Northview Cemetery
Waukesha County Farm and Hospital Cemetry
Also Known as Pauper's Cemetery, Poor House Cemetery
Information generously contributed by Bonny Fritz
Pewaukee Township
Waukesha County Wisconsin


Northview Cemetery is just north of Northview Home, Waukesha. Northview Home is just a little east of the northwest corner of Highway T and Northview Road, Section 28, Pewaukee Township.


This inactive cemetery was established between September, 1904 and June 1905, when 75 burials from the old Waukesha County Poor House in Vernon were relocated to this site. These reburials were reported to have been in the northwest corner of the new cemetery. The cemetery apparently had two separate sections, sometimes referred to in the death records at the Register of Deeds office as the Waukesha County Poor Farm Cemetery or the Waukesha County Home Cemetery or the Waukesha County Insane Asylum Cemetery. The cemetery was sometimes used by the Waukesha County Coroner to bury unknown and unclaimed bodies. The last known burial was in 1951. Today the cemetery is referred to as the Northview Home Cemetery.


All known early records books for the cemetery, previously held by Northview Home, have been transferred to the Waukesha County Museum. Northview Home, later called Linden Grove, is located at N1 W25042 Northview Road, Waukesha, WI 53188.

At the Waukesha County Museum there are M-841 County Records, Waukesha County Asylum for Chronic Insane and County Home. Cemetery Records 1881-1923, 1942, 1951. Transcript available. The first 75 burials listed in this register had numbered tombstones and were moved in 1904-1905 from the Vernon cemetery. Aslo, "Study of Northview Cemetery," Donald J. Eggum, Waukesha County Coroner, October 17, 1984. This includes a list of burials, 1883-1936. "Historical & Site Investigation of Northview Home Cemetery, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, "Foth & Van Dyke of Milwaukee, Inc., December 1983. This includes a list of burials 1881-1951. A plat of the cemetery is also available. See Vernon Cemeteries, Waukesha County Poor House Cemetery for further information.


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Alphabetic Listing
Pauper (Poor Farm) History


Tralivick, Jos./1807-1881 
Schroder, Peter/1804 - 1882
Talmadge, Harriet/1846-1882
Carter, J.E./1825-1882
Schneider, John/1805-1883
Cooper, James/1813-1883
Jackson, Jos./1820-1885
Jope, Wm./1851-1886
Martin, Gilbert/1852-1886
Schmidt, Maggie/1863-1887
Bennett, Levi/1835-1887
Martar, Mena/1835-1887
Wolf, Herman/1848-1888
Lindeman, Bernard/1824-1888
Taube, Chas./1810-1888
Steinmetz, Michael/1813-1889
Prieb, Christian/1830-1890
Paine, Thomas/1822-1890
Sisley, Wm. E./1829-1890
Carroll, Michael/1826-1890
Anderson, C./1809-1890
Johnson, Mary/1826-1890
Martin, Melchoir/1801-1890
Rees, Samuel/1819-1891
Rasmussen, Ole/1818-1891
Gunter, John/1830-1891
Abramson, Martin/1838-1891
Schultz, Henry/1814-1892
Hughes, Henry/1818-1892
Cunningham, Fred/1840-1892
Bock, Nelson/1827-1892
Poor, Miinnie/1818-1892
Jackson, Laura/1846-1893
Wolfram, Henrietta/1804-1893
Hillyard, Chas./1804-1893
Bloom, Elizabeth/1814-1893
Sargent, Laura/1822-1893
Pritzlaff, Martin/1815-1894
Stoddard, Martin/1799-1894
Buske, Herman/1828-1894
Campbell, Geo./1858-1894
Bucket, Wm./1815-1894
Parry, Robert/1833-1894
Warfield, Elizabeth/1813-1894
Schneider, Mrs./1806-1894
Zickel, James/Unknown-1894
Haggerty, Wm./1819-1895
Price, Harrison/1816-1895
Bellar, Susan/1808-1895
Tesch, Christian/1821-1895
Sedelmeyer, John/1861-1895
Matheson, Wm./1865-1895
Ryle, Edward/1853-1896
Zuendler, Wilhelm/1823-1896
Meier, John/1806-1896
Harmon, Chas./1854-1897
Rowlands, Thomas/1826-1897
Brunhofer, Frederick/1866-1897
Heft, Martin/1825-1897
Oaks, Mary/1804-1897
Miller, Jos./1818-1897
Holz, Albert/1855-1897
Bauer, John/1816-1897
Mingo, Mary/1816-1898
Mevis, Orinda H./1831-1898
Brant, Minnie/1816-1898
Soffer, Gabriel/1818-1899
Pope, Wm./1814-1899
Brown, Henry/1815-1899
Pierson, Ben/1831-1899
Bauer, Lucy/1820-1899
Meuschick, Francis/1843-1900
White, Thomas/1822-1900
Lubano, Henry/1831-1901
Molick, Frederick/1821-1901
Alexander, Geo./1812-1901
Mulvey, Barney/1820-1902
Schultz, Carrie/1824-1903
O'Brien, John/1855-1903
Schnurestein, Frederick/1829-1903
Parry, John R./1826-1903 
Henning, Chas./1841-1903 
McDonald, James/1848-1904 
Norath, Carl/1852-1904 
Cook, Geo. E./1835-1904 
Southward, Cora/1852-1904 
Baustion, Sophia/1835-1904 
Jackson, Mary/1825-1904 
Knock, Henry/1819-1904 
Melowski, Ed/1869-1904 
Foreman, Fred/1857-1905 
Gilson, Clare/1858-1905 
Harrison, Rev. W.G./1839-1905 
Gabathuler, John/1856-1905 
Pritzlaff, Maggie/1846-1905 
Watt, Wm./1833-1905 
Shumann, Chas./1834-1905 
Dickman, Chris/Unknown-1905 
Russell, Lawrence/Unknown-1905 
Tiller, Robert/Unknown-1905 
Smith, Lee/1867-1905 
Ardino, Cretano/Unknown-1905 
Bork, Wm./Unknown-1905 
Yager, Chas./1842-1906 
Ryan, Dennis/1844-1906 
Lefferman, Frederick/1862-1906 
Williams, Robert B./1847-1906 
Venerable, John/1859-1906 
Johnson, Ingabor/1820-1906 
Town, Christopher/1828-1907 
Goll, Henry/1815-1907 
Waterman, John/1839-1907 
Fisher, Caroline/1823-1907 
Gardner, Amelia/1872-1907 
Franson, Albert/1868-1907 
McCabe, Thomas/1856-1907 
Gasser, Christ/Unknown-1907 
Schribner, Elizabeth/1826-1903 
Weitzel, Geo./Unknown-1907 
Roskinski, Gotleib/Unknown-1907 
Laye, Wm./1870-1907 
Fisher, Andrew/1834-1907 
Bohlman, Albert/1868-1908 
Goodnow, Mary Jane/1847-1908 
Hallanen, Hannah/Unknown-1908 
James, Robert/Unknown-1908 
Uzrauoff, Ranipu/1889-1908 
Spirkoff, Spiro Hudfi/1885-1908 
Nexas, Fripothes/Unknown-1908 
Seyon, Albert/1845-1908 
Ager, Fred/1824-1908 
Felton, Henry/1841-1908 
Bigerman, Fred/Unknown-1908 
Grant, Walter D./1838-1908 
Margarta, John/Unknown-1908 
Barkley, Wm. John/1878-1908 
Schwabe, Lena/1879-1908 
Dodge, Geo./1887-1909 
Bower, Evert/1846-1909 
Polic, Mathias/1875-1909 
Madusky, Frank/1875-1909 
Umbreit, Sophia/1844-1909 
Wartz, Orland/1860-1909 
Krebs, Fred/Unknown-1909 
Minniff, Lazor/Unknown-1909 
Parsons, John/1836-1909 
Devereaux, Robert/1842-1910 
Alberts, Helen/1860-1910 
Rossmer, Matthies/1836-1910 
Infant of Clara Dillert/Unknown-1910 
Ryan, Michael/1865-1910 
Stinert, John/1852-1910 
Abraham, Julius/Unknown-1910 
Picora, Barney/1855-1910 
Anderson, John/1875-1910 
Smith, Peter/1849-1910 
Reiche, Ernest/Unknown-1910 
Reiche, Mrs. Ernest/1850-1910 
Riely, Wm./Unknown-1910 
Carney, Patrick/1836-1910