William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
March 1909

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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MARCH 1909

32 deg. Southerly wind. Fair. Grootemaat on day duty. Takes Verheins beat. Change day:- Linden at noon. Eve.- With Ada to Asbury Church Concert.

3-1-10-9 26 deg. Cloudy. SE wind.

32 deg. Cloudy. High northerly wind. Snow flurries. Met Linden at 4:40. Walter went to Chicago.

3-4-1908 24 deg. Fair. NW wind. Cool & pleasant. Inauguration of Pres. Taft. Ada home today. Not feeling well.

26 deg. Partly cloudy. SE wind. Chilly. PM- Snow flurries. Louis Goehring & family came this eve. on their way home from Ill's.

34 deg. Cloudy. Southerly wind. Rain 10 AM till noon. See if Horning moved his Lbr from St. 9:30- Went to Com's. Grundman's office & talked about this matter. He wrote a letter telling Horning he coudn't do anything for him. Mail at 1:30 PM for Horning. Met Frank Illgren & Paid $25.00 on lot for Fellowship Mission. Took receipt for same. Goehrings went to Fredonia at 5:25. Helen came back this eve.

30 deg. Fair. NW wind. Chilly.

34 deg. Cloudy. E wind. Very damp & chilly. Snow flurry during the night. Meeting at Kapitzke's this eve. to elect a Board of Trustees for Fellowship Mission. 8PM to 10 PM. I was elected Trustee with A.F. Litzkow, Theo. Hinnrichs, Geo. Kapitzke & Edw. Zillmer. I was elected Pres. of Trustee's. & Treas. of church. Litzkow, Secy.

32 deg. Cloudy. E wind. Snow & rain all night. Rain all morn & all day. We make contact with Ilgen at 3 PM. Kopitzke starts building tomorrow morn. about 1908 Chambers. 3:30- Asked leave of absence for 3/4 hr. to go to Zillmers to sign contract with Zillmer & wife for lot for Fellowship Miss. Lumber & other materials ordered for tomorrow morning.

30 deg. Partly cloudy. NW wind. Snow flurries. Colder. Kapitzke commenced carpernter work on Fellowship Mission. Me Linden, 3 PM, 25th & Meinecke. M.J. Stromberg resigned this morn.

16 deg. Fair. NW wind. Cold. Risinmg temp. Tax Bills. Eve- Everett Sick. Called Dr. Hollenbeck at 10 PM. He came at 12 M.

30 deg. Cloudy. E wind. Chilly all day.

30 deg. Cloudy. NE wind. Snow at 8 AM. 4 PM- Snow flurries all eve.

28 deg. Cloudy. Snowing. About 1 in. fell suring the night. PM- Clearing. Cold wind. Ada's birthday, 21 yrs. old. Stolzenfeld goes on wagon this eve. I cover his beat.

20 deg. Fair. Cold W wind. Went to Haukohl's house. Talked about Tleskka Bill. Wrote protest against it to be signed by men in dept. Went to beat at 11 AM. Change day:- Genthe sick. Betts on Stolzenfeld's beat.

23 deg. Cloudy. NW wind. Snow flurries. 44 names on petition to Senator Bodenstab. PM- Went to Secy's office, settled up taxes- $45.58. Mailed letter to Senator Bodenstab. Back to beat at 3:00. Snow flurries this PM.

8 deg. Fair. NW wind. Cold. 1 in. snow. St. Patricks day in the morning.

31 deg. Cloudy. SE wind. Very raw & chilly. Rain all PM.

34 deg. Cloudy. W wind. Very damp. PM- Partly clearing.

32 deg. cloudy. Variable wind., mostly east. Chilly all day. PM- Betts arrested "Waterhead" Steinmetz.

28 deg. Fair. Spring begins. Wind E. Cold.

28 deg. Cloudy. E wind. Chilly. Waterhead sent to Asylum temporarily. To be committed to Home for Feeble minded at Chippewa Falls.

32 deg. Fair. SE wind. PM- Warmer. Shower bet. 7 & 8 PM. Judge Williams spoke to Brotherhood at Kingsley Church this eve.

40 deg. Cloudy. Northerly wind. Cooler. Met Sergt. Schneider, 25th & N. Av. He told me about someone tel. him about me going to N. Av. Depot. I am sure it was Hankwitz the Butcher.

32 deg. Fair. High NW wind. Fellowship Mission Social at Mauske's. Did not go because Minnie was home alone.

27 deg. Fair. W wind. Froze hard. Rain & snow towards eve. Rose Dickie debate at Hippadrome.

32 deg. Partly cloudy. W wind. Snow flurries during the day. Cold & disagreeable. Eve- Snow flurry at 8 o'c. Went to Knox's this eve. Checked up Treas. Acct.

30 deg. Partly cloudy. NW wind. chilly. Genthe in Sta. this morn. Fellowship Mission ready for first service. My committee of the Brotherhood had charge of Kingsley eve. service. Ph. Willis spoke.

31 deg. Partly cloudy. W wind. Snow flurries during the day. Cold. Met Genthe, 27th & Fond du Lac, 9 AM.

29 deg. Fair. NW wind. Cold. 1/2 in. snow last east of 12th St., west side. Heavy frost.

34 deg. Cloudy. NW wind. Av. Min. Temp. for Mo. - 29 deg. 8:30- Orders per. tel. to go to court in case of E. Kroening, com. drunk. Hofer, comp. 90 days. Back to beat at 10:30. Checks at 2:30. Mail for J. Hadley 829-26th. No such person there.

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