Prairie Home Municipal Cemetery
Surnames Z
Waukesha Township
Waukesha County Wisconsin

History of Prairie Home

History on Prairie Home can be found on the first page of the cemetery.

Maps of Prairie Home Cemetery

Map of Cemetery
There are two interactive maps available online. The better one (because it gives more information) is a link off the Prairie Home Cemetery website.

The other site is located as a link from the city website. This site interment dates, but not birth and death dates. From this site you can get the funeral home information and any special notes that may have been made about the burial. The link is here at the bottom of the page:Prairie Home Cemetery City Link.

Burials and Interments

This is a large cemetery. We have divided the burials alphabetical. This is ony a parial listing.

[ A ][ B ][ C ][ D ][ E ][ F ][ G ][ H ][ I ][ J ]
[ K ][ L ][ M ][ N ][ O ][ P ][ Q ]
[ R ][ S ][ T ][ U ][ V ][ W ][ Y ][ Z ]

The numbers in braces {} indicate Elizabeth Lamb's tombstone survey, NOT the plot and grave locations recorded by Prairie Home Cemetery.

Items in brackets [] indicate [Section_Lot_Block_Grave number]The South side of the cemetery has numbered sections; the North sections are lettered.

Once you know the person's name and the section they are buried in, cemetery employees will be able to find the records.

Map of Cemetery. See also the links above for an interactive map.

Burials listed in row order (Section One)

[C_54_1_1]	Henry Zehren
[C_54_1_2]	Lydia C Zehren

[B_31_2_3]	Calvin C Zeller
[B_31_2_4]	Jessie M Zeller
[B_31_2_5]	Benjamin H Zeller
[B_31_2_6]	Lyle H Zeller
[C_69_1_4]	Christina Zeller
[K_126_1_1]	Lillie Zeller
[K_126_1_2]	John Zeller
[K_126_1_3]	Myrtle Zeller
[K_126_1_4]	Viola Zeller
[K_126_1_5]	Minnie Zeller
[K_126_1_6]	John P Zeller
[K_126_1_7]	Hazel Zeller
[K_126_1_8]	Clarence Zeller
[M_158_1_5]	Norma Zeller
[M_158_1_6]	Lester A Zeller
[N_42_1_6]	Catherine Zeller


[10_1_214_1]	Sherburn J Zick
[10_1_214_2]	Louise W. Zick
[10_1_219_1]	Evelyn F. Zick
[10_1_219_2]	Edward w Zick
[C_133_2_5]	Grace L Zick
[C_133_2_6]	Mathew M Zick
[C_62_2_1]	Michael Zick
[C_62_2_2]	Emma Zick
[C_65_1_1]	Joseph Zick
[C_65_1_2]	Andrew Zick
[C_65_1_3]	Andrew Zick
[C_9_1_1]	Frank Zick
[C_9_1_2]	George Zick
[H_6_2_1]	Andrew G Zick
[H_6_2_2]	Ida Zick
[H_6_2_2]	Ida Zick
[H_6_2_3]	Alma E Zick

[9_1_555_2]	Paul H Zickau
[9_1_555_3]	Catherine M. Zickau

[D_86_1_1]	Frederick n Zickerick
[D_86_2_1]	Silas B Zickerick
[D_86_2_2]	Georgine Zickerick

[LocatioN]	 First Name  Last Name
[C_55_2_1]	Lillian Zierfus
[C_55_2_2]	August Zierfus

[C_12_1_2]	Josie K Zinn

[7_A_418_2]	Ernestine (Wendland) Zillmer/nee: 
			Wendland, Wendlandt, Wentland/b: 1 Apr 1851 Germany/
			d: 4 Dec 1937 Brookfield/interred: December 4, 1937
[7_A_418_1]	Gottlieb Zillmer/b: 29 Oct. 1848 Germany/d: 8 Oct. 1929 Brookfield/
			interred: October 10, 1929
[C_26_1_1]	William/Gaspar Funeral Home/interred: March 3, 1943
[6_1_141_2E]	Libbie/Hansen Funeral Home/interred: July 20, 1970
[6_1_141_3E]	Paul W 	Zillmer/Hansen Funeral Home/interred: May 18, 1970
[GOPN_North_C_28]  Lillian Anna/Randle-Dable Funeral Home/interred: November 12, 2002

[3_1_152_5]	Raymond W/Erling Larsen Funeral Home/interred: March 18, 1939
[3_1_152_6]	Raymond Robert/Erling Larsen Funeral Home/ Child (age 2-12)/interred: 
			September 14, 1928

[M_165_1_5]	Vincent R/Rudolph-Larsen Bros./interred: February 5, 1991
[2_1_19_4S]	Bernice K/Schmidt-Bartelt/interred: March 5, 1991
[2_1_19_5S]	Carl A/Schmidt-Bartelt/interred: June 5, 1980
[M_135_2_2]	Ralph/Schmidt-Bartelt/interred: August 1, 2000


[10_1_440_1]	Lloyd R./b. Jul 22, 1926/interred: Aug 15, 2001
[2_1_59_2]	Alice E/b. Dec. 29, 1868/d. Jul 4, 1955/interred: Jul 8, 1955
[7_B_170_1]	Lena/b. Apr 25, 1866/interred: Feb. 6, 1946
[8_1_185_1]	Alfred C./b. Dec. 14, 1908/interred: Aug 1, 1965
[8_1_185_2]	Margaret M./b. Mar 27, 1908/interred: Sept 22, 1977
[9_1_659_3]	Gerald L/b. Dec 29, 1962/d. Oct. 28, 1993/interred: Nov 1, 1993
[D_28_1_6]	Stanley R F/b. Jan. 27, 1896/d. Dec, 18, 1956/interred: Dec. 22, 1956
[D_28_1_6]	Myrtle E/b. Dec. 2, 1898/d. Feb. 27, 1989/interred: Mar 9, 1989
[GSMS_East_A_33]  Lucille Augusta/b. Dec. 29, 1962/d. Oct. 28, 1993/interred: Nov. 1, 1993
[GSMS_East_A_34]  Raymond G/b. Dec. 19, 1916/d. Nov. 26, 1991/interred: Nov. 30, 1991
[M_135_2_2]	Ralph/b. Jun 21, 1939/d. Jul 28, 2000/interred: Aug. 1, 2000/
			Place of Death Milwaukee, WI
[M_135_2_3]	Evelyne/b. Apr. 11, 1910/d. Nov. 21, 1977/interred: Nov. 23, 1977
[M_135_2_4]	Robert G/b. Nov. 30, 1901/d. Apr. 6, 1955/interred: Apr. 9, 1955


[C_12_1_2]	Josie K Zinn