William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
January 1913

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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30 deg. Partly cloudy. SW wind to variable. Bishop Quayle at Kingslet for 10 min. last night. Very quiet generally. Whistles blew about 15 min. Walter, Ida & Milton came to dinner. Art & Ada took the auto out. Minnie, Helen & I went to Zion's Church. We bro't Ed & Emma Home.

35 deg. S wind. Cloudy. Moderate. Rain at 4 AM. Clearing at 5. Slept all day. Grace Pruggy came & spent the evening with us. Colder. Snowflurries.

24 deg. Cloudy. W wind. Snow flurries. Colder. 8 AM, snowing. 9 AM- Partly clearing. Took auto out & went to Bank. Went to Weishaupt's & bo't overshoes. Went to Bed at 12:15 PM.

10 deg. Fair. W wind. Cold. Slept from noon to 9 PM.

12 deg. Cloudy, Variable wind. Cold. Wind chgd to N. Snow PM & eve. Went to church after dinner. Went to bed. Slept till 9:30.

14 deg. N wind. Cloudy. Took auto to Modern Garage, had primer put on. Walter, Ida & the Boy came to supper. I painted Boy's sleigh box.

24 deg. N wind. Cloudy. Snowing. Blowing all night. Walters Birthday. 29 yrs. old at 11:40 AM. Snowed all day.

9 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Growing colder. Clearing toward daylight. Very nearly overcome with gas in the garage. Using ehter for priming. Went to bed at 12:30. Didn't sleep all PM. Got up at 9:45 PM.

8 deg. SW wind. Fair. Frost. Clouding up after daylight. At 9 AM Ada & I went to Frankfurth's & got kitchen ware ect. with auto. Snow too deep. I won't go out with the auto till the snow is gone.

20 deg. SW wind. Partly cloudy. Damp. Minnie & I went to Walter's. Took Boys sled to him. Went to Ada's house. No sleep.

32 deg. S wind. cloudy. Slept in two parts, 10 to 2 & 7 to 10. PM - Carried out ashes.

-6 deg. W wind. Cold. Fair. Out early for Linden.

4 deg. Variable wind. Fair. Frosty. Off tonight.

8 deg. S wind. Fair. Worked in basement all day. Ida & Boy came down for a while. Fixed Art's violin. Ed bro't check for $1000.00

34 deg. SW wind. Cloudy. Warmer. Sprinkled at 3 AM. Slept all day.

38 deg. S wind. Cloudy. Damp. thawing. Slewpt all day.

44 deg. W wind. Fair. Clearing at daylight. Went to the house with Minnie & Ada & made arrangements to have rooms tinted. PM- Walter & I went to the Auto Show at the Auditorium.

20 deg. NW wind. cloudy. Colder. Snow at 4 AM. Clearing at 8 AM.

27 deg. S wind. Partly cloudy. Raw. Bahn Frei Hall closed at 2:45 AM. Dance by B.F. Turners. 15 couples on floor at 1:30 AM.

26 deg. NW wind. Fair. Chilly. Worked till noon on storm sash. Trustees meeting at Kingsley.

4 deg. W wind. Fair. PM- Went to Fond du Lac Fuel, paid bill & ordered coke & coal for Art. Went to Meiers, got paint.

20 deg. W wind. Fair. Full moon. Slept till 4 o'c.

34 deg. SE wind. Cloudy. Snowing all night. About 2 in. of wet snow fell. Got Auto out & moved 3 loads of things for Ada up to her house. Reported Ptm. Kiehl for being in Engine House with his coat off.

12 deg. W wind. Fair. Frostry. Got up at noon. Art came home & we got Behnke's horse & wagon & moved their things out ot their house. Walter, Ida & the Boy came to supper.

24 deg. S wind. Cloudy. Our new gas range came & I connected it. Went to Hahns & got some fittings. Went up & connected Ada's stove. Took bath. Went to bed at 4 PM.

36 deg. W to S wind. Cloudy. Looks like snow. Went to church. Walter & Ida joined the church & Boy, Milton Arthur was baptized Ed & Emma & Mr. & Mrs. Griesel came to dinner. I took them for a little auto ride. Rained during that time. Went to bed at 3:30. Slept till 10 o'c.

16 deg. W wind. Fair. Frosty. Snow PM & eve.

6 deg. N wind. Fair. Frosty. Out early. Linden off.

20 deg. S wind. Cloudy. Off tonight. Went to Ada's at noon & worked all PM. Staid there to supper. They staid there tonight for the first time.

32 deg. E wind. Cloudy. Foggy. Partly clearing during the day. Went to Ada's. Helped clean up & arrange things. Ada came home with us. Art came to supper. Judge Backus at Brotherhood Meeting tonight.

20 deg. NW wind. Colder. Cloudy. Snow flurries in the fore part o the night. Slept all day.

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