William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
November 1899

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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40 deg. Northerly wind. cloudy. Went to Secy's office from 8:45 to 9:45 AM. Took down papers & got money. Pd. INT. on mortgage- $13.75. 6 PM. Called to 904 - 21st. Found Ernst Mai dead drunk on side walk. Took him to 21st & North Ave. Booked him for drunk. Snow flurries all PM.

.Colder. Snow, about 1/2 in. fell. Got excused from going to sta. Went to North
Ave. Sta. & sent $400.00 to Kate Liebenstein, Adell, Wis. Went from there to beat. Went to court with Mai. Got off with costs- $1.58. Got back to beat at 10:45
Wore woolen jacket first time this PM. Lieut. JK supposed to be on vacation.

34 deg. NE wind. Partly cloudy. Car. Raw wind. New bldg., 23rd & Keefe Ave. Remodel at 24th & Hopkins.

34 deg. W. wind. Fair. Heavy frost. Orders at 10:45 to go to foot Ball game at 2:30 PM. Served election appt. of John V. Muench 2930 Fond du Lac Ave. on J. Schroff because M. is out of town. Foot Ball game at 2:30. MMc vs. Sacred Heart Coll. of Watertown. Medics won 12 to 6. Johnnie & Frankie came on there wheels this PM.

28 deg. W. Wind. Fair. Heavy frost. Warm and pleasant at noon.

28 deg. W. wind. Fair. Heavy white frost. Went to Dist. Atty. with Mrs. Dreizehauer to get complaint for Butcher Olk, 21st & Locust for stealing chickens. Dist Atty said no- I is only a disput of ownership of property. Sent her to Justice Zuehner.

32 deg. SW wind. Fair. White frost. Warmer this forenoon. PM clouding up, looks like rain. Reception to A.R. Grant at Kingsley tonight. New bldg., Center bet. 22 & 23.

28 deg. Southerly wind. Fair. Heavy Frost.

32 deg. Southerly wind. Fair. Light frost. 4 PM- arrested Chas. Heller at 25th & Center. Helplessly drunk. Stolzenfeld called the wagon. I staid with Heller till the wagon came. S. & I picked him up & carried him to the wagon.

34 deg. E. wind. Fair. Partly cloudy, looks like rain. Court this AM with Heller. Wm. Papke bailed him out at 2 this AM. Heller failed to appear & was fined $10.00- Total 11.58. Commence raining at 10:30 AM. Colder. E. wind. Left wheel home PM. J. Schmidt came up this eve. & helped me fix boiler stack.

32 deg. Northerly wind. Cloudy. Cold Wind. Blind open this PM.

26 deg. S. wind. Fair. Cold. Lieut. JK showed up at the Sta. this morn. after his Vac.

32 deg. SE wind. Fair. Chilly. PM looks like rain. 2:45 PM Met Lieut JK with R. D. Whitehead inquiring about Schwane's boys, 1083, 20th St. Commenced raining at 6 PM. Walked home.

36 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Car. Oscar Scholz arrested by J. Gaucke Sunday Night. Got $10.00 & cost yesterday morn. Suppose he "went out".

40 deg. West wind. Cloudy. Cool. Arthur Pellman, 577- 76th Ave. down for Holcomb.

40 deg. S. wind. Cloudy. Wheel. Raw wind. PM.- At 6:50 while on the way home found Ernst Radtke at 26th & N. Ave. drunk. Sent him to the Sta.

48 deg. Southerly wind. Cloudy. Warm. Wind changing to west. Couirt with Radtke. Pleaded guilty to being drunk & fined $10.00 & cost. Total $11.58. Ressel & Flieth "called back" this morn. Showers from noon till 5 PM. Stolzenfeld reported sick. Ressel takes his beat.

40 deg. SW changing to W. wind. Cloudy. Clouding up and growing colder at 8 AM. Northern Glass Works burned at 6PM. 3rd alarm. Eng. 22 went to 9th & Lloyd to attend a small fire. First run they had since Oct. 17th.

32 deg. SW wind. Fair. Wheel. Frost. Quite warm at noon. Pleasant all day. Mrs. Notbohm came over with Harold this PM & staid to church. Harold, 4 yrs. old, & saw the inside of a church for the first time.

32 deg. SE wind. Foggy. Wheel. Light frost on walk. Dense fog all morn. Fog lifted at 9 AM. sun shines. Warm variable wind. Patrol wagon called to Zingers this Eve. at 6:10. Fight on the road. No arrests.

40 deg. SE wind. cloudy. Warmer. PM- rain, Drizzling rain all PM.

38 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Colder. Roy Stolz, 33rd & Fond du Lac took 3 different horses in 3 days & drove them almost to death. Then let them go.

36 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Wheel. Cold. Got orders to bring Roy Stolz in but he is not at home. At 12:30 got orders per tel. to let Stolz go as he is not the one sought.

11-24-189 36 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Very damp. Rained some durinng the night. Orders at 12:30 PM to be at the West Side Turn Hall at 7:30 PM. Boxing match, 6 bouts. Got home at 11:30 PM. Orders to wear caps Sunday 26th.

30 deg. SW wind. Fair. Frost. Warming up at 9 o'c. Orders to go to B.B. Park to attend football game. OM- went to foot Ball game at 3 o'c. Mil Normals vs Oshkosh Normals. Oshkosh Normals won 17 to 0.

30 deg. No wind. Fair. Frost. Very pleasant this morn. Caps this morn. Westerly wind. Warm at noon.

30 deg. W. wind. Fair. Went to A.J. Ktingels, 1240-12th, to get him to swear out warrant for for Roy Scholz but he refused. Stolzenfeld came out this morn.

32 deg. SW wind. Fair. Frost. I was taken sick last night. I did not go to work today. Walter went to Sergt. Schneiders house and told him to report me sick. Vomiting & diarreha. Stolzenfeld called & I told him to tel. for Dr. Boerner. Boerner came at 4 PM. Arthu Maechtle came at 10:30 AM. Will stay a week. Sprowls is in town. Called at door with Miss R. Said he would call tomorrow.

36 deg. Southerly wind. Fair. Warm. Light showers this morn. Home all day.

40 deg. SW wind. Cloudy. Thanksgiving day. Home all day. Went to Rutherfords in the Eve. Rain this Eve. Sergt. Schneider called this morn. Left Dr's certificate.

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