William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
July 1905

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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JULY 1905

57 deg. M Wind. Cloudy. Rain all night. On S's beat. Change day:- Genther out at noon. Checks this morn. Notified B. Ertl 2432 Brown St. to make application for saloon license. Went to N. Ave. Depot at 4 PM. Met Lieut. Heinemann. Crowds of people going to the country. About 700 people took the trains from N. Av. this eve. from 4 to 6 o'c.

56 deg. NW wind. Cloudy. Cool. Clearing at 9 AM. Very warm. on S's beat. Paid P.R.A. dues this morn. Barnum & Baileys Circus came to N. Ave. Depot at 9:50 to unload. I met Sergt. Genthe there. He left at 9:30 & Sergt. Linden came. He tel. for Becker. I staid there till 1:45. Then went home to dinner. Went to Greuenewald Park at 3 PM.

64 deg. Southerly wind. Cloudy. Warm. Shower at 9 AM. Clearing & very warm. On S's beat. Circus at 36th & Clybourn in PM.

67 deg. SW wind. Partly cloudy. Showers during the night. & forenoon. Warm. On S's beat. Showery all PM. Clearing toward eve.

66 deg. SW wind. Fair. Warm. On S's beat. Mail at 1:45 for Koerner, Baldauf, & Wd. Supt.

62 deg. SW wind. Fair. Very pleasant, very warm. On S's beat. 2:55 PM. Notified Barbra Ertl 2432 Brown St. to close her saloon because she has no license. Mail at 1:45 for Ald. Meyer.

60 deg. Variable wind. Cloudy. Showers. Wind NE at noon. Cooler. On S's beat. Mail at 1:45 for Wd. Supt. also saloon applications for B.H. Janke, 3502 N. Ave., Gust. Strehlow, 3229 Center, Ch. Frisch, 2930 Center. Tom Schneider 921-36th, Wm. Marquardt 720-24th, Gust. Voelz 3033 Sta. Ave. 4:45 PM went to 36th & Meinecke to see Christ. Thensch, boys molesting him.

56 deg. Southerly wind. Partly cloudy. Rising temp. Clearing at 7:30. Warm. Om S's beat. Thunder storms all PM. Hy. Gutknecht on Smudda's beat. S. in Sta. Arnold on Vac. 14 min. late on acct of going to 966-34th St. to se Mrs. Stiehl. Geo. Nieman 862-32nd St. stole a coat from Passn'gr cach July 5th, gave it to Mike Stiehl the eve. of the 6th. I got yhe coat. The owner, John Zuest 669 1/2 Walker St. was with me. I took coat home with me this eve.

54 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Cool. Clearing PM. On S's beat. Took Zuest coat to Sta. this morn.

57 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Cool. Raining all forenoon. On S's beat. Went to City Hall at 8:15. Met Zuest. Went to Dist. Atty's office. Got complaint & Warr. for Geo. Nieman for stealing voat out of Pass'gr Car on July 5th. Arrested Geo. Nieman 860-32 at 6:45. Taken to West side Sta. from 30th & N. Av. at 7:05 PM.

60 deg. Variable wind. cloudy. Warmer. Rainy all forenoon. Foggy all day. On S's beat. In court at 9 AM with Geo. Nieman. He pleaded guilty & was fined $ 25.00 & cost. $28.66 in all. His father paid the fine. Back to beat at 10:40 AM.

60 deg. Wind SW. Fair. Clearing at 7 AM. Heavy fog all night. On S's beat. Bethmeier Luth. School, 33rd & Brown, Picnic today at Neumillers Park. I escorted them to 43rd & Lisbon.

64 deg. Variable wind. Fair. Warm.. PM- Wind W, Hot. On S's beat. Emmaus Cong. Picnic in Zingers Park. Orders to stay there most of the time. Mail at 2:45 for 929-33rd St. Staid at Picnic till 6:45 PM.

68 deg. SW wind. Fair. Very warm. Wind chgd to NE at ,8:30. Cool all day. On S's beat. Met Linden at N. Av. Depot at 8:25 AM.

58 deg. NE wind. Fair. Cool. On S's beat. Sarous School Picnic at Zingers Park. Orders to look after it. Mail at 1:45 for Ald. Meyer & Petersen & C.G. Hess, 34th & Brown. Got Warr. for E. Fredrick, A&B, 2412-Kilbourn Ave. Arrested F., 3:30 PM. at his home. Change day: Schroeder out at noon.

72 deg. SW wind. Fair. 90 deg. in shade at noon, 98 deg. in shade at 3 PM. Warm. On S's beat. Slav. Picnic at Zingers Park. Went to Zions Church this Eve. Listened to Prof. Heidner.

77 deg. SW wind. Fair. Hot all night, 90 deg. at noon On S's beat. In court at 9 AM with Fredrich. Pleaded guilty Pd. costs $5.82. Ada & Helen go to Fredonia at 7:30 AM. Vogt on Vac. Back to beat at 11:15 AM. Mail at 1:45. Letter for J. Mageil 929-33rd. Comp. 2403 Elm. & Warr. for Gottfrd Werner 2218 Fond du Lac, Abandonment. Wener arrested at 4:52. I got case ready for court. Case cont. till Thurs.

75 deg. W wind. Fair. 92 deg. at noon. Hot. On S's beat. Witness today vs. Alb. Bullerjahn, com. drunkard. Guilty. 60 days/ Gottried Werner abandonment case this morn. Case cont. till 22nd. Back to beat at 10 o'c.

71 deg. W wind. WE wind. Fair. 90 deg. at 3 PM. Sultry. On S's beat. Minnie went out with Mrs. Notbohm to spend the day.

66 deg. Northerly wind. Fair. cooler. Very cool in forenoon. On S's beat. Court this morn in Strey case. Not guilty, Mail this morn. for Wd. Supt. & 3103 Elm St. In court till 12:05 PM. Got dinner & back to beat at 1:20 PM.

56 deg. NE wind. Fair. Very Cool. On S's beat. 4:15 PM- Fire in two story flat, No. 844-35th St. Occupied by Chas. Kunzl & Chas. Grag. $25.00 damage. Cause unknown.

565 deg. NW wind. Fair. Cool, rising temp. Showers at 3 PM & 5 PM. On S's beat. Werner case this morn. Dismissed by the court. Back to beat at 10:35.

56 deg. NW wind Fair. Very cool all day. On S's beat. Pabst Park at 7:30 PM. Home at 11:20 PM.

58 deg. NW wind. Partly cloudy. Cool. On S's beat. Aug. Lemke 819 W. 24th went to Gov't Pier with Oscar Giese Sat eve. Did not Return. Life saving Crew found his body. 18 yrs old, lived with parents.

58 deg. NW wind. Fair. Cool & very pleasant. Warm toward noon. Wind chgd to SE. On S's beat.

57 deg. W. wind. Fair. Cool, rising temp. 10:30- wind E. Cool. on S's beat. Warr. A&B for Jac. Jonas, wife & son, 3022 Pemberton Ave. Went to see them at 5 PM. Mrs. J asked me for one days time. She is sick. Mail at 1:45 for Ald. Meyer. Minnie & Mrs. Chapman went to Boldts to pick berries with Mrs. Ramaker.

58 deg. E wind. Fair, Vacation begins. Up at 3 AM. Walter & I left for Wauwatosa. At 3:53 to train for Hartland. Walked to Beaver Lake, Oefleins Place, fished all day. 57 Perch. Home at 7:50 PM.

60 deg. W wind. cloudy. Sick all day. In bed till eve. Rain in PM.

60 deg. E wind. Cloudy. Warm in AM. Cool toward eve. Went to Fredonia on 5:20 train. Henry & Ada met us. (Minnie & I) I spent the forepart of this day painting the bathroom & stairs etc.

60 deg. NE wind. Fair. Cool. Henry took Minnie Ada & I to the cemetary. Looked at Arthurs grave. Then went round via the Huckelberry Marsh & home to dinner. PM- Jake & family, Ed. & wife, came up & we spent the PM singing. Went to Geo's. in eve. & staid all night.

56 deg. NE wind. Fair. Cool. Average min. temp. for mo. 61 deg. Towards 9 AM went to Ed's place to dinner. Back to Henry's to supper. Then train to Waldo. Arrived there at 7 PM. Met L.B. Goehring, rode 9 miles via. Cascade to his Cheese Factory. Arrived at 9 PM.

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