William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
February 1911

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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34 deg. Cloudy. Southerly wind. cloudy& windy all day.

32 deg. Cloudy. W wind blowing hard all night. Sunshine all day. Ground Hog Day.

26 deg. Cloudy. S wind. Edw. Maechtle came today to stay over Sunday.

20 deg. Fair. W wind. Growing colder. Edw. M. & I went to Hahn's 5 Cts. Show.

10 deg. Fair. W wind. Cold. NE wind. Commenced snowing at 5 PM. Snowed all eve.

20 deg. Cloudy. E wind. Snowing & blowing all night. Hard walking. 6 in. snow. Edw. M. went home tonight.

20 deg. Cloudy. E wind. Looks like snow. Went to N. Mil. on 123, 5:30 Bd. Meeting.

16 deg. Fair. Southerly wind. Clearing during the night.

20 deg. Fair. S wind. Libbie came today. Mr. & Mrs. C.D. Towsley came & spent the eve. with us.

6 deg. Fair. W wind. Cold. Went to bed at 8 AM. Got up at 2 PM. Went to Citizens Trust Co., signed papers for Mrs. McH. then took her home with me. Mrs. Kloety came to see Libby. Jason came in the eve.

16 deg. Fair. Southerly wind. Libbie & Jason went home this AM.

36 deg. Cloudy. Variable wind. Soft & rainy got up at 4:15 PM.

34 deg. Cloudy. S wind. Linden off. I come out early. Rain. Thawing very fast.

36 deg. cloudy. E wind. Rain. Off today. Home at 3:30, raining hard. Found water over cellar floor. Worked till 9 AM. scrubbed up the bathroom, laundry & fruit cellar floors. Home all day.

34 deg. Cloudy. Variable wind. Around house all day except when I went to Weishaupts. Louis Goehring came at 3:15 on his way to Random Lake. Left on 5:25 train.

36 deg. Cloudy. SE wind. Foggy all day. Ada's Valentine Party.

38 deg. Cloudy. w wind. Rain all night. Wore rubber boots.

32 deg. Fair. SW wind. Very pleasant. Went to Drill. Couldn't sleep. Eunice came today to get her shoes. Minnie went with her.

22 deg. NE wind. snow flurries, chilly. 1/2 in. snow during the day.

16 deg. Fair. N wind. colder.

10 deg. Fair. NW wind. Cold.

22 deg. Fair. NW wind. Washington's birthday.

20 deg. Fair. W wind. Chilly. Went to Browning-Kings. Bo't over coat for $25.00. Eunice & I went to N. Mil. on No. 7. Came home on 106 with Ada. Eve.- Ada & Eunice went to nickle show.

30 deg. Fair. W wind. Went to Gavens, fitted on my new suit.

30 deg. Fair. SW wind.

36 deg. cloudy. Rain & snow during the night. Off tonight. Got up at 10 o'c & went to church. Mr. & Mrs. Lindow spent the PM with us & went to church in the eve.

18 deg. fair. W wind. Sunshine. Off all day. Minnie & I tool 9:45 car for Waukesha. Went to Sydows. Staid till 7 o'c. Took 7:30 car for home. Home at 8:30.

14 eg. Fair. NW wind. Drill day: Slept all day. Mr. & Mrs. Reedy came. I got up at 3 o'c with headache. Couldn't visit, too sick. Out early for Linden.

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