William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
November 1898

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Fair, warmer, southerly wind. Checks this morn. Went to 23rd & Grand Ave. Got $450.00 of Kate Laubenstein. Took $50.00 of Helen. Went to Secy office. Paid $28.75 int. & $500 on acct. Second registration.

Fair, pleasant, westerly wind. Cool. New building., 24th & Auer Ave. 2 new bldgs. 28th bet. Chambers & Burleigh.

Fair, warmer, southerly wind. Shower at 2:30 PM with thunder.

Fair, warm, southerly wind. Ihlenfeld thought he would take a look into the fire box but could not get his key out. Felix went over and released it for him. High SW wind, Very warm.

Partly cloudy, showery, SW ind. Warm. PM Colder. W. wind. Hail at noon. 25 or 30 dead geese and ducks on Burleigh near 24th St.

Sunday:- Fair, cold, westerly wind blowing hard. Arrested Albert Hiller at Ed. Welters for stealing a horse blanket at August Schmidts . He in company with Adam Temes were out on a spree & having only one blanket went into Schmidts barn and got a blanket. Booked him for 2 D's. I told Schmidt to be in court. Called wagon to North & 21st at 9:30 AM. I was notified of the affair by Pointer living out on Fond du Lac Rd.

Fair, cold SE wind. Went to court with Hiller. H. did not appear & was fined $10.00 & costs - $11.58.

Election day: Fair & fine in early morn. Wind changing to NE. Clouding and colder toward noon. Stationed at 29th & Galena as usual. Arnold Hensler, of booth.

Cloudy, Cold. NW wind. Got home at 11:30 PM from election. State & County to Rep. with exceotion of Sherriff Durner defeats Winkenwerder.

Rain & snow. NE wind. Drill Day. Colder toward evening. Carl Henn, 52 yrs, 1129-21st committed suicide by shooting himself in the breast. Found in the barn loft by myself & Aug. Lindai from the Germainia office. Herm. did not go after his papers & Emma found several small notes he had written on the table & after Telephoning to the Germainia office & found he had not been there, she called me. Went to the West Side Sta. & reported the case & then home.

Fair & pleasant. Heavy frost. Warmer toward noon. W. wind. Went to the Coroners office at 1:15 PM with Emma Henn to give evidence in the case of Henns suicide. 6:45 PM. Arrested Ernst Mai at 27th & Fon du Lac on charge of being drunk.

Fair. Cold. Froze hard. NW wind. 2:20 PM Fire broke out in no. 1174-22nd. House owned & occupied by John Bergman. Caused by gasoline stove exploding. $200 damage. Present Miller & myself.

Sunday:- Partly cloudy. Froze hard. Southerly wind. Henn buried this PM. Shas. Felsch charged with A&B by Mrs. Welter gave himself up at the Sta. & I returned the warr. this morn. Subp. witnesses, Kate Welter, R. Bast, Chas. Mischke.

Fair, partly cloudy. W Wind. Colder toward noon. Went to court with Felsch. Judge Ries found him guilty. $5.00 & costs-$10.24. Got back to Sta. at 12:15 PM.

Fair & cooler. W. wind.

Fair, clear. Heavy white frost. SW wind, warmer toward noon. New bldgs, 28th bet. Chambers & Burleigh. New bldgs, 29th bet. Chambers & Burleigh.

Fair & pleasant. SW wind. Gor up with Walter at 5 AM to see if we could see any meteors in the sky. Sky was clear, but we saw only two. Lieut. JK on Vacation. Drill day.

Cloudy & damp. Southerly wind. Rain last night. Showers this foenoon. Colder PM.

Fair & clearing, colder, Wind west. Rain last night. Hold up on 29th & Brown at 6:15 PM yesterday. Otto Reuter reported for duty this morn. after being sick over a year. (Schwein) Albert Schmidt, 933-17th arrested again. At his old tricks.

Sunday:- Fair. High SW wind. Tore my new dress coat at the Carwheel Foundry this PM. John Duehl, 24th & Locust fixed it for me. Eastmans Developing Powders 12 for 50 Cts.

Fair & warmer. SE wind.Walter went to Wolfenders and too picture of Box. Dead dog, 1153-20th. Clouding up and light rain after noon.

Cloudy & cold. SW wind, freezing, flurries of snow. Colder PM. Wind NW. Chimney fire at 1195 - 20th. House owned by Carl Runke. No damage. Bo't puncture proof tire of Wilters for my hind wheel.

Clear & cold. 10 degrees below zero. W. wind. Miller goes to Expo in my place tonight & I go in his place tomorrow night. Dead goat, 1196-22nd.

Thanksgiving:- Clear and cold. NW wind. Warming up toward noon. Football game at B.Ball park at 10 AM. Orders to be there. Extra 1/2 hr. for dinner today. Expo tonight. Foot Ball at 2:30. Cold wind. Back to beat at 4:45. Expo at 8:00 Got home at 11:30 PM. Large crowd, at least 2500 People there.

Fair & cold. SW wind. Clouding up at 8 AM. Flurries pf snpw. PM. Went to sta, 1:45 PM. Got slip to investigate Pritz family & report to Mayors Office. Albert Berghan, 1105-16th St. was in the war, 3rd. Regulars came home sick. Died yesterday. Pritz, stepfather, went to Mayors Office to get aid. I was sent to investigate & report at Mayors Office, which I did. I found they were in poor circumstances and reported do to the Mayors Secretary. Missed 2:45 report on that acct. Snowing.

Fair & Cold. Wind NW. Zero. Henry M. came yesterday PM with horse and wagon. Drill day for Thurs. Squad. Lieut. JK returned from Vac.

Sunday:- Clear, frosty & cold. SW wind warming up toward noon.

Partly cloudy warmer. SW wind. Hoppe cleaned our privy vault last night. Made a good job of it. H.J.M. goes home. Snowing all PM. Dead dog, 1101-23rd. 15 min. late at 9:45 AM on acct of neighborhood trouble on 21st, 1177. Snowed all PM.

Fair, warmer, S.W. wind. Thawing at noon. PM cooler. New bldg. 34th & Burleigh. Frank Schlaugert, 11..-24th has alley full of ground. Have been to see hime three times. cloudn't find him home.

Fair cold, NW wind, frosty. Met Sergt. 3:30, 27th & Fond du Lac. Dangerous walk, 1134-21st St.

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