William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
August 1901

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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60 deg. Variable wind. Partly cloudy. Cool. Checks this morn. Cashed mine at Winkels/ Met Sergt. Schneider at 27th & Fond du Lac at 10:45. Change day. Heinemann on North Dist..

66 deg. Southerly wind. Partly cloudy &. Warmer. 2 PM met Sergt. H. at Eng. 22. Transplanted Maple tree in front of Helens house this eve.

60 deg. Northerly wind. Partly cloudy. Cool & pleasant. Very quiet all day..

58 deg. Northerly wind. Fair. Cool. Rising temp. Found a bicycle at 1906 Center St. Took it to 2101 Center. It is an old wheell Gladiator Make. Has no no. 10:30 AM- Arrested Mike or Mat. Kretschman on charge of riding Bicycle on side walk. He rode on 23rd St. from Hadley to Locust Sts.

60 deg. Variable wind. Fair. Cool. Court with Kretschman. Found guilty. Fined $ 5.00 & costs. Back to beat at 10:25. Met Heinemann at 27th & Fond du Lac.

56 deg. Variable wind. Fair. Wheel. Cool. Rising temp. PM wind E. Sun hot. Rear tire sprung a leak this AM & I had to walk the PM. Fixed wheel this Eve. Haase & Miller on Vac.

64 deg. Variable wind. Fair. Warmer. Looks like showers. NW wind & light shower at 10:30 AM. Minnie & I went to Kingsley this eve.

64 deg. NW wind. Fair. Warmer.

66 deg. SE wind. Cloudy. Car. Showery. Light rain at 6:30 AM. Showered at intervals during the night. Showery till 3 PM, then clearing. with W. wind. Warm.

62 deg. NW wind. Cloudy. Cool. Scotch picnic at Shooters Park. Orders to be there at 7:30 PM. Faith Miss. No. 1 Picnic at Perigo Park. PM- clearing & warmer. Went to Scotch picnic at 7:30. Went home 10PM.

56 deg. NW wind. Partly cloudy. Cool all day.

58 deg. Variable wind. Fair. Met Heineman at 4:30, 27th & Center.

62 deg. Southerly wind. Fair. Warmer. 90 in shade at noon. Wind changed to SE. Netz called me & I went with him & talked with Tina Von Sueden who had been living with him & threatened suicide because he told her to leave.

70 deg. SW wind. Partly cloudy. Warm. Hans Carstens applies for permit to run Whirligig at 23rd & Center. Shower went south this 1 PM. Thunder & lightning here. (27th & Center)

8-15-1901- 68 deg. W wind. changed to E. Fair. Very pleasant. Warm. Change day- Schroeder takes North Dist. at noon. H.C. Carstens Whirligig license no. 68. Aug. 14 to 21st.

58 deg. Variable wind becoming easterly. Fair. Wheel. Cool. Rising temp. Miller returned from Vac. Koge on Vac.

58 deg. Northerly wind. Fair. Night cool. 8AM sunshowers. Hot. Irish Picnic at Schlitz Park. Orders to be there at 1:30 PM. Staid till 7 PM. Koge & Wilde on Vac.

72 deg. Variable wind. Cloudy. Shower at 7 AM. Shower from NE at 4:15 PM with thunder, lasting till 6:45 PM.

66 deg. Northerly wind Fair. Wheel. Very pleasant. Quite warm at noon.

64 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Cool. Clearing toward noon. PM- Warm in sun with cool NE wind.

68 deg. E. wind. Cloudy. Sultry. Foggy & damp. Signed payroll this morn.

70 deg. Varaiblw wind. Cloudy. Warm all night-very damp. PM- thunder shower at 3:00 o'c. lasting till 4:00 o'c.

64 deg. N wind. Partly cloudy. Some cooler, better atmosphere. PM- clearing & pleasant. Wille Barth, 1117-19th St. arrested by Moth & Markey for stealing Bicycle. Hans C. Carsten paid for Whirligig from 8/22 to 8/29 '01 on 23rd near Center.

58 deg. Northerly wind. Fair. Rising temp. Very pleasant.. Met Sergt. Schneider at 10:20 AM. Schroeder is on night duty. Linden on Vac.. Adolph Scholz came out of H of C today.

62 deg. Variable wind. Partly cloudy. Cool. Looks like rain. Sprinkled at noon. Clearing towards Eve.

Vacation. Home all day.

Went to Sheboygan on Steamer Sheboygan with Minnie & Ada. Mr. Chapin went to Manitowoc on same boat. Went to Sheboygan Falls on Electric Car. Arrived there at 2:15.

Spent the day at Sprowls & went driving with Dr. Pfeiffer.

Went thru the mills & factories & at 1 PM started for Port Washington. Got there at 3 PM. Took Pa's horse & drove to Henry's & staid all night. Light rain in the eve.

Called at Geo.'s & went to cemetary. Drove to Saukville & then up to the old home to Dopels & back to Geo's to dinner, then to Jakes & back to Port. To Willie Maechtles to stay all night after preaching service at M.E. Church. Sermon by Rev. Banchop of Hingham.

Epworth League Rally. "The Masters Eight" held Rally at Port. Sheboygan, Sheboygan Falls, Hingham, Glen Buelah, Mulleton, Onion River, Grafton, & Port Washington Leagues were represented. Went to Henry's to say all night. Average minimum temp for mo. 63 deg.

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