William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
July 1914

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Key to names and places in this diary

The following material was found in a separate notebook. It is written in ink rather than pencil and covers selected dates in the period 1910-1914
while Wm B. Sizer was serving as a Sergt. on the Milwaukee Police Force.

Ptm. Nehls at 19th & Hadley at 2:45 AM, a block out of his beat. Reprimanded him. He promised to do better.

11:25 PM. Fire at 19 Clark St. Box came in from Bremer & Clary. This place is in the middle of Ronowski beat. He didn't show up at the fire. At 12:45 he was 13 min. late altho the operator made no note of it. I watched him & know that he reported at Humboldt & Center at 12:58.

Ronowski 15 min. late at 1:45. Came to Sta. at 2:20. Said he sat down & went to sleep.

C. Schroeder spent the hour from 6:25 to 7:25 in a Jewelers Store at 2552 Fond du Lac, a grocery store & shoe shop.

Wittman missed 1:35 Report & came to Sta. at 2:50 AM.

Kelling reported at 8th & Chambers at 2:50 & went home to lunch. Came out of house at 3:00 o'c. Spent 29 min. in house.

Kelling went home to lunch at 2:30 AM. Staid in 30 min.

Ptm. Al. Wegner reported at Richards & Concordia at 11:20. Went to 1518 Concodia (Fahls Bakery). Went in & staid until 12:13. Spent 48 min. in the place. I met him at the box, Richards & Concordia. He said he had been to lunch.

12:25 AM. Patrolman Buege reported at Center & Richards St. Went to G. Sonnenberg's Saloon, SE cor. Richards & Clark. Went in front door. Staid about 5 min. Came out. Went S. on Richards St. at 12:35 AM.

Ronowski went a block out of his beat at 1:35 to Fratney & Clark. Reported & went to Station with Johann. His route is Wright to 2nd to Hadley. I watched him. Got to Sta. after men had gone in.

Vogt & Nehls in church at 19th & Center St, from 4:00 to 4:35 AM. Temp. 36. Foggy.all night. Damp.

C. Schroeder came out of school house, 22nds & Center at 1:20. I watched there from 12:45 to 1:20. He took car E on Center St. from 22nd after reporting on 23rd St.

Kelling missed 4:30 AM report.

Riemer missed 5:35 report & didn't come to Sta. I went to look for him. Met him at 3rd & Center coming to the Sta. Said he was looking for a tramp dentist that hangs around Dr. Wedges office. He went in & sat down & went to sleep. Temp. 40 deg. Fair & pleasant.

Kelling went home to luch at 1:40. Came out at 2:10 AM. He was 4 blocks out of his beat at 1:40.

O'Gorman missed 1:30 Report & came to Sta. at 2:35 AM. Said he sat down & went to sleep.

Vogt went into H. Kittlemans Saloon at 29th & Locust at 2:25 AM. Staid till 2 :40. Saloon dark. They used flashlight.

Vogt came to Kittlemans Saloon, 20th & Locust at 2 AM. Rapped on window. Went in the front hall door. Staid 10 min. Barkeeper went into hall twice.

Ptm. E.F. Vogt came to Herm. Kittleman's Saloon, SE cor. 20th & Locust at 2:10 AM. Waited outside till lighted were out & then went in the hall way. Came out 10 min. later with pipe in his mouth, smoking. Weather fair & cool. Nice weather to walk. Temp. 36 deg.

5:10 AM. Ptm. Ptm. Frank Burns sleeping in Eng. House, 3rd & Auer Ave.

Kelling missed 3:30. I told operator to give him his mark this time.

Nehls went into the yard rear of Thatchers Saloon, 1716 Center at 12:05 AM. Came out at 12:15. Returned & went in the rear door. Staid 5 min.

Kelling missed 5:30 AM report & came in 20 min. late. Excuse: Headache & went home, took powder & sat down & went to sleep.

At 12:03 AM Nehls went to Thatchers back door for a drink. He didn't stay over 5 min. I told him to stay away & save himself a lot of trouble.

Partolman Orth went home from beat. Sergt. Linden called for me. I met him at 11th & Hadley. We went to Orth's house. found him in bed, drunk.

Orth resigned.

Kelling on special duty watching RR crossing. Found him asleep at 4:15 AM.

Dobratz left beat on Center St. Car that gets to 3rd St. at 7:40. Got off at 5th & Center. Had 15 nmin. to wait before coming in.

Mundt absent from Roll Call last night. Over slept. Has been moving & said he was very tired.

Ptm. Chas. Schroeder in Van Ellis Store 9:30 to 9:59 last night. In full view of St.

Riemer came in late for roll call. 5 min. after men were gone. Said he was watching Schultzs Saloon, SE cor. 3rd & Wright. (Winter's beat) which was none of his business. Said they were raising hell all night. I investigated & found it is not true.

Betts & I saw Rennen come out of Koester's Saloon SW cor. 3rtd & North Av. He discovered us standing in Marble Shop door & tried to start an argument. He was half drunk.

Mundt:- Absent from roll call. I went to his house & rang the bell at least 15 times & received no reponse, Met Schaetzel & he went to the daoor & rang the bell twice. Received no reply. Called up the Sta. Kpr. Wussow said he had reported from beat.

Kelling absent from roll call last night. Went to his house & got him out of bed at 12:10 AM.

Bet. 11 & 12 o'c last night someone Tel. the Sta that Ptm. Aug. Gutknecht was drunk. Shortly before 12 they called again. I went to 8th & chambers. Met Sergt. Linden with G. G. was drunk. I took him home.

Mundt absent from roll call without leave. Had been in court in morn & at City Atty's office in PM.

F. Kienzle absent from roll call. Reported from beat. Overslept. Kelling absent from roll call. Says child was sick. Reported from beat at 12:10 AM

Glass absent from roll call. He called Sta. Keeper. Was told to go to beat at 12:03.

Dieman absent from roll call. Says he overslept. I warned him & told him to get a clock & see that it was in order. Schultz absent from roll call. Says he overslept.

Nunnstoecker absent from roll call. I woke him. Very hot all day.

9-9-11912 Geyer absent from roll call. Overslept. I went to his house & woke him

Glass absent from roll call. Forgot gun & club & had to go home after them. Got to Sta. at 12:20 AM.

Kelling reported at 11th & Locust at 1:42 AM. Went home, came out at 2:32 AM. Walked north on 10th St.

F. Kienzle absent from roll call. Met him in front of his home. Overslept. Met him at 12:10 AM. He went directly to beat.

Kelling left his beat, 10th & C.at 1:45 AM. Went to his home at 1:48. Came out at 2:20. Talked with Ptm. Truelove on Cor. 10th & Locust till 2:24. Back to beat at 2:27. Total time absent from beat - 42 min.

Kelling went home at 1:42 AM. Came back to beat at 2:32 AM. Absent from beat, 50 min.

Kelling went home at 1:40 AM. Came out of the house at 2:28. Went to his beat. Total absence from beat. 52 min. allowing 2 min. each way from & to beat.

Kelling reported, 11th & Locust. at 1:35 AM. Went home enterd house 1:39 Came out 2:32 AM. Went to 11th & Locust to report.

Kelling went home at 1:35. Came out of his house at 2:48 AM without hat or coat. Went to Box at 11th & Locust. Reported 13 min. late. Went home. Staid till 3:30 AM. Went to 4th & Locust to report.

Kelling went home at 1:45 AM. Came out of his house at 2:40AM. Went to 1th & Locust to report. 55 min. in his home. Total time off beat 1 hr.

Kelling went home at 1:45 AM. Came out of the house at 2:30 AM. 45 min. in house. Usually lights up about 5 min. Then turns the lights out.

Neunstoecklin absent from roll call. Overslept. Called up from 8th & Chambers at 12 o'c.

Kelling went home at 1:45 AM. Came out of his home at 2:30. Went to 11th & Locust to report. One hour off his beat. 48 min. in house.

Kelling left his beat at 6:48 AM. Went home. Came back to beat at 7:38. Absent from beat - 50 min.

Burmeister missed his 1:45 AM report & came to the Sta. at 2:15. He had been drinking but was not drunk.

2:15 AM. Tenner in Saloon NE cor. 4th & N. Av. Standing neat the dor with coat off. Stood there 5 min. Came out and walked North on 4th.

Kiehl in Eng. House reading paper with coat off. Don't know how long he had been there. This was 12:05 AM.

Dieman, absent from roll call. Met him on the way down. 20 min. late.

Found Kelling asleep in the basement of Eng. House 25, 3rd & Auer at 5:15 AM. Took his badge off his coat which he hung on a nail & went out. At the Box at 3rd & Burleigh he begged so hard I gave him his badge back again.

Fred Kienzle absent from roll call. Reported at 3rd & Burleigh.

Geyer absent from roll call. Went after him. He got his 1st report in at 12:19.

Chas. Schroeder went to the back door of the Paris Theater, 22nd & Center, at 12:52 AM. Opened it & went in. Came out at 1:25. Total time inside, 30 minutes.

Burn absent from Roll Call. I went to his house, woke him & got him out at 12:30 AM.

Wittman walking with Grabowski (on Luhms beat) from Hadley to Chambers 1:25 AM.

Dieman absent fom roll call. Went to his house. Woke him up. He put in first report at 12:45 AM.

Kelling went into Berg's Bldg, Gr. Bay & Ring St. at 2:45. Came out at 3:30. Actual time 45 min. in the place.

Kelling 12 min. late. 3:15 AM entered Berg Bldg. 2405 Ring. Came out at 5:38 AM. Total time 47 min.

Mundt in Trapp Bros. Milk Depot 2:30 to 2:55 AM.

Dieman absent from roll call. Overslept. Called up at 12 o'c & I sent him to his beat.

Dieman absent from roll call. Overslept.

Frank absent from roll call. Got him out of bed. He got to the Sta. at 1:20 AM.

Fire started in C. C. Bedding Co's. Factory at about 4:45. I saw smoke at 4:55 AM while I was standing on 22nd & Center. I got to fire, 32nd & Fond du Lac at 5:10. Found Dieman & Vogt there. Dobratz came at 6:15 AM.

Nehls went to Bakery at 19th & Center at 2:50. Came out at 3:30 AM. 40 min. in.

Nehls went into Bakery at 2:48 AM. Came out at 3:21 AM. Total time- 33 min.

Nehls went into Bake Shop, 19th & Center at 2:45 AM. Came out 3:25 AM. Total time inside 40 min.

Schultz absent from roll call. Came to Sta. at 12:09 AM. Says he overslept. Called up at 11:50 PM. Said he was on his way. Glass absent from roll call. Called up at 11:50 PM, said he couldn't get in on time. Came to Sta. at 12:30 AM. Says he overslept. Nehls went into the Bake Shop at 19th & Center St. at 2:41. Came out at 3:21. Total time inside 50 min.

Nehls went into Bake Shop at 19th & Center at 2:52 AM. Came out at 3:25 AM. Time in 33 min.

Nehls in Bake Shop, 19th & Ceneter. 2:55 to 3:30 AM. 35 min.

Renner in Nevermans Saloon, 1180 Hopkins, 12:20 to 1:25 AM.

Nehls in Bake Shop, 19th & Center, 2:50 to 3:35 AM. Time 50 mim. Temp 50 deg.

Schumacher absent from roll call. I met him at 12:15, Richards & Center on the way to the Sta.

Ptm. Renner in Kroenings Saloon, 6th & Burleigh Sts. 12:20 till 1:40 AM. Went home quarrled with his wife & went away at 2:45. Told Schumacher to watch. Koehler heard the quarrel with me in the neighbors yard.

F. Kienzle absent from roll call. Went to his house. Got him out of bed. Said he was sick & couldn't work. Told him he ought to have notified the Sta. Keeper. He was sober. I think he was sick.

Nehls mised 4:40 & 5:40 reports. Under the influence of liquor at 7:40 AM at 16th & Center. Came to Sta. Quite sober.