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Source: The Blue Book of the State of Wisconsin Compiled and Published under the direction of J. D. Beck, Commissioner of Labor and Industrial Statistics 1907. The Wisconsin Blue Book. VII. Biographical Sketches. The Wisconsin Legislature. Senate, p. 1125.
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The senate is composed of thirty-three members, who hold office for four years and receive $500 each for their services at each regular session. Members of the senate, session of 1907, representing odd- numbered districts, were elected in 1906. Their terms will end Jan. 1, 1911. Those representing even-numbered districts were elected in 1904. Their terms will end Jan. 1, 1909. The lieutenant-governor is president of the senate, but can vote only in case of a tie. A temporary president, to act in the absence of the president, is chosen by the members of the senate. The senate of 1907 consists of 27 republicans, 5 democrats, and one social democrat. Lieutenant-Governor W. D. Connor, president; Jas. H. Stout, president pro tem; A. R. Emerson, chief clerk; R. C. Falconer, sergeant-at-arms.

Sixth Senatorial District. The 9th, 10th, 20th, and 22d wards of the city of Milwaukee. Population, 1900 - 71,711. (p. 1126)

JACOB RUMMEL (Soc. Dem.) was born in Washington county, Wis., April 17, 1857, where he attended common school; came to Milwaukee in 1872 and entered college; learned the cigar trade; is foreman for Williams & Brendle Cigar Mfg. Co. at the present time. He was elected state senator in 1904, receiving 5,848 votes against 5,801 for A. J. Langhoff (Rep.) and 3,127 for Gottfried Hergarten (Dem.).