William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
February 1907

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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32 deg. Southerly wind. Cloudy. Damp. PM, thawing. Check $92.63. Asked perm. to go & pay taxes. Our tax-22nd wd. $34.66., 20th wd. $10.18. Walter's tax $40.20. Helen's $58.85. Change day:- Genthe out at noon.

28 deg. NW wind. Fair. Growing colder very fast. 10 deg. at 9
AM. Home sick. Cold. 8 deg. at noon.

- 8 deg. NW wind. Fair. Very cold. Zero at noon. Home sick.

-4 deg. NW wind. Partly cloudy. cold. PM, N wind. Snow flurries. Home sick with bad cold.

4 deg. Northerly wind. Partly cloudy. Cold. Snowflurries & slowly rising temp. Home on sick list.'

-4 deg. NW wind. Fair. Cold. Reported for duty.

6 deg. Southerly wind. Fair. Rising temp. Reported case of Mrs. Johnson 1132-24th St. who is a common drunkard. Lieut. Joe told me to see her husband. Went to Mock's Livery & told him to take care of her. Went to Dr. Hollenbeck & had my leg lanced at 8:45 AM. PM, Met Genthe, 24th & Hadley, 4 o'c.

12 deg. Southerly wind. Cloudy. Chill, damp, frosty & fair. PM, warmer. PM, 1:30, Mrs, Orr 1271-30th St. assaulted in her home, bound gagged & robbed. Raped twice & left tied on couch by an unknown man, 25 to 30 yrs, 5'8", light complexion, Cap, long coat., Shabby.

22 deg.SW wind. Cloudy. Damp. Thawing all PM. Walter finishes up with Schneider Furn. Co. today. Goes to Merkel Motor Co. at Layton Park Monday.

34 deg. NW wind. Fair. Growing colder toward eve. Thawing vey fast at noon.

6 deg. NW wind. Fair. Cold. Thawing at noon. Drill day:- Back to beat at 4:45. Walter went to work via. N. Av. to Holton & Mitchell St. car.

15 deg. W wind. Partly cloudy. Damp ari. Wm. Seckert 1229-24th ( Siggie) arrested downtown Sunday eve. drunk. I got orders to find out where he got whiskey. Worked an hour overtime on Seckert whiskey case. Ptrlman Ph. Donahue died of Pneumonia. "False Face Day".

28 deg. S wind. Fair. Ash Wed. Very pleasant. thawing very fast all day. Water running all PM.

22 deg. NW wind. Fair. Chilly. In court in Secker case. Case held open for one month. Left court at 10:45. Back to beat at 11:15.

26 deg. SW wind. Fair. Rising temp. Genthe not in Sta. I hear Schroeder is sick.

32 deg. NW wind. Fair. Moderate temp. Very pleasant. Schnell on wagon. Smudde & I divide his beat. Mail at 1:45 for Ald. Gebhardt.

30 deg. SE wind. Partly cloudy. White frost.

34 deg. SW wind. Partly cloudy. Thawing & rain from 3 to 5 PM. Wind chgd to W. Drill day:- Back to beat at 4:40.

28 deg. NW wind. Fair. Very bright & oleasant, thawing at noon. Warm & pleasant all day. Went to Mosels this eve., 1455 Buffum

26 deg. N wind. Cloudy. Growing colder. Commenced snowing at 7 A

8 deg. NW wind. Fair. Cold wave.

-2 deg. NW wind. Fair. Cold. Fire at 29th & North Av. during the night. Fire Dept. horses got cold & ran away. - 13 Eng. team, 22 & 24 Chem's & horses. 5:45 PM, called to 2444 Center St. Found Aug. Scheiber drunk. Called wagon & sent him to Sta.

20 deg. SE wind. Partly cloudy. Very chilly. In court at 9 AM with Scheibe. Found guilty, $5.00 & cost. Back to beat at 10:20 AM. Worked all PM chasing kids who robbed a "shiney" Schnell & Hutch.

28 deg. SW wind. Cloudy. Snowing. Man killed by train 200 ft. N. of Fond du Lac Av., 6:30 last night.

20 deg. N wind. Fair. Colder. Clear & colder. C.M. & St. P. RR. commenced work on Fond du Lac Subway. 9:45, Went to Zuerners office, made comp. about Emil Krafin & Paul Heller. Made petition to Juvenile Ciurt. Got summons & went to dinner. PM, served summons & subp. witnesses.

22 deg. S wind. Fair. Raw wind. In Juv. Court at 2 PM. with Krafin & Heller. Case cont. one week on motion of W.J. Kershaw, their Atty. Back to beat at 3:10.

26 deg. NE wind. cloudy. Snow flying. Partly cloudy toward noon.

28 deg. SE wind. Cloudy. E wind. Av Min temp for Mo 18 1/2 deg. Met Schroder at RR. at 9:30. L. Nehrbass 2501 Hadley Electric clock.(Game of chance) Notified 2:45.

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