William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
September 1911

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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60 deg. Variable wind. Fair. Pleasant. Warmer. PM- Went to tailor, got my pants. Paid bill. Left my vest to be changed.

76 deg. W wind. Fair. Very warm. On duty at midnight tonight.

60 deg. Fair. S wind. My birthday - 53. Herm. Wendorf 2641 Bismark St. died on St. at 1 AM, 26th & Center. Off duty at 8 AM.

60 deg. SE wind. Fair. Warmer. Labor Day.

70 deg. Partly cloudy. W wind. Warm. Looks like rain. 5 PM, rained hard.

60 deg. Fair. NE wind. Cool. Partly cloudy. Shower, PM.

64 deg. Cloudy. SW wind. Showery. Warm. Called on Stolzenfeld at his home.

58 deg. Cloudy. East wind. Damp & rainy during the night. Wore rain coat all night. Out early for Linden. Slept 1/2 hr. today. Helped Minnie tie quilts.

62 deg. Cloudy. Home at 3 AM. Minnie, Helen & I went to the Expo at 4 PM.

62 deg. Fair. Variable wind. Mild temp. Heavy rain all forenoon. Warmer. Went to church with Minnie.

62 deg. Fair. S wind. Warmer. Went to N. Mil. to attend Directors Meeting. Geo. Moss came out with his machine. We rode home with him in the rain. Heavy rain 6:50 tom 7:30.

54 deg. Fair. E wind. Cool. State Fair begins. Went down to Wechselbergs to see about N. Mil. lots. On the way back went to the bank for Helen. Minnie went to State Fair to help sell cook books.

54 deg. E wind. Fair.

60 deg. Cloudy. SE wind. Rainy. Went to Grove & Walker Sts. Took my grey hat to Dugans. Worked around the yard. Didn't sleep all day.

60 deg. W wind. Warm. Minnie & I went to H. Park on 8:30 car. Went to C. F. Maechtles. Took supper at Henry's. Called on Christie. Pauline went around town with us.

60 deg. Fair. W wind. Left H.P. at 7:39. Got to Chgo at 8:10. Left C for Naperville at 8:20. Got there at 9:20. Went to Levis. PM- Got livery rig & drove to W,. Maechtle. Staid at Levis.. Wm. Maechtle, Town of Plainfield, DuPage Co.

60 Deg. Cloudy. S wind. Showery. Went to Ev. Church. Heard Ger. & Emflish sermons. Went to Louies to dinner. Took 7:20 train to Aurora. Went to Lydias.

62 deg. SW wind. Very wet here in Aurora. Heavy rain during thje night. C. Maier called for us at 10:30. Took us to his place. PM- wind, clearing. Left Maiers at 3:45. Got to Lydias at 4:40. Went to car for Chicago at once. Got stuck in A., car burned. About 1/2 hr,. late.. Got to chi. at 8:00, went to Doras.

58 deg. Fair. NW wind. Cool. At Doras overnight. Went to Mastersons 4738 Park Ave. Back to Doras to sleep.

60 deg. Fair. E. wind. Cool. Left Doras at 8:45. Went to Youngs. Clouding up. Looks like rain. Left Youngs at 5:50 PM. Took train to Clinton St. Went to N. Western Sta. Home at 9:20.

60 deg. Cool. N. wind. Fair. Left home on C & NW for Antigo., 2:10 tain 12 min. late. Arrived at Antigo at 10:05. Moss & I slept at Vivian Hotel with Kohlsted & Newing.

60 deg. Variable wind. Fair. At Antigo. Bro. Chumm assigned me to Rockwoods 837 1st Av. PM: Went to County Fair. GFM goes home at midnight. Drs. Lean, Coleman, Millar &
Anderson & Mos, Gardner & I went to see the Bishop in regard to Perry.

60 deg. S wind. Cool. Fair. Very warm at noon. Rain at 2:45 and in eve.

48 deg. North wind. Cloudy. Cool. Bishop Hamilton preached at 10:30.

48 deg. Cloudy. North wind. Left Antigo on 12:16 PM train., 14 1/2 min. late. Got to Mil. 6:55 PM.

42 deg. Fair. SE wind. Cool. Off. Went to N. Mil. with Ada. Home to dinner. Then to S. side, got my grey hat. JL came this eve. Mr. & Mrs. Towsley called. On duty at Midnight.

64 deg. W wind. Warm. Cloudy. Rain- 2 to 5 AM. Eve. turning cold. NE wind.

50 deg. NE wind. Cool. Fair. Out early fro Linden. Rain- 4:30 PM. Slept 3 hrs. Rain all forepart of the night.

64 deg. Hing NW wind. Cloudy. Growing colder. Slept all day.

44 deg. W wind. Fair. Te. bill due. Frank Maechtle & Emma Hausmann were married at our house. at 1 PM by Geo. Epp. Eunice came up & staid for the ceremony.

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Key to names and places in this diary