Below is an alphabetical list of cemeteries of Washington County. I have numbered the cemeteries so that it is easier for me to identify each one. Especially since some of them have the same or similar name. Some of those listed have burials transcribed for them. When I find obituaries I link them to the individual names.

Cemetery # Cemetery Name Location
(010) Barton Township(Town of Barton)
(030) Boltonville Union(Town of Farmington)
(080) Buffalo-Trinity Lutheran(Town of Kewaskum)
(040) Buth Cemetery(Town of Germantown)
(090) Cedar Creek/Maxson(Town of Polk)
(120) Cedar Park(Town of Richfield)
(041) Christ Evangelical(Town of Germantown)
(060) Christ Lutheran(Town of Jackson)
(061) David Star Evangelical Lutheran(Town of Jackson)
(091) Diefenbach Corners(Town of Polk)
(020) Emanuel Evangelical(Town of Erin)
(121) Erier Cemetery(Town of Richfield)
(092) Erling(Town of Polk)
(140) Evangelical United Brethran(Town of Wayne)
(031) Farmington/Orchard Grove(Town of Farmington)
(032) Fillmore Union(Town of Farmington)
(122) First Presbyterian(Town of Richfield)
(123) Forest Home(Town of Richfield)
(052) Frieden UCC(Town of Jackson)
(033) German Methodist Episcopal(Town of Farmington)
(021) Holy Hill(Town of Erin)
(081) Holy Trinity(Town of Kewaskum)
(130) Holy Trinity Catholic (Town of Trenton)
(082) Kewaskum Union(Town of Kewaskum)
(011) Kopp(Town of Barton)
(042) Last Home (Town of Germantown)
(063) Last Home(Town of Jackson)
(083) Lutheran Memorial Park(Town of Kewaskum)
(093) Mayfield(Town of Polk)
(064) Mill Road(Town of Jackson)
(012) Newark Centre (Town of Barton)
(131) Newburg Union (Town of Trenton)
(150) New Holy Angels Catholic(Town of West Bend)
(151) Old Holy Angels Catholic Town of West Bend)
(043) Our Savior's UCC (Town of Germantown)
(065) Peace(Town of Jackson)
(084) Peace UCC(Town of Kewaskum)
(152) Pick Pilgrim's Rest (Town of West Bend)
(050) Pleasant Hill(Town of Hartford)
(094) Polk(Town of Polk)
(144) Reformed Salem (Town of Wayne)
(095) Rosenheimer Family(Town of Polk)
(001) Sacred Heart(Town of Addison)
(145) Salem UCC (Town of Wayne)
(155) Samaritan Home of Washington County (Town of West Bend)
(102) Seven Cedars(Town of Polk)
(002) St. Anthony of Padua Catholic(Town of Addison)
(124) St. Augustine Catholic(Town of Richfield)
(132) St. Augustine Town of Trenton)
(044) St. Boniface(Town of Germantown)
(045) St. Boniface Catholic Old (Town of Germantown)
(085) St. Bridget(Town of Kewaskum)
(125) St. Columbia Catholic(Town of Richfield)
(126) St. Hubert Catholic(Town of Richfield)
(141) St. Jacob Evangelical Lutheran (Town of Wayne)
(127) St. Jacobi(Town of Richfield)
(022) St. John's Catholic, Monches (Town of Erin)
(046) St. John Evangelical Cemetery (Town of Germantown)
(066) St. John Lutheran(Town of Jackson)
(133) St. John Lutheran(Town of Trenton)
(034) St. John of God Catholic(Town of Farmington)
(047) St. John UCC (Town of Germantown)
(096) St. John's UCC/Faith(Town of Polk)
(142) St. John UCC (Town of Wayne)
(143) St. Kilian Baptist (Town of Wayne)
(052) St. Kilian (Town of Hartford)
(051) St. Kilian(old)(Town of Hartford)
(070) St. Lawrence(Town of Jackson)
(086) St. Lucas(Town of Kewaskum)
(035) St. Martin's Union(Town of Farmington)
(015) St. Mary's Catholic (Town of Barton)
(013) St. Mary's Catholic(Old)(Town of Barton)
(128) St. Mary Catholic(Town of Richfield)
(036) St. Mary's(Town of Farmington)
(067) St. Mary's Catholic(Town of Jackson)
(101) St. Mary's(Town of Polk)
(014) St. Mary Immaculate Conception (Town of Barton)
(153) St. Mathias/German Catholic (Town of West Bend)
(087) St. Michael (Town of Kewaskum)
(023) St. Patrick (Town of Erin)
(154) St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran (Town of West Bend)
(097) St. Paul/Faith-Ackerville(Town of Polk)
(098) St. Paul Lutheran - Old(Town of Polk)
(024) St. Paul UCC (Town of Erin)
(037) St. Peters's Catholic (Town of Farmington)
(099) St. Peter Catholic - New(Town of Polk)
(100) St. Peter Catholic - Old(Town of Polk)
(003) St. Peter's Lutheran (Town of Addison)
(068) St. Peter UCC(Town of Jackson)
(004) St. Peter & Paul(Town of Addison)
(134) Trenton (Town of Trenton)
(069) Trinity Lutheran(Town of Jackson)
(016) Union (Town of Barton)
(053) Union Hartford (Town of Hartford)
(103) Union (Town of Polk)
(005) Unknown Cemetery (Town of Addison)
(156) Washington County Memorial Park (Town of West Bend)
(146) Wayne Methodist (Town of Wayne)
(147) Zion Evangelical (Town of Wayne)
(071) Zion Methodist (Town of Jackson)
(129) Zion United Methodist (Town of Richfield)