William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
July 1912

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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JULY 1912

58 deg. S wind. m Cool. Fair. Circus in town, Ringlings. Took Ada out & gave her a lesson in auto driving.

62 deg. SE wind, Fair, Went from Sta. to Donaths & Met Walter. Walter came up with Johnson Auto to see how we liked it. Took spin thru the park. Went to Walters in eve. Took Ada & Art to 500-35th. Went back to Walters after Miss Pursell. Took Ed & Rev. Schlueter along.

70 deg. SE wind. Increasing clouds. Sultry. Ada took me out for a 10 mile spin. Hot.

70 deg. W wind. Fair. Very pleasant early in the morn. Our folks with Walter, Ida & the boy went to Pt. to the picnic at 10 AM. Back at 7 PM. Thunder shower at 2 PM. Hot.

73 deg. Fair. W wind. Warm. Ada & I washed the auto. Masterson's came this PM. We took them out for a ride. Went to see the Boy.

76 deg. SE wind. Fair. SE wind. Sultry. Hot all night. At 10:40 AM Minnie & I took Mastersons to Pt. Got there at 1:30. Had dinner at Jakes. Visited Laura a few min. Minnie & I started for home. Got home at 4 PM. I went to bed at 6 PM. Rain during the night.

68 deg. Variable wind. Partly cloudy. Cooler. Showers during the night. Showery, SE wind. Art & the folks took the auto out & after supper I took them out for a spin. Rev. Joliffe preached at K.

70 deg. S wind. Fair. Sultry all night. Worked around home till noon. Slept till 4 PM. Took Ada to Wauwatosa. Went to John Killians. Took him, his wife & mother on a trip to Lake Park.

70 deg. SW wind. Fair. $ AM, cool breeze. Went to Wauwatosa. Got Ada. Walter was with us. Went to McHenrys- nobody home. Went to see Walters Auto at F&S factory. Got Lbr. for Walters garage.

72 deg. E wind. Cooler. Partly cloudy. Thunder shower during the night. Walter came & helped me on his garage.

64 deg. NE wind. Fair. Out early. Linden off. No sleep all day. Walter came & we worked at the garage roof. Art bro't the auto down to the sta. so I could get home early.

63 deg. Fair. Off. Took Robrau, Koehler & Leuhin home. Got home at 2:30. Slept till 6 AM. Started for Port at 9:16. Took H. Rintelman & wife to Henrys. Eve- took them to Port. Got 5 gal. gasoline from Jake.

70 deg. W wind. Cloudy. Heavy rain, Thunder storm. Minnie, Ada & I staid at H's. 9 AM started home with Verena & children. Home at 11 AM. PM- Art & I helped Walter with garage. Got it up at dark. Had supper at Walters.

66 deg. S wind. Fair. Slept till 4 PM. Took Verena & children out for a spin. Rode in Walters auto this morn.

78 deg. NW wind. Partly cloudy. Cooler. Hot at night till 4 AM. Cool all day. PM- Took Verena & children to M&N Sta. 6th & Davis. Helped Walter on garage.

54 deg. Fair. E wind. Cool. PM- Went to Walters. Put some work in on his garage.

52 deg. Fair. SW wind. Took Minnie & Ada downtown. Went to Walters. Painted his garage. Ate dinner with him. Got home at 2:30 PM.

66 deg. N wind. Partly cloudy. Cooler. Looks like rain. Went to Roloff's with Minnie. Got some currants. Went to Walters, helped him put roofing on garage.

53 deg. Fair. Ptm. Gutknecht case to come before the Chief at 2 PM.

60 deg. E wind. Cloudy. Rained all day. Slept all day.

60 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Foggy & damp. PM- clearing. Minnie & I took Mrs. Andrecht & daughters out for a ride. Walter, Ida & the Boy came & staid to Supper.

60 deg. No wind, 5 AM. Fair. Pleasant & Warm. Minnie, Ada & I took Mrs. Reinhard out to N. Mil. Got 15 gals of gas.

60 deg. SE wind. Fair. Warmer. Shower during the morning. Slept all day.

70 deg. Variable wind. Warm Linden off. I go out early. Slept 3/4 of an hour. Took a spin in Lake Park.

74 deg. W wind. Fair. Growing cooler. Home at 3 AM. 8 AM- Koth came & made sidewalk along the house. PM- Took Rev. Schlueter, wife & two young ladies out in auto.

60 deg. W wind. Fair. Cool & pleasant. Off tonight. 9:10 AM, started for Henry Maechtles. Gor there at 10:40. PM- Helen, Lina, Minnie, Ada & I went to Batavia via Adell, returning via Cedar Swamp. 40 miles. Went to Pt. in eve.

60 deg. W wind. Cool. Fair. At 9:10 AM we took Paulina, Helen & Milton Goehring & went to Waubeka, west to Barton, West Bend & home via Newburg & Saukville. Stolzenfeld died. Ate dinner at Geo's. Left for home at 1:14 PM. Came to Mequon, then east to Pt. Wash. Rd. Home via daisy.

66 deg. Southerly wind. changing to SE. cloudy. showery. Stolzenfeld died at 8:30 yeaterday morn. Home all day. Art took auto out & took his grandmother out to W. to stay a few days. Thunder shower.

62 deg. NE wind. Warm Fair. Helped Minnie in the yard. Went after ice. Took W. H. Crossman out for a spin. 16 miles. PM- Went to N. Mil. - directors Meeting.

64 deg. W wind. Fair. Warm. Stolzenfeld buried this morn. Betts, Linden & Peter Kiehl rode with me. Met Minnie & Helen on the St. Took them to Wauwatosa. Staid there to dinner. Took Helen downtown. Went to bed at 2:45. Thunder shower.

56 deg. E wind. Fair. Cool during the night. Warmer at 7 AM. P Clemens came to dinner. I took him to N. Av. & 3rd. at 2:02. Walter, Ida & Boy came to dinner.

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