William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
January 1909

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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4 deg. Fair. NW wind. Watch night at K. Frk. Maechtle went with me. Went to bed at 1:15 AM. Eve.- Hinnrich came to see me about church affairs. Linden out PM.

14 deg. Partly cloudy. S wind.

34 deg. Cloudy. SW wind. Damp. Litzkow & I tried to talk to O. H. Chapin in regard to FMC work but he would not listen.

34 deg. Cloudy. S wind. Clearing toward noon. Very warm.

22 deg. Fair. NW wind. PM- colder, snow flurries. Went to Sta. Got tickets for Benefit for earth quake sufferers. Sold 10 at $1.50.

-14 deg. Fair. NW wind. -8 deg at noon. Ada froze her nose going to the depot.

1-7-1908 -4 deg. Cloudy. NW wind. Snowflurries 8 to 10 AM & all PM. Walter's birthday. 25 yrs. old.

14 deg. Cloudy. SW wind. Pd. taxes. Ours & Helens total $127.77. Took storm sash to Barnes. Nobody home.

20 deg. Cloudy. Variable wind. Eve. - Went to Hinnrichs. dictated resolution & request to FM church for hearing in regard to church work.

22 deg. Snowing. Variable wind. Linden quarantined with Scarlet Fever in home. PM colder. Eve. Went to church with Minnie.

-2 deg. Fair. NW wind. Cold all day.

-4 deg. Fair. NW wind. Mail at 1:30. Verhein discharged.

1-13-1908 8 deg. Partly cloudy. S wind. Met Rooney & Kruse looking for F. Wolfgram. We called for Betts who knows him & arrested him.

24 deg. Cloudy. Raw wind. Damp. Litzkow presented our petition to OHC.

26 deg. Cloudy. E wind. Snow in eve. Minnie went with Mrs. Fredrichs to lecture, 28th & Clark.

22 deg. Cloudy. NW wind. About 2 in. snow. Went to Becks, Pd. Plumbing bill for Helen.

22 deg. NW wind. Overslept. Went to work without breakfast.

28 deg. Cloudy. E wind. Thawing at noon. Jakes birthday - 50 yrs. old. Had pipe to our boiler clogged. Worked till midnight.

30 deg. Cloudy. West wind. Warm at noon.

23 deg. Cloudy. S wind. Frosty, disagreeable.

38 deg. Cloudy. SW wind. Thawing. Damp. PM-Rainy, warm. FMS Annual Meeting. No. 2 secedes on announcement that church would or could be turned over to Presbyterians.

38 deg. Cloudy. SE wind. Heavy fog. Rained during the night. PM- Warm & foggy.

52 deg. Cloudy. SW wind. Thunder showers during the night. Jake came in yesterday. Goes home this AM at 9:30. 8 PM- Went to Kapitzki's. Met 15 Persons who took steps to organize an independent church on acct of FMC being turned over to the Presbyterians.

38 deg. Fair. NW wind. Growing colder.

30 deg. Fair. NW wind. Cool. Went to court with Nic Schulz on probation from Dec. 24th. Continued to Apr. 21st.

26 deg. Fair. SW wind. Pleasant. Pension Board Meeting at Mayors office, 10 AM. Pensioned two daughters of Ptm. Otto Flieth who was injured while on duty & died from the effects of the injury. Back to beat at 11:15 AM. Flieths daughters get Widows Pension, $35.00 per mo. till they are 18yrs of age.

30 deg. Fair. NW wind. Pleasant.

28 deg. Fair. SE wind. Arthur's birthday. Would have been 17 yrs. old. 3:30- Warr. for Dr. R. F. Teschau, Failing to report contagious disease. Health Dept. Comp. Notified subp. witnesses.Commenced snowing, 5:30 PM. Mens meeting at Kingsley. Neelen & Halls.

32 deg. Cloudy. NE wind. Snowing. 6 in wet snow at 7 AM. In court at 9 AM with Teschau. Cont. one week. Back to beat at 10 AM. Snowed & blowed all day. Lindow came home with Ada. I wouldn't let him go home because of the storm.

10 deg. Fair. High NW wind. 1 ft. of snow this morn. Checks at 2:30.

6 deg. Fair. NW wind. Told Ward Foreman to shovel snow in front of 2822 N. Av. Hard snow 1 ft. deep on walk. Went to Hinnrich's to hear Gillespie preach.

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