William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
September 1907

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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72 deg. Fair. Hot. West wind. 90 deg. at noon. PM- Thunder showers passed around us at 1:30. Orders per tel. to go to Kee4fe Av. & 22nd & shoot horse. Went fast as I could through the heat & found the horse 2 blocks from that place & dead. (lots of fumbling policemen.)

56 deg. Fair. Cool. W wind. Labor Day:- Parade at 10:30 to Pabst Park. I was stationed at Wright St. & 3rd. Left for dinner at 11:45. Home at 12:30. Back to beat at 1:15 PM. Minnie & I went to Woods 1330 Island Av. to surprize for Ethel. The choir gave her an umbrella for a birthday present.

56 deg. Cloudy. Cool, west wind. Minnies birthday, 49 yrs. old. Public schools open. Murphy commences grading Fond du Lac.

56 deg. Partly cloudy. Cool. W wind. Shower 12:40 to 1 PM. Went to tent meeting last night with Minnie, 35th & Walnut. Showery all PM. Cool.

56 deg. Cloudy. Cool. NW wind. Partly clearing PM. Rev. Schlueter & wifr came to supper. Emma & Lydia came to stay a few days. Went to Tent Meeing with Mr. & Mrs. S & the girls. Lieut. on Vac.

52 deg. Fair. W wind. Cool. Rising temp. Wind chgd to East about 11 AM. PM- partly cloudy. Warmer. Shower this eve. 8:30.

60 deg. Cloudy. Rain. SW wind.

64 deg. Cloudy. Warmer. West eind. Partly cloudy during the day. Kelber was killed at Schlesingervile this morning by train. Stealing ride, fell between the cars.

49 deg. Fair. Cool. W wind. State Fair begins. Greffin case from June 8th. Neither party appeared. I spoke a good word to the Judge & the Judge Susp. sentence on Greffin. Back to beat at 11:15 AM. Hammer at State Fair. Smudde covers his beat.

56 deg. Cloudy. Cool. W wind. Showery. Wind becoming variable. Kuether 1193-23rd St. reprt'd pigeons stolen Sunday. Rainy all day.

53 deg. Cloudy. Rain till 9:30. West wind. PM- partly clearing. Lieut Joe in Sta.

54 deg. Fair. Rising temp. SW wind. PM- Minnie & Ada went to State Fair. Frank & John Maechtle came at 11 0'c. Frank said his pockets were picked on Reed St. on way from the fair. Had about $2.50 in it.

58 deg. Fair. Warmer. W wind. Very warm at noon. Walter Maechtle came in to the fair.

59 deg. Fair. Warm SW wind. Hammer back from fair.

66 deg. Fair. Warm. W wind. Genthe in Sta. this AM. Schroeder in Sta. at noon. Reported sick at 12:30 PM. Went to bed with sick headache. Home all PM & Eve.

71 deg. Partly cloudy. Warm. Shower, 8:45 to 9:45. Went to Litzkopws, took $20.00 & went to Wm. Roloff & secured Lot 7, blk 2, Lincoln Heights, 20th Wd. for $325.00. I get $25.00 commission from R.

62 deg. Cloudy. Cool. NE wind. Heavy fog at 7 o'c. Heavy thunder storm, 10 o'c. to noon. Steady rain till 1:30. Didn't go home to dinner. Meier asked me to have dinner with him, which I did.

64 deg. Cloudy. Warm. Northerly wind. Rained hard during the night. Rain from 7:15 to 10:30 AM. Met Schroeder, 27th & Fond du Lac, 9:40. Lang on Vac. Schnell on his beat. I cover part of S's beat. Partly clearing.

66 deg. Fair. Warm, southerly wind. PM- Hot. Kunde case from Aug. 19th was cont. to Dev. 24th. Kunde signing his own bond. Took bail money to Sta. Went to dinner. Back to beat at 1:05 PM.

66 deg. Cloudy. Warm. W. wind. Rain at 2 AM. PM- clearing, brisk W wind.

48 deg. Fair. Cool. W wind. Very pleasant all day.

40 deg. Fair. Light frost early this morn. W wind. Rain this eve. Jack Eimmerman, wife & boy took dinner with us today.

48 deg. Fair. Cool. West wind. Rain early this morn. Fall begins 11 PM. Showery. Went to Sta. 2:45. Dis. Warr. for Edw. Jandt 2431 Bismark St., Bertha Kunde, comp. Arrested him at CCWW Works at 4:45 PM. Called Wagon to 29th & Hadley. Showery this PM & Eve. Kunkel bailed Jandt out.

52 deg. Partly cloudy. Cool High Wind. At 9 AM in court with Jandt. Guilty, $5 & cost. $9.16. Left court at 11:45. Went to Sta. with bail money, then to dinner. Back to beat at 1:30. Mail at 1:45.

36 deg. Fair. Cold. Froze some during the night. Frank Hemp staked out Litzkow's house this morn. M. E. Conf. at Asbury church today. Ada, Minnie & I went to Conf. this eve.

42 deg. cloudy. Cold, raw, SW wind. Hemps man commenced digging post holes for Litzkow's House. Mail at 1:45. Dis. Warr. for Chas. Buntrock 1596 Hopkins, Chas. Schultz, Comp. notified. Went to Conf. this eve.

50 deg. Cloudy. E wind. Rain. Rained all day. In court at 9 AM with Buntrock. B. dep. bail at 7 AM. Buntrock did not appear. Fined $5.00 & cost. $9.16. J.L. & wife, JFM & wife & Herbert & Everett came to supper.

46 deg. Cloudy. Rained all night. NE wind. VanTil case dismissed. Took coats to tailor for repairs. Back to beat at 10 AM. Rain. Jakes folks go home tonight. Went to Sta. 1:45. Got A&B Warr. for Otto Bartz 2603 Bismark St, Herm Goller, Comp. Arrested Bartz. Went to Sta. on car at 6 PM.

50 deg. Cloudy. Cool. NE wind. Partly clearing toward noon. Went to 36th & Cherry to subp. witnees. Could not find him. Found him at 30th & Galena. Dress coats & Black Helmets. Went to Kingsley church to hear Rev. Morris Everz.

42 deg. Fair. Cool. N wind. In court at 9 AM with Otto Bartz. Pleaded guilty & pd. Costs, $6.32. Left court at 11:45 for dinner. T. W. Sprowls & wife here for dinner with us. T. W. went with me to beat & took car downtown toward 2:15.

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