Julius Wickwire Sizer
b: December 25, 1823 in Middlefield, Otsego Co., NY
moved to Washington County(later divided to Ozaukee County), Wisconsin in Fall 1846
p: Lemuel Steuben Sizer and Esther m: 1st December 1844 to Elizabeth Haner (Elizabeth died in September of 1849)
m: 2nd September 14 1854 to Ruth Ann Corwin of the Town of Barton, Washington Co

Children of the marriage of Julius and Ruth Ann:
4 died in infancy
Libbie, Mrs. Libbie Glassburn moved to Hillyard, Washington
William Bramwell Sizer moved to Milwaukee, Wis
Jason Sizer is a Methodist preacher in the North Dakota Conference
Clara, Mrs. Clara Peffer of Sherburne, Minn
Lois, Mrs. Lois Maechtle of the town of Port Washington
Laura, Mrs. Laura Large of Port Washington
Alice Sizer
They lived on the farm until 1893. Then they exchanged property for some in
the city of Port Washington.

This was written in Wm. Bramwell Sizer's notes. A short sketch of father's life written by mother before his death. J. W. Sizer is Wm. B. Sizer's father.

Julius Wickwire Sizer was born in the town of Middlefield, Otsego Co., State of N. Y., December 25, 1823. He says, I had a desire for a home in Heaven, and from a child wanted to go west when I grew to manhood. Through the strivings of the spirit I was forced to promise the Lord that I would serve him when I got settled in life. I was married in Dec. 1844, the 25th being my own birthday and the 27th that of my wife. Her maiden name was Elizabeth Haner. She and her widowed mother both being professed christians. Now in March after , went to housekeeping and my motherinlaw said to me that I ought to read the bible and pray in my family, which if had done I should have been happy, but the tempter said, no one knows anything about your being a christian and you will only make a mock of it if you do. Then I said I wouldn't do it and I had no more concern about it till the collowing Oct. (1845) when my brother Oscar died. Then I began to feel the need of being ready as I did not know when my turn might come. Then I earnestly sought the Lord and attended upon all the means of grace. When I attempted to pray my feelings would rush upon me with such force, that if I prayed at all I would have to burst out crying and make what seemed to me a great noise. One Sunday night at prayer meeting in the school house I resolved that I would pray and testify and when I did my wife thought I was going crazy and asked the leader to take hold of me, but his answer was that I was doing well enough, to let me alone, for I was shouting at the top of my voise. About this time or before, my father had been west and exchanged his property for 414 acres of land on the Milwaukee river in the town of Saukville (The known as Sackville). And as my brother, Dana F. Sizer, and other relatives were coming here he wanted me to come too. At first I could not consent to come but the time came after much urging that I consented to come with him. After I made up my mind to come the Spirit said if you go west what are you going to do. You'll want meetings. Will you be a class leader. I felt that I was not capable of filling tha position and said why do you ask this of me for I don't know how to be a leader. This continued for several weeks till at last I said if there's no one any more capable than I am, I will. Then it came to me that is all I want.

I came to Wisconsin in the fall of 1846 and settled in the town of Saukville and at the time, Washington Co.,but the county has since been divided and my home was in Ozaukee Co., the eastern part of Washington Co. After living her two years a minister called and organized a class of five young men and three women beside myself, so I was chosen leader and continued in that capasity for seveeral years. The class grew to be over 40 in number. At that time it was expected at every quarterly service that some one would be converted and Jesus all the day long was my joy and my song. And the angels could do nothing more, than to fall at his feet and the story repeat and the lover of sinners adore.

In September of 1849 my wife died and I lived single nearly 5 years. Then I was married to Ruth Ann Corwin of the Town of Barton, Washington Co., Wis. September 14 1854 by David Lewis. We have had eleven Children, four have passed on in infancy. The remaining seven are doing service for the Master, The oldest, Mrs. Libbie Glassburn is now living in Hillyard, Washington. The second, Bramwell Sizer lives in Milwaukee, Wis.is on the police force and has been for 11 years. The third, Jason Sizer is a Methodist preacher and he belongs to the North DakotaConference, is a strong Prohibitionist The fourth is Mrs. Clara Peffer of Sherburne, Minn . Her husband is a Miller. Fifth is Mrs. Lois Maechtle of the town of Port Washington, her husband is a farmer. Sixth is Mrs. Laura Large of Port Washington, her husband is a Mechanic. The seventh is Alice Sizer. She still remains with us. Our home was on the farm till 1893. Then we exchanged property for some in the city of Port Washington where we have resided since 1896.

Many of the Sizer family are buried in the Sizer Cemetery on County O in Ozaukee County.