William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
January 1910

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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30 deg. Cloudy. Southerly wind. Met Walter & Ada at Depot. !/2 hr. extra for dinner. Warmer, looks like rain or snow. PM. thawing quite fast. spent evening at home. Change day. Linden out at noon.

22 deg. cloudy. W wind. Chilly all day. Hinnrichs came to see me at 5:30 PM.

12 deg. Fair. W wind. Growing colder. Official Board Meeting of Fellowship Mission at Kapitz 1245-21st to consider resignation of J. W. Gillespie. Adj. to meet Sat. Eve.

-4 deg. cloudy. Northerly wind. Snowing at 8 Am. Fire at American Bridge Works. 4 firemen killed. All members of Eng. Co. No. 4. 10 AM- wind chgd to SE. Snowing & blowing fiercely all PM & Eve. No meeting at Kingsley tonight.

22 deg. Cloudy. NW wind. Growing colder. About 6 in. snow fell. Drifting badly. Went to N. Mil. to attend annual meeting of Schneider Furniture Co. Zippel, Pres. Walter, Secy-Treas. A.L. Grootemaat, Geo. Moss & myself, Directors. Home 11:15.

-10 deg. Fair. NW wind. Cold.

-10 deg. Fair. W wind. Frosty, very cold. Walter's birthday., 26 yrs. old at 12:20 pm. I fell down stairs at 6 AM. Hurt my elbow. Had just cleaned off balcony. Had snow on my slippers. Went to Kingsley church this eve.

16 deg. Cloudy. W wind. Snowing all forenoon. Mailed checks to Prud. Ins. Co. & Wis. Tel. Co. Went to Kapitzki's. Met the men of the church. Had a conf. over Gillespie. Agreed to disagree. No hope for agreement.

-4 deg. Fair. NW wind. Cold. Warmer at noon. Cold towards eve.

6 deg. Partly cloudy. Southerly wind. Frosty. Cold all day. Moderating toward eve.

24 deg. Cloudy. Southerly wind. Wsrmer. Thawing at noon. SW wind.

28 deg. Cloudy. Southerly wind. Looks like snow ot rain. Forenoon: Wind chgd. to E. Thawing. Special meeting at Kingsley. Dr. Coleman preached.

30 deg. Cloudy. E wind. Snowing. $ in. snow fell. at 8 AM. Snowing & blowing all day. Mail at 3:30. ViaCenter St. car, via 3rd St. Car to N Ave. Walked to 18th.

28 deg Cloudy. Northerly wind. About 1 ft. of snow fell. Badly drifted. Ada got out on 131- about 1 hr. late. Rubber boots. PM- Partly clearing. Colder. Meeting at Kingslet tonight. C.J.R. Bulley gave illustrated talk. Mission people. Mrs. Knox, Kapitzke, Wood, Frindrod & Celia K. came over.

10 deg. Fair. Frosty. SW wind. Change day:- Genthe at noon. St. cars & trains on time this AM.

24 deg. cloudy. S wind. Damp. Looks liker rain or thaw.

30 deg. cloudy. SE wind. Thawing & rainy. Went to Meuniers & got my revolver repaired. Got it again at 2PM. PM- Rain turnoing to snow in eve. Paid 30 cts. for revolver repair.

30 deg. Cloudy. NW wind. Snowing. 4 in. wet snow. PM- Sunshine. Annual meeting of Fellowship Miss. Church this eve. Jake's birthday - 51 yrs. old. Mail 2:30. All old church officers elected. Good meeting.

12 deg. Fair. S wind. Noon- SW wind, thawing, sunshine.

36 deg. cloudy. SW wind. Thawing. Met Walter at N. Av. Depot, 7:55. Warm at noon. Cooler & cloudy, PM. Ada's club met at our house. To soft to skate, so they came here.

22 deg. Fair. N. wind. Colder. Snow flurry during the night.

10 deg. Fair. NW wind. Colder. Barnes moving back into our house, 1403-34th. Man run over by State St. car at 27th & N. Ave., 4:30 PM. Both legs crushed.

20 deg. Fair. SW wind. Cloudy & warm. Called to 838-27th to shoot dog. Man took him to back yard & because dog was sick I didn't tie him. Dog moved head as I shot. Bullet struck him in side of head & dog ran away.

26 deg. cloudy. W wind. Thawing at noon. Bright sunshine. Mail at 2:30. Went to West Park with Ada skating. Home at 9:30.

20 deg. Cloudy. S wind. Someone stole our milk out of the storm house this AM. Minnie, Helen & I went to trip around the world with Eng. Lutheran Church folks. Home at 10 PM.

36 deg. cloudy. SE wind. Looks like rain. Rainy all eve., turning to snow. 1/2 in fell.

30 deg. Cloudy. NW wind. Snow flakes falling. Rehearsal at Fellowship. Betts arrested Henry Koelprin, A&B, wife, Comp.

28 deg. Cloudy. NW wind. Snow flurries all forenoon & all PM. Koelprin for 90 days.

23n deg. cloudy. NW wind. Colder. Jake came at noon to see Lawyer in regard to suit for $100.00 against Dewey for accident to Briese boy last March. J. & I went to Caswell Bldg at 7:30 to consult J.C. Kleist. Retained him to fight damage suit.

22 deg. Cloudy. Snow during the night. Jake went home this morn.

10 deg. Fair. W wind. Cold.

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