Grace Spaeth's Graduating Class.

Wesley Memorial Hospital Class of 1929. Photo by Matzene Studio 6 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, Illinois Class Members

Class Members: (Left To Right, Top Row): Bess Cooley, Mae Young, Frances Brewer, Katherine Sears, Eunice Callison, Myrtle Reeb, Teodelinda Gonzalez

(Second Row): Fay Rasher, Grace Spaeth

(Third Row, Left Side): Esther Washburn, Evelyn Cook

(Class Officers, Center): top, Beulah Nelson, President; clockwise, Crystal Hallowell, vice president, Grace Clark, secretary, Grace Potts, treasurer

(Third Row, Right Side): Dorothy Wilson, Myrtle Gabrielson

(Group Left Of Class Name): Ruth Hurst, clockwise, Ebba Collin, Anna Buswell; right Lyma Baird, clockwise, Ethel Vonaseck, Vivian Smith

(Bottom Row, Left To Right -- End Names Omitted On Photo Scan): Mary Kershner, Alta Williams, Grace Colburn, Dorothy Beebe, Thelma Dickson, Florence Hurtig, Dorothy Frost, Frank Cooley

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