William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
June 1913

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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JUNE 1913

60 deg. SW wind. Warm. Fair. Walter called at 10 PM last night & told me he was stuck in the mud with his auto. Told him to leave it there till morning.

52 deg. Variable wind. Fair. Pleasant. Went home & started cleaning the carbon out of the auto. Worked all forenoon. Went to Ada's at 2 PM. Then home & to bed at 3:30. Slept till 10:30. Fine growing weather.

62 deg. W wind. Fair. Pleasant. Warm. Went to tailor, tried on blouse. Left it there for futher improvements. Home to bed. Up at 2 PM. Went to Bank & to Ada's. Arthur went with me to the Hospital to get Lydia.

50 deg. Fair. NE wind. Cooler. Linden off. I go out early. Lindens daughter to be married to Chas, Ollrogge. Called at Clemens 1316- 10th St. to see Mrs. Seeman from Los Angles. Not at home.

56 deg. W wind. Fair. Off tonight. Went down to HLD, got auto adjusted. Art & Ada went with us & called at Clemens.

62 deg. Southerly wind. Partly cloudy. Wind chgd to W. Warm & sultry. Minnie Ada & I left home at 5:55 AM. Went to 1316-10th. Got Mrs. Seeman & Edith Head. Went to Port. Visited all the folks. Had dinner on the farm with Monroe & Walter. Left Dora's at 2:54. Traveled in the rain from Cedarburg home. Had a fine day. 6 PM took Lydia S [Sylvester} to Wauwatosa. Mrs. Brooks & boys came to stay all night.

40 deg. NE wind. Cold. Fair. Temp. dropped 45 deg. in 12 hours. Took Mrs. Brooks & boys home. Went to tailors. got my Blouse. Had it inspected. Got check book from Bank. Went home & to bed. Got up at 6 PM. Took Art & Ada home. Got Helen. Took her home.

42 deg. NE wind. Fair. Cold & raw. Went to bed at 11 AM. Up at 2:30. Went to Ada's at 4:30. Had supper. Visited with the folks. Mrs. Seeman & Edith Head, Ed & Emma, Frank's Emma, Walter, Ida & Milton came in. Home to bed at 8:15.

40 deg. E wind. Fair. Chilly, very chilly. Minnie & I went downtown to the stores. Got machine adjusted. Home at noon. Art & Ada came. Ada got dinner when Minnie got home. Art & Ada to auto & got pie plant from Wauwatosa.

40 deg. E wind. Fair. Cold with prospects of rising temp. Nailed up 3 cellar screen dash for Walter. Painted them. Went to bed. Got up at 3:15. Went to Ada's, put up 3 screens. Art & I went to filling Sta. Got 26 gals. "Buzz water" 12 of gasoline & 14 of Motor Spirits. Went home & to bed.

50 deg. West winf. Fair. Warmer. Worked on Walter's screen sash. Slept 5 hours. Took machine out & had a spin out Grand Av. Minnie, Ada & Art went with me to Prayer Meeting.

54 deg. W wind. Fair. Pleasant. Made 4 screensash for Ada. Painted them & Walter's. Slept from noon to # PM. Varnished the dining room & kitchen floors. Went with Minnie to Ada's to supper Took sand to Milton. Minnie & I took Betts & wife out for a spin.

62 deg. W wind. Fair. Pleasant & warm. Got up at 1:30. Ada & Art came to dinner. Got Helen. Went to Fox Point & Donges Bay.

64 deg. W wind. Fair. Warm.. Linden off. I go out early. Got up at 3 o'c. Went with Minnie to Ada's. Called on Ida & "Bubby". Called there again in the eve.

66 deg. SW wind. Cloudy. Thunder storms last night. Out early again tonight. Got up at 10 AM. Got ready for church. Went after Art & Ada. Took them to church. PM- Went after Helen. John & his girl took a ride with us to Lake Park. Hot all day. 90 deg. in shade at noon.

74 deg. W wind. Fair. Thunderstorms in the night. Very warm. PM- thunder shower this evening.

65 deg. Variable wind. Fair. Warm all night. Went to Walter's. Put up cellar window screens. Took Milton 4 pails of sand. Art & Ada came to dinner. PM- Art took the women folks out for a spin.

62 deg. SE wind becoming variable. Cloudy. Thunder shower, cool at 4:30 AM. PM- Grandma Taft came & we took her to Ada's & back. She staid for supper.

71 deg. SE wind. Fair. Went to Ada's. Put in 4 cellar window screens. Then went out to look for Wild roses via Wanderers Rest, Town Line, & via N. Mil. Got Art & home on Cedarburg Road. Slept 1 to 10:30 PM. Thunder shower PM.

62 deg. Fair. Cooler. 9 AM- Minnie & I went to 920 %th St. & got Frieda Eimmerman & her 3 boys, took them to our house. Got some ice for us & Ada. Called at Ada's & then home. Put on new rear tire. (Federal). Sent Walter check for $15.00, Cash Price.

62 deg. WE wind. Cloudy. Rain all PM yesterday. Fog gy last night. Slept till 2 PM. Took machine out. Took Frieda & the kids out for spin through the Park. Then took them to Erdmans, 5th & Wright.

54 deg. W wind. Cold. Fair. Went to bed at 9:00. Got up at 1:30. After dinner we went out with the auto to Butler, New Butler, Templeton, Sussex, North Lake, Monches, Holy Hill, Richfield. So. Germ'tn, Meno. Falls & home vis Engelsburg. Got home at 8 PM. 58 miles,.

50 deg. S wind. Fair. Cool. Rising temp. Went to Coerpers, got 3 - 2x4x14 for 75 cts to fix Helens fence. Went to bed at 9:30. Slept till 5 PM. Went after ice for us & Ada. Went out on Sercomb Road after rose leaves.

60 deg. SW wind. Fair. Rising temp. Went to bed at 9 o'c. Up at 3 PM. Went to KLD's. Got 5# can of diffential dope. Home- Mrs. Bennett & Mrs. Seidel called. I took them home. Met Lois on the St. & took her along. Looked like rain but none came.

70 deg. Se wind. Cloudy. Warm. Slept till 3 o'c. Got up & fixed Helen's fence After supper, took the auto out & gave the folks some fresh air. Had 3 blowouts before we got home.

72 deg. W wind. Fair. Very warm. Out early. Linden off. Vulcanized 4 inner tubes. 3 hrs. sleep. Hot all day.

78 deg. SW wind. Fair. Hot. Kingle, Geyer & I went to Theinsville fishing at 3 AM. Home at 3 o'c. Got ice for us & Ada. Took bath & went to bed. Bro't home bullheads. Dinner at Zindt's, Mequon Sta.

80 deg. W wind. Fair. Hot all night. Off tonight. 9:20 AM. We, Minnie, Ed, Emma & I started for Pt. Went N & W on Brown Deer road & came out 2 miles weat of Newburg. Went E to Pt. PM- Went to the farms.

70 deg. S wind. Fair. Staid at Jakes over night. Ed & Emma out on farm. Morn.- All the rest went to hear Fortsche preach. I took Laura to the Cemetary. Home at 5 PM. Henry Peat called on us in eve.

74 deg. Southerly wind. Fair. Hot night. Hotter at 8 AM. Went to HDL & had radius rod put in. Took H. Peat around the city. Got some ice for us & Ada.Went to bed at 1 PM. Shower.

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