloudy & cool. Northerly wind. Went to supper last night at 6 PM. Reported to Lt. J.K. at 4th & Sycamore 7:30. was staioned at 4th & Grand Ave. till 121:06 AM waiting for the 1st Reg. to come from Jacksonville. Went to St. P. Depot this morn. Met Capt. J.L. & got orders to go to Beat. Orders to be at Expo at 7 PM. Opening Night.

Sunday:- Fair & cold. N. wind. Frost. Started fire in furnace last night. Got home from Expo at 11:45 PM. Warmer PM.

Fair & warmer. SE wind. Sergt. S. ret. from Vac. Bock & Arnold at Expo.

Rain commencing at 6:45 AM. Rained all forenoon. Miller on Vac. I cover his beat. Chas. Jeske, 1242-21st, Pvt. Co. E., 1 st Wis. Vols. says his family will not need any more aid. Mrs. Ruenpfeld, Jones Island, horse was stolen from 8th and Center.

Partly cloudy, cool. Southerly wind.

Fair, cool. SW wind. Went to the St. Paul Depot at 7:30 last night. 4th Regt. passed through on their way to Alabama. Got home 11:45.

Fair & warm. Westerly wind changing to SE PM. Checks for Mrs. Jeske, 1242-21st and Frieda Schmidt, 1516 ..... Warrant for Wm . Zeally, 1173-11th PM. Wn. Zeally gave himself up and deposited his bail at the Sta. Office Bleck comp. Charge reisting an Officer. Dead dog, 945-9th. Orders per tel. to tell Jesse Price that they could not run tonight. Order came at 4:45 PM & I told him at 5:20 PM.

Fair & warm. No wind. PM Wind SE. Orders to be at Schlitz PArk at 7:10 PM.

Sunday;- Fair & coller. Westerly wind. Got home from Sclitz Park at 11:40 PM.

Partly cloudy & cool. Northerly wind. State Fair begins today.

Fair & pleasant. SE wind. Eddie Maechtle came last night and left at 6:15 AM today. Dead dog, 1093-23rd.

Fair & warm. Southerly wind. Stolzenfeld- State Fair.

Rain. SE wind. Commenced raining at 5:45 AM. Rain all forenoon. Geo. & Willie & Mr. Hentze came down this morn, Go back this Eve. My turn to go to the State Fair. I told the operator to tell West Side Sta. I wouldn't go acct of rain. Cleared up for a while. Commenced raining at 3:30.

Fair and Pleasant, Northerly wind. Miller ret. from vac.

Fair & pleasant. Northerly wind. Heavy shower with thunder and lightning last night.-after mid-night. New bldg on 26th bet. Center & Hadley. New bldg. on 28th bet. Chambers and Burleigh.

Sunday:-Fair, warm, variable wind. Fog horn blowing all morning.

Fair & warm. Westerly wind. Special duty on patrol wagon. Winkelman sick. Off this PM.

Fair & pleasant. Variable wind. One run last night.-5th & Prairie. One run this PM-23rd & Wells. Violation of bicycle ord.

Fair, warm, SE wind. One run last night- 2:35 AM., 19th & Vliet. Dis. Henry Schroeder. Run to 5th & Vliet at 3 PM. Drunk for Risseouw. Off tonight.

Fair & Warm. Very sultry. Winkelman returned this morn. I packed my boots and Jacket and took them home. Sprowls went to Conf. at Waupuin this morn. at 7:45. Election Appts. PM.

Fair, cooler, westerly wind. Dead dog, 2628 Fond du Lac. Check for Mrs. Jeske, 1242-21. Wedding at 1163-23, Sat. Eve.

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