Prairie Home Municipal Cemetery
Surnames with an E
Waukesha Township
Waukesha County Wisconsin

History of Prairie Home

History on Prairie Home can be found on the first page of the cemetery.

Maps of Prairie Home Cemetery

Map of Cemetery
There are two interactive maps available online. The better one (because it gives more information) is a link off the Prairie Home Cemetery website.

The other site is located as a link from the city website. This site interment dates, but not birth and death dates. From this site you can get the funeral home information and any special notes that may have been made about the burial. The link is here at the bottom of the page:Prairie Home Cemetery City Link.

Burials and Interments

This is a large cemetery. We have divided the burials alphabetical. This is ony a parial listing.

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The numbers in braces {} indicate Elizabeth Lamb's tombstone survey, NOT the plot and grave locations recorded by Prairie Home Cemetery.

Items in brackets [] indicate [Section_Lot_Block_Grave number]The South side of the cemetery has numbered sections; the North sections are lettered.

Once you know the person's name and the section they are buried in, cemetery employees will be able to find the records.

Map of Cemetery. See also the links above for an interactive map.

Burials listed in row order (Section One)

{1-11-18}		William W./1866-1923
[G_48_1_4]	Thomas/b. Jan. 1, 1838/d. Jan. 24, 1914/interred: January 27, 1914/28th WI 
			Inf Company G Cpl/Civil War Veteran/wounded April 3, 1865, Spanish 
			Fort, Alabama, M.O. May 31, 1865
[G_48_2_3]	John W/birth date and month unknown/Mrs Thomas/interred: September 27, 1893
[G_48_2_4]	Thomas/birth date and month unknown/interred: February 17, 1861

[D_75_1_4]	Raymond F/Rudolph-Larsen Bros./interred: February 28, 1989

[5_1_184_1N]	Howard L/Rudolph Funeral Home/interred: 19-Oct-1966

[C_19_1_6]	Neal/Infant (age 0-2)/interment: May 14, 1904
[H_74_1_1]	Mrs. Lloyd/interment: July 7, 1924
[H_74_1_2]	Floyd M/interment: January 20, 1942
[H_74_1_3]	Harriet/Randle Funeral Home/interment: March 2, 1923
[H_74_1_4]	Stephen/birth date and month unknown/interment: February 27, 1904
[H_74_1_5]	George S/Randle Funeral Home/interment: March 26, 1917
[I_42_2_2]	Jennie/interment: July 16, 1926
[N_1_1_4]	Charles P/no dates
[N_113_1_2]	Catherine/Gaspar Funeral Home/interment: February 18, 1938
[N_113_1_4]	Phoebe/no dates
[N_113_1_5]	Warner P/d. Mar. 26, 1897/interment: March 27, 1897/Member of 
			Waukesha Lodge Free Masons
[N_113_1_6]	Warner P/no dates
[N_79_2_2]	Betsy/no dates

[H_53_1_3]	Agnes M/interment: October 11, 1975
[7_A_487_2]	Bessie M./interment: February 15, 1972
[H_53_1_4]	Clarence A/interment: September 11, 1965
[I_42_2_3]	George/interment: February 6, 1940
[7_A_487_3]	James H./interment: September 16, 1969
[C_19_1_4]	Merry G/interment: November 12, 1938
[C_19_1_5]	Roderic/interment: October 21, 1935

[E_20_1_6]	Raymond S/Cesarz-Zinnecker Funeral Service/interred: February 23, 1989

Harry/b. Aug. 17, 1904 Kramer, Warren County, IN/d. Jan. 19, 1963/
	son of Benjamin F. Emily and Lula B. Mack
Helen E. (Warring)/b. Dec. 5, 1901 Minnesota/d. May. 19, 1982/daughter
	of Herbert Warring and Lois Vredenburg

Harry/b. Aug. 17, 1904/d. Jan. 19, 1963 	
Helen E. Warring/b. Dec. 5, 1901/d. May 19, 1982 	

[E_44_2_6]	Howard K/birth date and month unknown/interred: 1-Jul-1911

[85 K 5]	Capt Elihu Enos/b. Jan. 29, 1823 Johnstown, Fulton County, NY/
		d. 1892/son of Elihu and Dotha (Johnson) Enos/Company G
		28th WI Infantry/husband of Frances Blake

{1-2-29}		Mary Woolsey/1839-1922
[M_80_2_1]	Lewis/interred: July 11, 1875
[M_38_1_3]	Thomas J./Infant (age 0-2)/interred: October 3, 1851

[10_1_107_1]	Jane M Erickson
[10_1_107_2]	Daniel John Erickson
[14_GB_C7_3]	Lester Robert Erickson
[9_1_253_1]	Josephine Erickson
[9_1_253_2]	Erasmus Erickson
[C_105_1_1]	Emily F Erickson
[C_105_1_2]	Edwin A Erickson
[C_105_1_3]	Edwin A Erickson
[C_105_1_4]	Edwin A Erickson
[C_105_1_5]	Sabena Erickson
[C_105_1_6]	Eric Erickson
[C_47_1_2]	Lillie B Erickson
[GG_1S_9_1]	Rebecca A Erickson
[K_41_1_4]	Donald L Erickson
[K_71_1_3W]	Beatrice Erickson
[M_164_2_4]	Ervin Erickson
[N_26_2_1]	Josephine E Erickson
[N_26_2_2]	Martin E Erickson
[N_51_2_3]	Albert H Erickson
[N_75_2_4]	Nels Erickson

[2_1_16_2N]	Charles Byron/Welch-Ryce-Haider Santa Barbara, CA/Cremains/
			interred: May 27, 1997

[2_1_23_5S]	Fola A/Randle-Dable Funeral Home/interred: September 5, 1990
[2_1_23_6S]	Chester R/Hansen Funeral Home/interred: September 27, 1957
[2_1_25_5N]	Joseph H/Randle Funeral Home/interred: May 8, 1958
[2_1_25_6N]	Edith L/Randle Funeral Home/interred: January 13, 1969
[5_1_127_4S]	Clyde W./Cesarz, Charapata & Zinnecker/Cremains/interred: July 7, 1998
[5_1_127_4S]	Walter C/Erling Larsen Funeral Home/interred: February 13, 1962
[5_1_169_1N]	Robert L/Rudolph Funeral Home/interred: March 27, 1984
[5_1_169_2N]	Ethel/Rudolph Funeral Home/interred: January 25, 1973
[7_A_510_4]	David J./interred: August 28, 1933
[7_B_102_1]	Gertrude F./interred: September 7, 1965
[7_B_103_1]	John R./interred: March 15, 1939
[9_1_494_1]	Edward/andle-Dable Funeral Home/interred: May 23, 2003
[A_30_2_4]	Bertha K/Hansen Funeral Home/interred: July 5, 1960
[A_30_2_5]	Gwendoline/Biggs Funeral Home/Interred: October 5, 1920
[A_30_2_6]	Gwendoline/infant of J.D./interred: October 18, 1911
[B_25_2_1]	Ralph O/Randle Funeral Home/interred: April 29, 1975
[B_25_2_2]	Carrie L/Randle Funeral Home/interred: February 22, 1967
[D_13_2_2]	Margaret/interred: October 16, 1894
[D_13_2_3]	Watkin J/dates unknown
[D_88_2_1]	Myrtle/Randle Funeral Home/interred: September 14, 1971
[D_88_2_2]	Idris W/Randle-Dable Funeral Home/interred: August 5, 1974
[E_24_1_4]	Julia M/Tuschen-Rudolph/interred: April 5, 1961
[E_24_1_5]	John H/Tuschen-Rudolph/interred: February 12, 1958
[F_2_2_3]	Lucy/interred: March 22, 1908
[F_2_2_4]	John Evans/d. November 26, 1896/age 77/
			interred: November 29, 1896
[G_33_2_3]	Alice C/Randle-Dable Funeral Home/interred: October 14, 1983
[G_33_2_4]	David/Randle-Dable Funeral Home/interred: November 27, 1978
[H_53_2_5]	Margaret/interred: April 7, 1932
[H_53_2_6]	Evans/interred: May 18, 1917
[I_9_2_3]	Jemima P/Randle Funeral Home/interred: January 23, 1935
[I_9_2_4]	Thomas/birth date and month unknown/interred: February 19, 1903
[I_9_2_5]	Alice F/birth date and month unknown/interred: October 1, 1893
[K_76_1_1]	Ambrose/interred: March 24, 1907
[K_76_2_1]	Mary/birth and death dates and months unknown
[K_76_2_2]	Joseph/birth and death daates and months unknown
[M_144_2_4]	Earl/Erling Larsen Funeral Home/Cremains/interred: February 25, 1954
[M_144_2_4]	Elizabeth/Erling Larsen Funeral Home/Cremains/interred: April 5, 1958
[M_52_1_1]	Sarah A/Erling Larsen Funeral Home/interment: December 26, 1962
[M_52_1_2]	Evan Evans/Erling Larsen Funeral Home/interred: December 27, 1972
[M_52_1_3]	Elizabeth A/Cesarz-Zinnecker Funeral Service/interred: November 19, 1981
[P_1_5_1]	William H./interred: March 27, 2001
[P_1_88_1]	Roger C/Rudolph Funeral Home/interred: July 21, 1983
[P_1_88_2]	Ethel J./Randle-Dable Funeral Home/interred: March 28, 2006/
			cemetery note: Songs played included Amazing Grace per family request. 
[P_1_90_1]	Thomas A/Randle-Dable Funeral Home/interred: November 26, 1994

[G_55_1_3]	Lucetta B Everett/b. Jun 8, 1846/d. Nov. 16, 1919/interred: Nov. 18, 1919
[G_55_1_4]	Peter S Everett/b. 1842/d. Feb 5, 1899/interred: Feb 8, 1899/
			Civil War Veteran Drummer Co. b. 1 Pa Inf.

[D_17_1_3]	Alice G/Schmidt-Bartelt/interred: January 30, 1948