William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
April 1910

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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APRIL 1910

50 deg. Fair. W wind. chgd to NE. Betts brot my check. Cool all day. Lottie Reinhard called.

40 deg. Partly cloudy.. SE wind. Linden called this morn. I helped M varnish the kitchen wainscoat & floor. PM- Shaved, took bath, & went to Meiers & gpt some Aspirin tabs.

46 deg. Fair. S wind. PM- Theo. Hinnrichs came over to see me. Took a car ride to Merrill Park. Went around vis Pigsville. Saw St. Pauls M.E. Church. (Tom Gardners).

56 deg. Cloudy. S wind. Thunder shower ear;y morn. I feel very stiff this morn.

56 deg. Cloudy. E wind. Raining. Election Day. At home with rheumatism. Very sore & stiff. PM- Showery. Went to Essers, helped Minnie pick out wall paper. Went to vote & went home.

32 deg. Cloudy. NE wind. Snow. Clearing towards noon. Minnie & Helen took wall paper off sitting room. I helped a little. Jason tel. about 5 PM. Jake came soon after. They are attending Layman's Miss. Meeting at Gd. Av. Church. Jake went home on 8:30 car. JL came at 10 PM.

32 deg. Fair. E wind. White frost. Very sore & stiff all day. JL came to stay all night again.

36 deg. Fair. W wind. Otto Engelhardt came to paper stiiring room. JL leaves for home today. Paper hanger worked all day & barely got the ceiling done & left it full of spots.

42 deg. Fair. W wind. Paper hanger quit his job. Minnie & I went to Essers, changed the wall paper & hung it ourselves. Got done at dark. Martha came this eve. She & Helen are going to Waukesha.

40 deg. Fair. SE wind. Cool. Very sore & stiff this morn. Went to church with Minnie. PM- Minnie & Ada went to call on Kloety's.

54 deg. Fair. W wind. Very pleasant. Our Wedding Anniversary- 27 years. How time flies. 10 AN wind chgd to NE, cold. PM- rain. I got up at 3 AM, had so much pain, couldn't rest. Called Dr. Hollenbeck at 9 AM. Mrs. Barnes bro't rent. Martha & Helen ret.

34 deg. Fair. E wind. Chilly. Less Pain. Feet sore. Feel sore & stiff.

32 deg. Fair. SE wind. Frost. Went to Baldauf's - got some Wintergreen & feel some better today.

50 deg. Fair. SW wind. Cool all day. Feel some better. Walked around some. Mr. Davis & Mary called this eve.

56 deg. Fair. SW wind. Shower during the night. Pd. Carpenter & Schultz $20.00 on acct. Helped Minnie work in garden. Quite warm all day. Notice in WIS - Betts & I passed exam for Sergt.

48 deg. cloudy. E wind. Shower early morn. Cooler. PM- Rain, NE wind, cold. Minnie cleaned front room. I varnished the woodwork. Varnished kitchen floor this eve.

32 deg. Cloudy. E wind. Cold & disagreeable. Reported for duty. Rain at 10 AM, very cold. Snow flurries.

34 deg. cloudy. E wind. Snowing. Partly clearing at 8:30. Rain toward eve.

38 deg. Fair. NE wind. Very chilly. Mayor Seidel takes his office today.

38 deg. Fair. N wind. Cold. Frost. Bro/ JL's Birtday - 50 yrs. Ev. Conf. at Markesan. 10 AM- Met F. Hackbarth at 21st & Fond du Lac Av. Pd. him $22.00 in full for F. M. sidewalk at 1808 Chambers St. Jake came at noon. Settled with his Lawyer. Ada loaned him $225.00 on note at 3%. J. went home on 7:30 car.

32 deg. Fair. Variable wind. Light frose. Rising yemp. Wind NW at 8:30. Drew Vac. - June 10 to 20. 10 AM wind, SE. 11AM Betts arrrested "Butcher" Boldt. at 30th & N. Av. D&Dis. He was fighting drunk. Assisted Betts. No. 5 wagon came.

46 deg. Partly cloudy.. SE wind. Chilly. In court with Buch. Fined $5.00 & cost - $6.58. He didn't appear. Back to beat at 9:50. Rain all PM & snow in eve.

24 deg. Cloudy. NW wind. Snowed all night. 6 in. snow at 6 AM. Snowing hard all AM & partly clearing towards eve. About 1 ft. of snow fell.

36 deg. cloudy. E wind. Snow, rain & slush. Jake came in & went to church with us. Goes to Juneau tomorrow to fight Schanen Brise et al. on motion to appeal to Supreme Court without bail or security for costs.

36 Deg. Cloudy. E wind. Rain all day. Jake came back from Juneau without accomplishing his purpose.

38 deg. cloudy. Rain. E wind. Pension Board Meeting at Mayors office at 10 AM. Pensioned Mrs. Bender, Sergt. Johnson, Zirbel & Pat. P. Kelley. Back to beat at 11:30. Geo. Maectle Jr. came to see us today. Looking for a house to rent or property to buy.

52 deg. cloudy. S wind. Foggy. Cool. Snow about all gone. Clearing toward noon. Warmer. SE wind.

42 deg. Fair. E wind. Cool. Rather chilly. Warmer toward eve.

64 deg. Fair. SW wind. Warmer. Saloon books - worked mine all in the forenoon.

44 deg. Fair. NE wind. PM- cloudy. Cool. Shower at 4:15. Checks at 2:30. Pd. Dr. Hollenbeck $2.00 for services. Elmslies moved into Helens house.

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