William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
December 1900

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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32 deg. W. wind. Partly cloudy. warmer. Drill today:- Sergt Heinemann take the north dist. this two weeks. Went down & got my check. Went to Sec'ys office. Made payment of $ 50.00 on mortgage & after drill went to Reilleys. Fitted on my dress cost. Left it there to have the buttons changed. Back to beat at 4:45 o'c.

32 deg. Southerly wind. Partly cloudy. Pleasant, warm all day.

36 deg. Westerly wind. Cloudy. Looks like rain. Went to Reilleys at 8:45. Got back at 10:15. Missed 9:45 report. Had to take coast back & have buttons set back. It was too loose. Chas. Dressel's little boy. Nugie or Nudie died this morn at 7:50 of brain trouble after an illness of about 10 hrs. duration. Letter from A.S. Gilbert, Pastor of Sherman St. Church asking me to be at meeting of present and former trustees on Wed. evening.

34 deg. NW wind. Cloudy. Snowing & thawing as it falls. Walter came home this noon with headache & sore throat.

32 deg. NW wind. Cloudy. Colder, looks like snow.

25 deg. SW wind. Cloudy. Cold, damp air. Drill day:- Had our catechism & then were dismissed. I went to Reilleys. Got my coat. Had it inspected by Capt. JL & then went to beat. Got to beat at 4:15 PM. Snow & Rain at 4:30. N, wind. Rain all Eve. Went to Zillmers to choir meet. Chas Dressel transfered from Eng. 22 to Eng. 18 J. ......... takes Dressels place as acting Lieut. Comes from Truck 10.

30 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Growing colder since day light. Ground white with snow. About 1/2 inch fell during the night.

22 deg. SW wind. Fair. Cold. Rising temp. toward noon.

10 deg. High NW wind. Fair. Cold. Irvin Wolfendean died at 10 o'c. last night - complication of croup & bronchial trouble.

8 deg. NW wind. Partly cloudy. Cold. Got $1.00 city order for election expenses this morn.

14 deg. NW wind. Partly cloudy. Snow flurries. Irvin Wolfendean buried this morn at Wanderers Rest. Rev. O.H.C. officiating. Officer Ressels wife died this morn. at 9 0'c.

10 deg. High SW wind. Fair. Cold early but rising temp at 9 AM. Very dusty.

14 deg. NW wind. Fair. Growing colder from 6 to 8 AM. Drill day: Back to beat at 4:45. Went to sta. after drill. got mail for Ald. Dettman & M. Winnemann 2420 Center St.

16 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Snow flurries. Went to Stellers this morn. from station. Two inches of snow fell during the day.

20 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Snow flurries all morn. Met Sergt. Heinemannn at 9:45, 24th & Center. Change day. Schneider takes upper district.

12-16-190 24 deg. Southerly wind. Cloudy. Warmer. Got up late. 10 min. late at Sta. No breakfast. Met Schroeder at 5:46 PM, 27th & Fon du Lac. He had been in Eng. 22's house for over half an hour

28 deg. Westerly wind. Cloudy. About i inch of snow fell during the night. 4:20 PM- Fire was discovered in Alb. Lutsch's house, 1212-30th St. Tel. alarm sent in. $75.oo damage. I heard of the fire at 6:45 & after last report. Went there & investigated. Called up but operator told me to report in the morning.

34 deg. NW wind. Cloudy, clearing at 9 AM. Clearing & growing some colder at 9 AM. Met Schroeder at 7:45, Wright & Fond du Lac..

28 deg. W wind. Fair. White frost. Clerks office complaint:-Herm. Schwane vs. Wm. Schwane, his son, 1083-20th. Went to Clerks Office & reported that the trouble caused by Herm. getting drunk & fighting with wife & boys.

20 deg. West wind. White frost. Fair. Drill day:- Back to beat at 4:30 PM. Stopped over one car at 18th St. and watched for boys throwing stones.

28 deg. South wind. Fair. White frost. Orders to go to W. Side Turn Hall at 8 PM. Got home at 11:40 PM. Schroeder following Stolzenfeld in citizen dress & is trying to get away from me on Fond du Lac Ave. He ran into Christ. They had words & Christ.- reported Schroeder.

36 deg. Southerly wind. Fair. Very pleasant. Met Dopke at 8:15, 23rd & Wright. He asked me if I had heard anything about Henry Hair. Met Schroeder at 21st & Wright at 8:20 & again at 11:15 at 27th & Fond du Lac.

40 deg. Southerly wind. cloudy. Rain. Wore helmet this morn.. Missed car. I got to Sta. 10 min. late. electric wire down at 15th & Fond du Lac at 7:25 AM as we came up from Sta. Stolzenfeld reported it & I watched it till car came & the motor man tied it up.

16 deg. NW wind. Partly cloudy. Growing colder. Bo't Turkey for Christmas at Efky's. Went to Zillmers & got slippers & gloves for Walter.

18 deg. NW wind. Cloudy. cold & disagreeable. Christmas day. Tickets for poor people to distibute this morn. Half hour extra for dinner.

18 deg. NW wind. Fair. Very pleasant. Stolzenfeld watching house, 814-27th St. I relieved him for dinner & went there again at 5PM & staid till the night man came. (Barkow). Parties living in the house are a 45 yr. old Jew with a girl of 20 yrs. Conducting Matrimonial Swindling business. Orders to arrest on sight.

24 deg. W wind. Fair. Frosty. Went to 814-27th in citizen clothes. Ressel relieved me for dinner at 1 PM. Stolzenfeld suspended on account of trouble with Schroeder. All PM I sat in Haebschens Photo Gallery where I could watch the front & side of house. 7:15- I tel. W. Side Sta. for a man to watch rear.

24 deg. NW wind. Fair. Growing colder. Snow flurries. All day at Huebschens Gallery.. Stolzenfelds trial. Met Mrs. Buege, 725-35rd St. She was looking for the peolpe that live at 814-27th. I had suspiciion that she was a party to the deal but after she was identified by Mr. Obermeyer, 26th & Walnut St. I sent Ressel to her house & there laid plan to capture them. Then Ressel went to Sta. The Lieut. sent Preissinger up to the place on 35th & arrested the man & woman as soon as they came.

16 deg. SW wind. Fair. Cold, warming up toward noon.

24 deg. SW wind. Fair. High wind & dusty. Clouding up toward eve. Snow at 9 PM.

12 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Snow from NE. about an inch fell during the night. Regular blizzard all day or till 3 PM. Wind changing to NW. Checks at 3 PM. Met Schroeder on car at 21st 3:20 PM. Got check cashed at Winkels. About 2 in. of snow fell.

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