William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
June 1908

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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JUNE 1908

45 deg. Fair. NE wind. Cool. Went out to 1404-34th, commenced working at 6:20. Worked till 6 PM. Al. Schwartz, Ed. Jeske, Frank Wagner, Ferd. Becker, Ed. Jacobs worked with me getting ready for cement floor & leveling yard.

46 deg. E wind. Worked all day at the house. Home at 7:30. Sergt. Schroeder called & got $2.50 for Sullivan Fund.

55 deg. Fair. E wind. Finished cellar floor this morn. Went driving this PM.

52 deg. Fair. SE wind. Warm. Went to Mil. L. Co., to Droegh'p & Schroder Lumber Co., to Newhouse, to Foreward Mfg. Co., to Trebbolds, to P.F. Meiers & home. PM- Minnie & I went to Mukwanago. Home at 10:30 PM.

56 deg. Fair. SE wind.

56 deg. Fair. SE wind. Worked at home all morn. Minnie, Ada & I took 11:30 car to Delafield & Oconomowoc. 6:09 took train from O. to Reeseville. Rained 5 to 7 PM.

66 deg. Fair. Southerly wind. Hot-showery. At Reeseville- went to church with Reinhards.

60 deg. Fair. Southerly wind. Started for home at 8:45. Oconomowoc-9:50.

56 deg. Fair. W wind. Went to house at 10 AM. Hung two screen doors. Bro't home oil. Out again, bro't home pail of paint. Went to Meiers, eve. Last day of Vac. R.E. Sizer called this eve.

46 deg. Cloudy. NE wind. Cold. Vac. over. Muelendyke case from May 7th, continued Probation to Aug. 10th. Back to beat at 9:40 AM.

46 deg. Fair. NE wind. Cool.

50 deg. Fair. E wind. Cool. Thunder showers. 9:30 PM until midnight.

64 deg. Fair. W wind. Verypleasant. Rising temp. 3:30 PM- Rain. Showers the rest of the day and eve. 7:30- went to 1403-34th St. Put up window shades. Got hom,e at 10:30. Alex Barnes moved his furniture into our new house.

64 deg. Fair. NW wind. Cool. Asked perm. to go to wedding,16th-PM. Ret. 17th at noon.

54 deg. Fair. NE wind. Cool.

50 deg. Fair. Southerly wind. Rising Twmp. Minnie & I left home for Dora's Wedding at 1:15 PM. Took M & N car at city limits for Port. Met Ada at Hiway No. 2. HJM took us from Port. Ceremony, Bro. Geo. Epp at 8 PM.

50 Deg. Partly cloudy. SE wind. 18 yrs. in the service at 10AM. Frank took Minnie Ada & I to Fredonia. Home at 10:30. Settled with Mil. Lbr. Co.-$433.00.

64 deg. Fair. SE wind. PM- Very Warm.

72 deg. Fair. High SW wind. Blew hard all night. High wind all day. Very warm.

66 deg. Fair. SW wind. Stolzenfeld ret. from Vac.

66 deg. Cloudy. Shower during the night. Very warm towards noon.

76 deg. Partly cloudy. Hot. Southerly wind. 88 at 12:30 PM. Wind E. Cooler. Mail at 2:30.

&1 deg. Cloudy. Shwery. Heavy thunder storm during the night. Clearing toward noon. HIgh SW wind. Mail at 2:30 for 883-28th St.

62 deg. Fair. Northerly wind. Very pleasant.

58 deg. Fair. Northerly wind. Cool. Orders to be in Judge Brazee's court at 10 AM in Schultz appeal case. Orders to be at school - 28th & Clark, 7:30 PM. In court till 11:30 AM. Went to dinner. Back on beat at 2 PM. Home from school entertainment at 10:40 PM. Left school grounds at 10:20.

56 deg. Fair. S wind. Rising temp.

62 deg. Fair. Southerly wind, warmer.

68 deg. Partly cloudy. Southerly wind. Lite shower 10:30 AM. Eclipse of the sun 8:41 - 11:20 AM. Not much to see.

64 deg. Partly cloudy. Southerly wind.

58 deg. Partly cloudy. Southerly wind. Av min temp - 59 deg. Shower at noon. Heavy shower 4 to 5 PM. Check at 2:30. Warr. for Peyrle Richardson 2211 Fond du Lac Av. Myrtle Wynoble, Comp. Using obscene lanquage at White City.

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