Wisconsin in the Spanish-American War

3rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry


        Mustered In:    11 May 1898 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin
        Mustered Out:   4-17 January 1899 in Wisconsin
        Service Beyond the United States:       Puerto Rico
                Leaving the United States:      20 July 1898
                Arrival in Foreign Country:     28 July 1898
                Leaving Foreign Country:                22 October 1898
                Returned to United States:      28 October 1898
        Mustered In:
                Officers:       50
                Enlisted Men:   975
        Mustered Out:
                Officers:       49
                Enlisted Men:   1,196
        Total Number Accounted for on Muster Out Roll:
                Officers:       55
                Enlisted Men:   1,294
        Losses While in Service:
                        Promoted or Transferred:        0
                        Resigned or Discharged: 5
                        Dismissed:      0
                        Killed in Action:       0
                        Died of Wounds: 0
                        Died of Disease:        1
                        Died of Accident:       0
                        Drowned:        0
                        Suicide:        0
                        Murdered:       0
                        TOTAL OFFICER LOSSES:   6
                Enlisted Men:
                        Transferred:    38
                        Discharged for Disability:      4
                        Discharged by General Court Martial:    0
                        Discharged by Order:    22
                        Killed in Action:       2
                        Died of Wounds Received in Action:      0
                        Died of Disease:         31
                        Died of Accident:       0
                        Drowned:        0
                        Suicide:        0
                        Murdered or Homicide:   0
                        Deserted:       1
                        TOTAL ENLISTED LOSSES:   98
                Officers:       1
                Enlisted Men:   3

Company A (Neillsville)
Company B (La Crosse)
Company C (Hudson)
Company D (Mauston)
Company E (Eau Claire)
Company F (Portage)
Company G (Wausau)
Company H (Menomonie)
Company I (Superior)
Company K (Tomah)
Company L (Sparta)
Company M (La Crosse) 

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