William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
July 1909

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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JULY 1909

64 deg. Partly cloudy. E wind. Checks. Went to Sta. 6:45 AM. Early order a mistake. Rept. on old time. Go home at 6 PM. Took Betts check to his house 717 1/2 - 40th. Orders to be at 21st & Center, 7:30 PM. St. Carnival. Ice cream social at our house. Reported to Sert. Linden, 21st & Center & was excused from duty. Went home. Big crowd at social. Go home at 6 PM.

64 deg. Fair. SW wind. Very pleasant. Mrs. Lindow staid all night with us. PM- High SW wind. Hot. Sudden chage at 5:00. Cooler. Went to Barnes for rent. Barnes got $10.00. Get bal. July 16th. 5:30 PM- Heavy rain from NE. Flooded everything.

56 deg. Fair. NE wind. Cool. Paid Relief Assn dues. Everett, Nettie, Josie & Robt. Reinhard came to dinner on their way to Reeseville.

54 deg. Fair. Northerly wind. Cool. Picnic at Stencel Park.

58 deg. Partly cloudy. E wind. Cool. Eve. Went to Wash. Park at 6 PM. Minnie, Ada Helen & I took our supper there.

58 deg. Fair. NE wind. Cool. 2 PM- Juv. court- Edw. Mayes 949-33rd;J ohn Kohler 826-32nd. Mayer, Sent. Susp. Kohler- Reform School. Back to beat at 11:35. Mail at 4:35. Meeting at Fellowship Mission to frame & adopt constitution.

58 deg. Fair. E wind. Pension Bd. Meeting, 10 AM. Organized by electing old officers. Donahue case came up & was cont. 1 week. Back to beat at 11:15 AM.

60 deg. Fair. SE wind. Cool. Mail at 2:30.

60 deg. Fair. SW wind. Warmer. Partly cloudy at noon. Mail at 2:30.

70 deg. Partly cloudy. Southerly wind. Warm. 2:30- Warr. A&B for John Androyua; Ferd Kreuz, Comp. All of 1057-29th. Arr. him at his home. Went to Sta. on car. Spent the evening at Towsleys. Dora & Ed came this eve. while we were way.

68 deg. Partly cloudy. Variable wind. Sultry. Warm all day. Mr. & Mrs. Brooks came up & spent the evening with us. We all staid home.

74 deg. Partly cloudy. High SW wind. In court, 9 AM with Androyaus. Paid cost of $6.90. Left court at 11:40. Back to beat at 12:10. Mail at 2:30.

64 deg. Fair. NE wind. Warm. Mail at 1:30.

64 deg. Fair. W wind. Rising temp. Pension Bd. Meeting 10 AM. City officials not present. Sizer, Temp. Chair. Donahue case cont. 2 weeks. Mrs. Gauer, pensioned. Back to beat at 11:20.

68 deg. Fair. NW wind. 8:45- went to 23rd & Hadley. Escorted school to 13th & Vine St. Back to beat at 10:10. Frank Peterson killed by lightning at T.M.E.R. Tel. at S. city limits.

62 deg. Fair. NW wind & cool. Served Notices of Defective Elavators on Hanson & Sons., Mahew Mfg. Co. Romadka Trunks.

60 deg. Fair. southerly wind. Cool in early morn. Saarous Church School Picnic in Stencels Park. Mail at 2:30 for H.C. Hinz.

7-18-1908 60 deg. Fair. NE wind. Cool. Orders to be at Pabst Park, 7 PM. Soc. Dem. Picnic. Home at 10:40 F.K. Petersen 1249-21st St. buried.

54 deg. Fair. Very cool. NE wind. Eve- Walter & Ida came to supper & staid the eve. JL came to supper & staid all night.

60 deg. Fair. Eaterly wind. Cool. PM- wind chgd to SW, warm.

64 deg. Fair. High Sw wind. Mail at 2:30 PM.

72 deg. Fair. W wind. Warm. Thunder shower during the night. PM- Cooler. High W to NW wind. cloudy.

60 deg. Fair. NE wind. Cool. Schnell back from strike on S. side. Mail at 2:30- Mayhew Mfg. Co. Caucus for candidates for Trustees of P.P. Assn. Election to be held Aug. 2nd.

58 deg. Fair. NW wind. Cool. Fellowship Mission Picnic, sherma Park. Very pleasant all day. Minnie & Ada went to Lake Park. PM & then to Sherman Park. We took supper at the Park & went home.

62 deg. Fair. NW wind. Warmer. Platt Deutscher Picnic, Stencels Park.

64 deg. Cloudy. W wind. Looks like rain. Betts back on his beat.

62 deg. Partly cloudy. E wind. Moderately warm during the day.

70 deg. Fair. Southerly wind. Hot. Sprinkled about 11 AM. Showers 11 to 12 AM. PM- SW wind. sultry.

76 deg. Partly cloudy. SW wind. Very sultry. Hot all night. 94 deg. in shade. 104 deg. in sun. Shower at 2:50. Mail 2:30. 6 PM- Went to Flushing Tunnel Park with Minnie & Ada. Home at 8:40. Went to Lawn Social at Cummings. Moss took us for an auto ride.

66 deg. Fair. NE wind. Cooler.

68 deg. Partly cloudy. Variable wind. Clearing at noon. Light shower at 6 AM. Hot. Checks at 1:30. Minnie & Helen went to Waukesha this forenoon. 6 PM- got rig from Schubbe. Went to N. Mil. Got Ada & drove around till 9:15. Went home & got supper.

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