William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
February 1913

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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-6 deg. High NW wind Fair. Checks. Went to Ada's & Walters. Then to Bank. Had dinner & a bath. Went out & fixed up the auto for Art. He came at 1 PM. I went out to help him get things going, Minnie went with Art. At 34th & North Ave. a St. Car struck them & broke the right hind wheel.

-2 deg. W wind. Fair. Slept all day. Walter, Ida & the Boy came to supper. John M. & his girl, Miss Vorpagel came & took supper & went to church with us.

22 deg. SW wind. Fair. Chilly. Went to Ford Garage from Sta. Went to Walters & to Ada's this eve.

-2 deg. W wind. Fair. Very raw & cold. Went to Ford Garage. Got Auto. Went to Fuller Warren Co. Got gas stove for Ada's laundry. Got fittings. John & I went to N. Av. Frt. Depot. Got trunk from Fredonia. Went to bed at 2 PM.

-10 deg. Fair. NW wind. Went to Ada's, 7 AM. Woke them up. Fixed their fire.

-2 deg. SW wind. Fair. Painted storm sash all morning. Art & Ada came to supper.

4 deg. High W wind. Fair. Minnie & I went to Ada's. I connected the gas fflat & after lunch T went home. Got my leggings from Eichler, 6th & Davis. They cost $1. 00.

18 deg. SW wind. Fair. Went to Esser's. Ordered lights for storm sash. Art came at 1 PM & we took 6 sash out to their house. Fitted & glazed 2 of them. I came home & went to bed. Art gave me check for glass, etc. $12.22.

12 deg. W wind. Fair. Frosty. Off tonight. Sick all day. Rheumatism in neck & right shoulder. Art & Ada come to dinner. I staid home all day.

2-10-193 20 deg. W wind. Fair. Got up late, tinkered around all day. Mrs. Fred Maechtle came. She had been to Port to bury her father, Mr. Loeser. Reported sick at 5:30.

12 deg. Fair. W wind. Walter called. Ada came to dinner. Worked at wash bench. Colder tonight.

-4 deg. W wind. Fair. PM- Went to Ada's & to see the boy, Milton. Got Ben Hur from library. Went to work this 11 PM. Jake came to stay overnight.

Zero. SW wind. Fair.Frosty. Took out the auto & Jake & I went to N. Mil. Got 15 gals. gasoline. Went to Walters & Adas & home. Everett came at 11:15. Jake went with him.

20 deg. SW wind. Fair. Out early. Linden off.

36 deg. Sw wind. Fair. Went to help Art. Glazed 4 windows.

20 deg. NE wind. Fair. Went to church AM & to Board Meeting in the eve. Discussed missions etc.

22 deg. Variable wind. Fair. Went from Sta. to Central. Paid $ 150.00 Note & Mtge. Took satisfaction to Court House. Got pants from tailor. Had them inspected. Home at 11:30 via Ford Garage.

30 deg. SE wind. Fair.

36 deg. SW wind. Fair. Very warm. Took auto out & took Minnie & Helen to Ada's. Rec'd bill for auto repairs for $27.90. Mailed it to TMER&L Co. Public Service Bldg.

36 deg. W wind. Cloudy. Showers. Rain coat all night. Strike at A. O. Smith Co. Went there at 6:30 with Drieman, Nehle, Heiden & Vogt. Staid there till relieved by Sergt. Genthe.

30 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Snowing at 4 AM. Snowed all day & eve. Washington's birthday supper at Kingsley. About 80 people sat down.

34 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Rainy. 10 AM- wind chgd to weat. 6 in. wet snow fell yesterday. 7 PM- Went to see Chas. Bennett & talked over pension matters.

6 deg. W wind. Fair. Slept during the day. Went to church in the eve.

8 deg. N wind. cloudy. chilly. Slept all day. Eve.- Went to Sta. 2. Talked Pension Matters to Stuelpnagel & others at that Sta. Went to No. 5 on time to go to work.

5 deg. W wind. Fair. Frosty. Eve.- snowing.

28 deg. Southerly wind. Cloudy. Chilly all day.

20 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Out early. Linden off.

14 deg. NW wind. Cloudy. Off tonight.

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