William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
October 1898

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Cloudy and damp. SE wind. Foggy. Stolzenfeld arrested Geo. Schwartz Sr. last ight on charge of threatening to kill his wife. Spenngler had warrant & conducts case. $200 bond. Went to Expo last night with the children. Marquart returned from River Beat this morn. Showers all forenoon. Checks at 1:45 pm. Went to Secy's office and made $150.00 pay't. 15 min. late at 2:45 PM on that acct. Rain all Eve.

Partly cloudy, warm, southerly wind. Sunday:- High wind.

Cloudy, sultry. light showers, southerly chanbging to NW wind. Aliven Krimpfin applies for saloon license at 2429 Center St. Opens to-day. New bldg., Hopkins and 23rd. 7 new bldgs, Chambers & 24th.

Cloudy & cool. Wind SE. Clearing toward Eve.

Fair, very cool this morn., northerly wind. Sprowls came home last night on 7:11 train. Newspaper report that Arnold Mantai pleaded guilty in Judge Wallbers court and was sentenced to 2 yrs. House of Correction. Beginning his term yesterday PM. Warr. for And. Berliner, 944-23rd A&B, comp. Chas J. Moeller.

Cloudy & cold this morn. North East wind. And. Berliner came to the sta. & gave himself up. I went down on my wheel. Went out and subpoenaed witnesses. Berliner fined $5.00 and costs-$10.24. Went to dinner. Continued cold to-day. Furnace fire all say. Showers toward Eve.

Rain all night. Cloudy and damp this morn. NW wind. Schramkis barn burned last night, 1125--21st St. Cloudy and rain all AM. Clearing and cold toward Eve. Night soil bet. 20&21 north of Burleigh.

Fair & pleasant, cool northerly wind. Dress coats this morn.

Sunday:- Fair & pleasant. W. wind. Warmer. Punctured back tire. Max fixed it.

Fair, cool, S. wind, warm. Shower at 2:23 PM.

Fail, cool, high westerly wind. Growing colder. Reported Volkmann's slot machine this morn. Faulkner came with Potatoes this morn.

Fair & cold with killing frost. Warmer taward noon. Registration yesterday and today. Last night Pagenkopf arrested Burt Passing, counterfeit money for New pr. shoes from Zillmmans. Rain at 3 PM & all PM.

Rain before daylight. Cloudy & cold AM. NW wind. Rain 2:30 PM.

Rain all night. Cold & cloudy this morn. NW wind growing colder. Wore woolen jacket and gloves, first time this seaon.

Fair. Heavy frost this morn. Growing warmer with indications of Rain. Orders to go to Expo at 7:30 PM. Went to supper at 5:45 & to Expo at 7:30. Got home 11 PM..

Sunday:- Fair & cool. SE wind. Light shower this forenoon, clearing toward noon. E. wind.

Fair, cool. E. Wind. Looks like more rain. Regular drill commences today. Commenced raining at noon. Rained hard all PM & Eve.

10-18-1898 Fair and cool this morn. Southerly wind. Add. to bldg, 1177-23rd. Dead dog, 1140-18th. Rain 10:45 to 11:30 AM. Notified F.H. Volkman to take his card game machine out and stop playing it. Holz was there and worked a case on him this PM. Showery.

Cloudy & growing colder. New Bldg, 27th & Hadley. Mey Hannapin at 2:20, 27th & Fond du Lac. Minnie cleaned house today. Sprowls moved yesterday.

Rain. SE wind. Drill day. Orders got General Inspection Sunday next.

Cloudy and cooler. NW wind. Minnies mother celebrates her 80th birthday.

Cloudy & colder. NW wind.

Sunday:- Fair, cool, westerly wind. General inspection at Central at 2 PM. Went to Central. Got our places to Parade. My whole no. 15. No. 3 in first 4 of 2nd Platoon, rear rank.

Fair, warmer, southerly wind.

Rain, colder, Northerly wind. Snow at 4 PM. High wind.

Cloudy. Cold north wind. 1/2 " snow and freezing. Orders to wear caps tomorrow. Went to Central at 1 o'c for inspection and parade. Got back to Beat at 4:45. At noon Thos. Donahue entered the house of Herm. Krueger, 996-24th St. vis the basement door & stole a pair of socks belonging to Krueger. He was chased by school children & captured In Muehleisen's Hayloft at 1154-21st St. by Ald. Winkel and taken to 17th & Chambers where the wagon was called by Rensky. After inspection I was informed of the affair bu McK. and started out to investigate. Got Mrs. Krueger to go to the sta. to indentify the socks found on Donahue. Person the drawers could not be found.

Fair & warmer. Caps. Forgot mine & had to go back and get it. Went down on my wheel. Went to Dist. Attys office with Mrs. K., swore out warr. for Donahue for burglary. Case called. D. bound over in $300.00 bond. Took him to inspection office and then to Jail. Then got orders to bring him back, turned him over to Lieut O'Connors. Donahue's son was arrested yesterday noon at Volkmanns by Pagenkopf. Turned over to Boerman on acct of Inspection.

Fair, warmer, southerly wind. 6th anniversary of 3rd ward fire. PM. Fair, warm, pleasant.

Fair. Continued warm southerly wind. Commenced raining at 3:45 PM. Wind, west.

Sunday:- Rain NW wind. Fair but cloudy PM. Colder.

Cloudy & some colder, southerly wind. No drill till Nov. 10th. Warm PM. New bldg., 25th & Center.

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