Wisconsin in the Spanish-American War

3rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
Company I


Right Forward, Fours Right, March

First Lieutenant Company I. Third Wisconsin National Guard.

To the Memory of that ideal young officer Lieutenant Hector Rae Swift Who Died July 22, 1898, At Charleston, South Carolina. His was a rare spirit, A beautiful soul, And there were Few Dry Eyes in Company I When the message of his death was read to us, by candle light near Ponce, Porto Rico.

INTRODUCTORY. In the following brief history of Company I, the writer has endeavored to portray truthfully by the transformation of one of Wisconsin's best National Guard companies into that of the volunteers, called for by President McKinley, in April, 1898, and their consequent movements.

He has taken the every day life of a Private, who later on became a Corporal, for the reason that this Private indulges in some "heart to heart talks" occasionally and thereby reveals the inner thoughts, sorrows, and joys, of a representative Co. I man.

The pictures were taken "on the spot, by our own artist," and the fact of his crawling within twenty feet of Lancaster's Battery in action near Coamo, illustrates the kind of kodak fiend he was.

Perhaps this little record will interest our friends, but it is written first, last and all the time for Co. I, and if the writer succeeds in pleasing those trained critics he will have accomplished all that he hoped for.

In passing, it may be well to say that the Third Wisconsin Volunteers consisted of twelve companies. One might infer from this record that Co. I was the "whole thing". Each of the other eleven companies felt exactly the same way as to their particular company, avd it was this strong feeling of pride in each of the companies which, intensified and centralized into a supreme confidence and love of the Regiment, made the Third Wisconsin peerless.

Co. I, Third Wis. Nat Guard, was mustered into the service of the State Nov. 29th, 1895, with the following officers: Captain, Harry W. Newton; First Lieutenant, Ogden H. Hammond; Second Lieutenant, Wm. H. Smith. March 1st, 1898, Wm. H. Smith was elected First Lieutenant in place of Ogden H. Hammond, who resigned on account of press of business. Hector K. Swift being elected Second Lieutenant. The company was mustered into the service of the United States at Camp Harvey, Milwaukee, on May llth, 1898, with these officers in command. Richmond Smith was appointed Second Lieutenant about Aug. 20th, while in Coamo, Porto Rico, to till vacancy caused by the death of that ideal young officer, Hector R. Swift.

So many changes took place in the make-up of the enlisted men from various causes, but especially on account of bringing the total strength up to 104 before leaving for Camp Harvey, and while there reducing it to 84 and later on at Camp Thomas again increasing to 109 that it is thought best to give here but one complete roster of the company and that includes every man who was entitled to leave Camp Thomas, Chickamauga, on July 5th, 1898, for Cuba, the Phillipines or Porto Rico as the War Department saw fit and who did go to Porto Rico, unless prevented from doing .so by sickness, which was the only thing that could prevent a Co. I man from going to the place where they all longed to be, and that was "at the front." Shortly after the muster out on January 9th, 1899, at Maryland Hall, the Company formed a civil organization with the following officers:
President, Lieutenant W. H. Smith;
Vice-President, Clifford G. Howard;
Honorary Vice-President, Ex-Senator T. B. Mills;
Secretary, Corporal Emanuel Rossiter;
Treasurer, Sergeant W. D. Coburn;
Executive Committee, Captain H. W. Newton, Corporal C. F. Langevin.

On May 27th, 1899, the new Co. I, Third Wisconsin National Guard, was mustered into the service of the State by Colonel W. C. Ginty, and the following officers elected :
Captain, Harry W. Newton;
First Lieutenant, C. F. Langevin;
Second Lieutenant, Emanuel Rossiter. By the resignation of Captain Newton, who was appointed First Lieutenant Thirty-fourth United States Volunteer Infantry, Langevin became Captain, Rossiter
First Lieutenant, and First Sergeant Sam K. Duflf Second Lieutenant. The new Company is working hard and hopes to be worthy of holding an honored place in the best regiment of the best National Guard on earth the Wisconsin National Guard.



Harry W. Newton Captain
William H. Smith, First Lieutenant.
Hector R. Swift, Second Lieutenant.
Richmond Smith, First Sergeant.
Charles W. Newton, Guar. Mast. Sergeant.
Fred S. Russell, Sergeant.
William D. Coburn, Sergeant.
Thomas R. Christie, Sergeant.
George M. Coburn. Sergeant.
Robert B. McLean, Jr., Corporal.
John S. Herzog, Corporal.
George S. Giffin, Corporal.
Robert Kelly, Corporal.
Charles F. Lanyevin, Corporal.
Frank C. Buckley, Corporal.
Fred A. Weade, Corporal.
John H. Runnings, Corporal.
Harry E. Briggs, Corporal.
William E. LeBlanc, Corporal
Emanuel Rossiter. Corporal.
Samuel K. Duff, Jr., Corporal.
Ethan Allen, Corporal
Harry H. Howell, Musician.
Walter P. McCombs, Musician.
John S. Larson, Artificer.
Robert J. Grace, Wagoneer.
Robert B. Allen, Private,
August Anderson, Private
George A. Anderson, Private
David Anderson, Private
Percy T. Armitage, Private
David R. Burnett, Private
John P. Burnett, Private
Earle I. Barker, Private
Clarence Banks, Private
Jrmies Beattie, Private
August C. Braue, Private
David Bergstrom, Private
Harry W. Clark, Private
Frank E. Clarity, Private
George E. Cournoyer, Private
Thomas Conroy, Private
Edward C. Comiskey, Private
Mathias J. Conroy, Private
Edward L. Canfield, Private
Oscar P. Champagne, Private
James D. Doran, Private
Andrew Donovan, Private
Arthur C. Earnshaw, Private
Carl W. Elson, Private
James M. Frink, Private
John D. Gill, Private
Covin F. Gill, Private
Anston H. Gullickson, Private
John M. Gregory, Private
Oscar F. Heyer, Private
John A. Haverstick, Private
Alonzo R. Hammond, Private
Armenius B. Henderson, Private
George C. Henry,, Private
John A. Hemstreet, Private
.Vlbert J Heath, Private
Charles E. Hudson, Private
Arthur Henry, Private
William A. Hadler, Private
Clifford G. Howard, Private
Frank N. Kenney, Private
William W. Kemp, Private
Leonord J. Kinne, Private
Bedford J. Kinne, Private
Thomas L. Kiley, Private
Frank O. Lindquist, Private
Ole Landswick, Private
Rolla L. Lang, Private
Herman J. Laltitte, Private
Carl O Lund, Private
Herman S. Lockwood, Private
William K. McNair, Private
Jeremiah P. McCaven, Private
Hugh B. Mills, Jr, Private
Charles N. Munro, Private
Joseph T. Morrisette, Private
Patrick F. McCann, Private
George E. McGuire, Private
Carl H. Newman, Private
Thomas A. McNaughton, Private
David Nesbit, Private
Edward G. O'Kelly, Private
Elmer Olson, Private
James S. Powers, Private
Homer B. Purdy, Private
Oliver R. Price, Private
Nicholas G. Penfound, Private
Chas. A. Rogers, Private
Harry E. Spring, Private
Fred S. Shimian, Private
George F. Scales, Private
Edward G. Shroeder, Private
Clemens O. Schaal, Private
Lawrence H. Strong, Private
Edmund T. Safford, Private
Ralph H. Shamp, Private
Joseph O. Sabom, Private
Newton G. Steck, Private
Robert Spaetig, Private
Hugh B. Sommerville, Private
John M. Sykes, Private
Charles P Thompson, Private
George F. Wilklow, Private
Walter W. Whipple, Private
Grank S. Zachau, Private

Several promotions were maed after this date July 5th 1898

The following, figures, while not official, were gathered from reliable sources and are approximately correct:

September 13th -
126 men sick in hospital.
200 men sick in quarters
128 men sick in other places.
454 total

September 19th—
138 men sick in hospital.
413 men sick in quarters.
148 men sick in other places.
18 men left this day.
12 men died in Porto Rico.

So many men were sick in quarters on account of scarcity of room in the hospital, and also because the hospitals had been run so badly that men had a horror of going there, and we tried to keep them as long as possible with us. The hospitals improved towards the end of the campaign very much.

Ladies of Company I

On June 10, 1898, through the efforts of Mrs. E. Henry and mr. Kirby Thomas, an invitation was extended to all the mothers, wives, sisters and sweethearts of the boys of Company I to meet at Terminal Hall for the purpose of organization. Only twelve or fifteen ladies responded to the call, and voted to hold a second meeting after a more thorough and widespread invitation.

"At the second meeting held in the Empire block there were fifty-two ladies present, representatives of the Industrial branch of the W. K. C., among; whome were mothers of boys at the front, announced that there little band had already undertaken the work which the contemplated society had in view, and urged the combining forces under the old name and by'laws. This gave a regular meeting place with all conveniences for the many Company I benefit entertainments in view. A vote was taken resulting in the majority favoring a joint organization with the Industrial branch. the first work done by the ladies was a suscription taken at the meeting amounting to $47.50 which was sent to Chickamauga for a chicken-pie banquet for Company I.

"At the next regular meeting, held at Agen Hall, the following officers were elected, serving throughout the campaign:

President—Mrs. H. H. Grace.
Vice-President Lytlia A. Karnshaw.
Secretary—Mrs. Frank C. Buckley.
Treasurer -Mrs. Geo. L. Herrick.

Following is a complete list of the members, gathered from the signatures in the Constitution and By-laws. Mention should be made, however, of the several who, from some reason, did not become members, but by their cheerful assistance in many ways helped us complete the work we had undertaken for the relief of the sick and suffering ones, and the comfort of the well.

Mrs. Josie Palmer.
Mrs. Huldah Strader.
Mrs. H. O. Field.
Mrs. Chas. E. Herzog.
Mrs. Geo. L. Rogers.
Mrs. Edith C. Macaulay.
Mrs. W. J. Whipple.
Mrs. Frank C. Buckley.
Mrs. Robert Kelly.
Mrs. Howard Thomas.
Mrs. Adaline Britton.
Mrs. C. P. White.
Mrs. Fred M. Williams.
Mrs. A. F. McKay.
Mrs. P. E. Bradshaw.
Mrs. H. O. Todd.
Mrs. Lydia A. Earnshaw.
Mrs. Walter K. Adams.
Mrs. Altenburg.
Mrs. Zachau.
Mrs. Ralph Purdy.
Mrs. Melville B. Coburn.
Mrs. G. H. Giffin.
Mrs. Geo. I. Lytle.
Mrs. Frank D. Orr.
Mrs. Emma R. Herrick.
Mrs. Winnie E. Burdick.
Mrs. Agnes A. Logee.
Mrs. Ella E. Spence.
Mrs. A. G. Hall.
Mrs. Mary Fitzpatrick.
Mrs. M. A. Orr.
Mrs. Penfound.
Mrs. E. Henry.
Mrs. Shimian.
Mrs. Eva E. Carpeter,
Mrs. E. G. Johnson.
Mrs. J. Heyer.
Mrs. R. R. Smith.
Mrs. M. A. Newton.
Mrs. H. H. Stewart.
Mrs. R. L. Hunter.
Mrs. Horace Hubbard.
Mrs. H. C. Van Leuvan.
Mrs. H. H. Grace.
Mrs. Nettie Davis.
Mrs. Wm. Yates.
Mrs. W. F. Wegner.
Mrs. Jas. Bowey.
Mrs. E. Alexander.
Mrs. Goodman.
Mrs. B. Nelson.
Mrs. T. G. Alvord.
Mrs. Hugh Russell.
Mrs. N. A. Williams.
Mrs. Harriet Shong.
Mrs. M. E. Morris.
Mrs. Matt J. Johnson.
Mrs. A. R. Heitland.
Mrs. E. B. Manwaring.
Mrs. Belle Griffin.
Mrs. Jas. H. Agen.
Mrs. S. J. Anderson.
Miss Blanche Herzog.
Miss Annie Penfound.
Miss Florence Glasier.
Miss Cora Fitzjiatrick.
Miss Lila Henderson.
Miss Margaret Howell.
Miss Bertha Logee.
Miss Saide K. Smith.
Miss Wenonah Cox.
Miss Josie Heyer.
Miss Rio Newton.
Miss Alice C. Christie.
Miss Emma E. Hudson.
Miss Zoa Cirace.
Miss Grace Bradshaw.
Miss Hettie Gould.
Miss Rose Tracy.
Miss Minnie Hudson.
Miss Clara Nelson.
Miss Hilma Peterson
(Mrs. Langevin).
Miss Lillian B. Russell.
Miss Edith Weade.
Miss Allie L. Spring.
Miss Hattie Conrad.
Miss Mabel Kelly.
Miss Laura Spring.
Miss Mary J. Anderson.
Miss Grace Rogers.
Miss Dell Rogers.
Miss Ella Duff.
Miss Marian Banks.
Miss Georgia Herzog.