William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
April 1906

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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APRIL 1906

26 deg. NW wind. Partly cloudy. Froze hard. Quite warm all day.

32 deg. SW wind. Fair. White frost. Drill day:- Back to beat at 4:10. Dress coat this morn.

40 deg. S wind. Partly cloudy. Raw wind. Warm at noon. Election day. Stationed at 34th & Wright. Polls open at 6 AM, closed at 8 PM. Minnie brought my dinner & Ada brought my supper. Home at 9:45. Becker elected by 1707 plurality.

44 deg. NW wind. Cloudy. Growing colder. Warmer towards eve. 3:30- Stolzenfeld got Warr. for Wm. Schroeder, Robt. Leightfus, Tony Woelkey & others. We got Schroeder & Leichtfus at Shortys Place & got Woelkey at 916-21st at 6:45 PM.

38 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Snowing at 8:30 AM & all forenoon. PM- Partly clearing.

32 deg. N wind. Fair. Cool. Wind chgd to E, chilly. Mail at 1:45 for Ald. Malewsky.

40 deg. NW wind. Fair. Warm & pleasant. Mail at 1:45 for C. F. Winkelman & Ald. Malewsky.

40 deg. E wind. Cloudy. Rain at 7:30 AM. Rain all day. & eve. Black helmets this morn. Minnies birthday 45 yrs. old.

40 deg. NW wind. Cloudy. Rain all forenoon from 9 o'c on. Drill day:- Back to beat at 4:15. Mail at 1:45 for Supervisor Chas. E. Jeske 2434 Hadley St.

38 deg. W wind. Cloudy. Cool.

40 deg. W wind. Fair. Very pleasant. Rising temp. PM- wind chgd to SE. Our Wedding Anniversary. 23 yrs. of happiness. What will the end be? Mail at 2:45 for Ald. Malewsky. Minnie & I went to the Munhall Meeting , 5th & Grand Av.

42 deg. NE wind. Partly cloudy. Growing cooler. Stolzenfeld & I met McKevitt at 27th & Fond du Lac. He wants us as witnesses in retrial of case of Louise Schroder vs. CM&St.P Ry for loss of foot at Fond du Lac crossing in 1900. Mail at 1:45 for Ald. Malewsky.

44 deg. SE wind. Partly cloudy. Raw wind. Good shower during the night. Warm & sultry at noon. Commenced taking up sidewalks. Wrote 20th St. this PM. Henry Knoch took charge of Geo. Kirchs Saloon 3036 Fond du Lac. I notified him to close up until he has license in his own name.

50 deg. W wind. Cloudy. Quite warm this morn. Growing cooler toward noon. Very damp & showery all day.

46 deg. N wind. Cloudy. Easter. Growing colder. Damp. Bits of snow & sleet falling at 8 AM. Easter service at Minns. 2.

32 deg. NW wind. Fair. Cold, white frost. To meet Kelley at Central at 2 PM. Drill day:- Got Ex. from drill. Drew vac. this morn. - Jun 7 to Jul 7. Met Kelly committee in Kleinstuebers office. Made up schedule of wages. Lieuts from 116.66 to 133.33. Sergts. from 100.00 to 116.66. Patrolmen: 1st yr. 80.00, 2nd yr. 90.00, 3rd yr. 100. Detectives same as Lieuts.

40 deg. W wind. Fair. Rising temp. Stolzenfeld & I to Judge Tarrants court at 10 AM in case of Mrs. Louise Schroder vs St. P RR. Excused at 11 AM. Be in court at 2:30 PM. Back to beat at 5:15 PM. Mayor Becker takes his office today Henry Bell; detailed as his bodyguard.

45 deg. SW wind. Fair. Rising temp. Very pleasant. Wrote up sidewalks all day.

50 deg. W wind. Fair. Very pleasant. Shower at noon. Cooler PM. Walter & I went to new house this morn. Meckelburgs factory damaged by fire last night.

46 deg. NW wind. Fair. Cool breeze. Warm during the day. Bro. JL's birthday 46 yrs old. Met Lieut Joe this PM on Fond du Lac Ave.

44 deg. N wind. Partly cloudy. Growing colder. Walter & I transplanted Maple tree from garden to lawn back of the house. Julius Binninger & wife 538-17th St. came up this eve & looked at plan of house I am building.

38 deg. N wind. Partly cloudy. Very chilly. Signed payroll.

30 deg. NW wind. Fair. Heavy frost. PM, wind E, chilly. Drill day:- Back to beat at 5:15. After drill, went to Sec's office for information regarding salary question. Missed 4:45 rept.

40 deg. SE wind. Partly cloudy. Raw wind. Thunder showers toward eve. John Giencke & I called on Ald. Seidel this eve. at 7 o'c.

42 deg. E wind. Fair. Warmer. Thunderstorm from SW at 3 PM. Rained heavy, nearly an hour

48 deg. W wind. Fair. Rising temp. Heavy thunder storm last night. Orders to be at Bahn Frei Turn Hall at 7:30 PM- St. Boniface Church Fair. Home at 11:55.

44 deg. NE wind. Fair. Cool.

40 deg. SE wind. Partly cloudy. Very chilly all day. Thunder storm at 4 PM. Not much rain.

52 deg. W wind. Fair. Warmer.

40 deg. SE wind, Fair. Cool. Av. Min. temp. for mo. 41 deg. Drill day:- Back to beat at 4:20. Drill in hall at Central. Batons & belts.

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