William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
September 1904

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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62 deg. Variable wind. Partly cloudy. Foggy at 6 AM. Sultry. Rain, 12 0t 1 PM. Checks this morn. Cashed mine at Winkels & sent $40.00 home by Stolzenfeld so Minnie could have some to use this AM. Lina went home on 1:50 train.

68 deg. High SW wind. Cloudy. Warm. Heavy thunder Storm during the night. Went to bed last night at 7:30. Asked perm. to go to Reilleys to get my pants. Missed 10:45 rept. on that acct. Letter for Mil. Bridge Co. Del. at 8:30 AM. Went to Sta. for mail at 1:30 PM. Mail for Ald. Malewsky & Seidel.

56 deg. W wind. artly cloudy. Cool. My birthday. 46 yrs. old. Ada gave me 50 cts. to buy something for myself. G. Lambrechts saloon was robbed at 9-10AM. $40.00 taken.

56 deg. W wind. Fair. Cool & pleasant. Minnie & Ada met me at 4:00 & we went to the cemetery.

55 deg. NE wind. Fair. Cool. Labor Day orders to be at Pabst Park at 10:30. Met Genthe at Eng. 22, 9:40 AM. Dinner at 1:30. Back to beat 2:40. As I was on the way to the Park. Lieut. JK called me & sent me to 3rd & North Ave. to stay until the parade passed. Parade passed in 50 min. Orders to be at Pabst Park at 7: PM. Home at 11 PM. State Fair Week.

54 deg. Variable wind. Fair. Cool. Wind chgd to E towards noon. School begins.

60 deg. NW wind. Cloudy. Heavy rain during the night. Showers PM. John & Monroe came last night. They are going to the Fair today. Monroe came home at 6:40. Said he had lost John. John came home at 10:30 & asked if Monroe was home.

53 deg. NW wind. Partly cloudy. Cool. Milwaukee day at the Fair. All shops closed.

56 deg. Southerly wind. Cool.

60 deg. W wind. Fair. Rising temp. Very hot at noon & all PM. VAcation begins. Loessin abandonment case comes up today. Stolzenfeld took charge of the case, Painted upstairs all AM. Went to Sheboygan with Walter to attend Conf. Met Jake at Seb. Saw lots of people we knew. We stopped at the Bellevue, 620 Wis. Ave.

58 deg. NE wind. Faiir. Cool, growing colder. Heard Bishop Warner preach. Met Sprowels. Afternoon went Sehb. Falls & staid to eve. service.

38 deg. Northerly wind. Fair. Cold. Light frost. Got up at 5 AM. Took 5:58 train for home. Home at 8:40 AM. Got breakfast & got into my work clothes. Painted Groffmanns room. Worked as long as I could see.

50 deg. W wind. Cloudy. Cool. wind chgd to SE. Rained all PM. Got up and went to the boat at 6AM & met Ed & Mate. Spent the day with them. Minnie & I went to Port with E. & Mate at 7:30. We stopped at John Maechtles.

50 deg. NE wind. Fair. Cool. Minnie & I went down to Schumakers & ordered stone for Arthurs grave. Went to Pa & Ma's Golden Wedding Celebration. Eve.- went to Jakes to supper & to Eds. & staid all night.

52 deg. W wind. Fair. Cool. Ed & I went to cemetery & put in foundation for head stone for Arthurs grave. Minnie & I went to Geo's. to dinner. I went to Port with Pauline & Ella. Brought head stone out. Went to Henry's to stay all night.

55 deg. SW wind. Fair. Warmer. Henry took Minnie & I to cemetery. We set stone & fixed up graves all AM. PM. Got Geo's. pony & Minnie & I drove to Waubeka, then to Saukville & home. Called at Grinnells & Hubbards.

60 deg. Southerly wind. Fair. Warm. I went to Port. Saw the folks. Took dinner at Jakes. Got back to Henrys at 4PM & Henry took Minnie & I to Fredonia Sta. & we got home at 6:45 PM. Walter went to Port today.

60 deg. Variable wind. Cloudy. Cooler. Rained during the night. Clearing at noon. Commenced work again this morn. I took two days off in August so I have to go to work today. Dress coats & Bl'k Helmets today. Went home at 7 PM. Went to church with Minnie & Ed. & Mate.

56 deg. N wind. Cloudy. Cool, looks like rain. Vacation ends tonight. Emma & Walter Maechtle have been at our place for several days & go home this 7:30 AM. Eve.- Ed & Mate went home tonight. I took them to the boat (Nyack) at 9 PM. Walter came home from Port this PM.

55 deg. High NE wind. Cloudy. Growing colder. High wind all day. 37 deg. in the evening.

46 deg. NE wind. Fair. Cold. Met Linden, 27th & Fond du Lac, 4 PM.

40 deg. southerly wind. Fair. Heavy frost during the night. Appointments of Election Inspectors & Clerks this AM. Served papers on Ernst Traffold, Wm. Kommerman, Phil Thomas, Henry Boeder, Ed, Scholz, Herman Breier.

48 deg. Southerly wind. Fair. Rising temp. Orders to be at Prize fights at the Panorama at 7:30 tonight. Served election appointments to Fred Dettman & Wm. Perathauer. Home at 11:15.

70 deg. W wind. Partly cloudy. Warm. Thunder showers during the night. Rained very hard. Mail at 1:30 PM. When I came back from dinner a woman met me at Wright & Fond du Lac. Told me she had a boy in the Butcher Shop, cor. Pine & Fond du Lac I went down there & found Carl Bublitz-1099-24th who ran away from home last Monday. I took him home. He says he doesn't know where Hugo Henner is. They left the house together. Served election appointments on Geo. Walthen, Otto Riemer.

55 deg. Variable wind. Partly cloudy. Cool. Rain at 6 PM & all eve. Card for Adolph W. Kraemer 961-22 nd St. to go to Dr. K. is a candidate for appointment as Patrolman. Stolzenfeld & I went to Henners 1099-24th St.. Questioned Carl Bublitz about some dinner pails they stole last week. Served election appointment on Hy. Pahlow 2510-Center. Elsie Schmidt father lives at Grafton.

58 deg. Variable wind. Cloudy. Damp. Notice of Drill posted to begin next Monday. I am in Monday squad. Stolzenfeld & Marquardt left out. Mail at 2:45. War, for Frank Bliessner. His wife charges abandonment. Letter for Ald. Malewsky. 4:45- Stolzenfeld Tel. that he had Bleissner & I subp. witlessness at 1178-23rd St.

53 deg. Variable wind. Fair. Cool and damp. Rising temp toward noon. Foggy again toward eve. In court at 9 AM with Bleissner. Pleaded not guilty. Sentenced to 4 mo's. H of C. Back to beat at 11:10 AM

60 deg. Varaible wind. Cloudy. Rain all morn. Thunder showers. Partly clearing toward noon. Orders to try on dress coat. PM- Went down to Reilleys at 1:30 visa State St. Car. Tried on my dress coat & had it inspected, took it. Back to beat. Mail at 3:45 - Letter for Ald. Seidel. G. Bacon complains of Luschers Saloon, 20th & Chambers. Keeps Saturday Night dances.

69 deg. NW wind. Fair. Warm Very warm all night. Ther. 76 deg. at 10 PM last night. Rain with lightning & thunder during the night.

54 deg. W wind. Fair. Cool. Average minimum temp. for month - 56 deg.

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