William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
July 1910

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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JULY 1910

70 deg. Fair. Hot. Woke up near Madison, Wis. When we reached M. I wrote a letter to Minnie & enclosed $10.00, aqddressed to Clara Schultz, Madison S.D. home at 8:40 AM. Took a bath. Went to Steinborns to get photos made up.

74 deg. Fair. Warm all night. Rownoski missed 1:45 rept. Gives as reason he was after a man who asked another for money to buy a drink. R's breath smelled bad. Sultry all day. Jos. Ernst came up & visited this PM. Had card from Minnie & Ada.

68 deg. Fair. Wind chgd to NE during the night. Cooler. Got up at 10 AM. Went to church. PM- Very cool.

66 deg. Fair. NE wind. Very cool all day. Had a card from Ada. Sprinkled garden & lawn all PM.

64 deg. Fair. E wind. Cool. Got up at 10:30. PM- went to Barnes, got rent. Pd. Gavens $5.00. Pd. Efky $2.26. Minnie & Ada came home at 9:45 PM.

64 deg. Fair. SWE wind. Warmer. Slept most all day.

70 deg. Fair. Warm. Wm. Beck came & I went with him out to Barnes, looked over house & figured cost on plumbing necessary. Said he would do the work. for $ 60.00. Told him to do it as soon as possible.

72 deg. Fair. Variable wind. Warm. Went to Wash. Park at 9:30 AM with Minnie & Ada & staid till noon. PM- Went to Coerpers- Bo't lbr for wash tubs for Barnes house. Cut out the tubs. Wind SW. Hot.

76 deg. Fair. SW wind. Hot all night. PM- Ada & her club, The Utopia, went to Genesee Lake for a week. Rained very hard. Chas. Schroeder, son of Ptm C. S., sruck by lightning at Pabst Park, 5:45 PM.

67 deg. Cloudy. Cooler. NW wind. Heavy rain last night. My day off. Minnie & I going to Port. Got to Port at 8 AM. Went to church & Lauras for dinner. Jake drove us out to the country. PM- Ret. to say with them all night.

62 deg. Fair. W wind. Went to Cedarburg with J. & Dewey. Took 1:27 car for home. Home at 2:35. Very warm. Minnie staid at Port.

74 deg. cloudy. southerly wind. Rain at 11:15. Heavy shower. Went to Schroeders and saw the boy.

64 deg. Fair. W wind. Cool. Went to C. Schroder funeral at 2 PM. Home at 4:30. Card from Minnie.

66 deg. Fair. SW wind. Chgd to SE. Mailed razor to Vandre. Card to Ada.

70 deg. Fair. N wind. Very warm. Change day:- I come out at noon. Relieved the Sta. Keeper at 11:40. Catholic Colored Peoples picnic at Pabst Park.

72 deg. Fair. W wind. Hot. Bo't shirt at Garvens. Stolzenfeld off. PM- N wind. Cooler. NWSO Settlers Ger. Club picnic at Pabst Park.

64 deg. Fair. N wind. Cool. Social Dem. Picnic at Pabst Park. 8:15- Ollrogge told me Sloan hung himself.

7-18-190 58 deg. Fair. NE wind. Quite cool. Coll all day.

54 deg. Fair. Rising temp. Wind, E. Ed Young came this Eve. Rheumatism in feet.

7-20-19 0 60 deg. Fair. NE wind. Lieut. Kranich died at 8:40 AM. PM- Very warm. SW
wind. Ada, Ed. Young & I went to Washington Park to the Band Concert. Nothing doing so we went to 33rd & Lisbon & got ice cream.

66 deg. Fair. W wind. Stolzenfeld on Committee to get floral design for Kranich.

68 deg. Fair. N wind. chgd to E wind. Lieut J. Jranich buried at 2 PM, Union Cemetary. I didn't have my dress coat so I had to stay at Sta. Lieut came back at 4:30.

70 deg. Very warm. Gellowship Picnic. PM- partly cloudy, looks like rain. PM-Went to Fellowship Picnic. Spent 5 cts.

70 deg. Fair. SW wind. Hot. Lieut Joe off. I took mail to Central Sta. & stay in for the day. Thunder storm 4 AM. Nice shower. Hot all day.

66 deg. Fair. W wind. Warm. Very warm all PM.

66 deg. Fair. E wind. 2nd day off. Ada & I took 7:34 train for Elkart Lake. Rode around the lake. Took electric car for Plymouth. Got dinner at Laacks Hotel. Took electric car for Sheboygan. Rained at S. Took car for Port at 3:12. Went to Jakes, got supper. Ada staid at Pt. I took 6:12 car. Got home at 7:30.

66 deg. Fair. Northerly wind. PM- Ada came home at 4:30. Henry Jastrow shot at Ptm. Maass this evening. Maass arrested him. M. had a hole in his hands from bullet.

66 deg. Fair. S wind. chgd to E. Very quiet day.

70 deg. NW wind. Hot. Stolzenfeld Sta. at Pythian Camp. Allrogge on beat.
Saw Base Ball Game the first in several years. Mil. vs Toledo. Mil 2, Toledo 1.

62 deg. Fair. W wind. Cooler. K of P. encampment at 35th & Fond du Lac

56 deg. Fair. E wind. Schnell & Rawson Sta. at Campt Henry Parish Brown, 35th & Fond du Lac. Stolzenfeld, day off. Held up by Frt. train, N Av. & 30th, 11:18 till 11:30 AM while on way to Sta. Fire at 800-3rd St. at 11:45. Zabel & Erdman there.

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